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February 8, 2016

Best Android games [2016]

by John_A


Are you in search of better games for your Android device? Maybe you want to switch up your rotation or simply discover what’s out there. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with a list of our favorite 20 Best Games for Android. We’ve taken a look at these twenty different games, gauging and comparing to find the best ones possible to show and recommend to you. We believe these truly are the best games for Android right now, so we hope you’ll find this list helpful!


Hearthstone_update_new features_appicon_110715

Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s first collectible card game based on its hit Warcraft franchise. In Hearthstone, players accrue cards different types of cards for each available class to take to the battlefield and best their opponents. Players can purchase card packs with real money, but many basic cards can be earned for free by leveling up, completing campaign missions, and finish challenges. Hearthstone has become a highly competitive game where many players are facing off for grand prizes of thousands of dollars, but it can also be played as a casual game as well. Grab a cup of coffee, the tablet, and sit back in the recliner and watch this game unfold!

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Angry Birds 2


Angry Birds, the game we all know and love, is back and better than ever! Defeat bad piggies in all new terrain with brand new birds and power ups like never before. You now get to choose the bird you fling, but you better hope it’s the right one! In Angry Birds 2, players will need to pick the best bird for the level they’re facing. If you pick the wrong bird and can’t fully complete the level, you might not get all three starts.

Players can also challenge your friends in the Arena, and even overtake boss piggies, adding a whole new element of entertainment to Angry Birds 2!

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Clash of Clans


Clash of  Clans is a dynamic game that gets better as you play it, and you can play with your friends, or even people in other countries! In Clash of Clans, pillage and destroy your enemies’ villages while they’re away. Build your base and upgrade your barbarians to better protect your own army, and defend yourself against the evil forces of others. And be careful, don’t look away for too long—your friends might try to steal from or demolish your village while you’re away!

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Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a simple, yet complex game where you have to guide lost, mute Princess Ida through towers and windmills, castles and mazes, and so much more. If you’re not sure about Monument Valley, don’t worry—you’ll catch on quick! The design is sleek and beautiful, but diverse and colorful in unique ways we haven’t seen with other games. Will you be Princess Ida’s next trusted guide?

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In Godus, your role is the creator, the God. Mold and shape the landscape so that your people will thrive. Watch as centuries go by and humanity further develops, worshipping you and fighting their way through life. You have the power to bring goodness or destruction upon your people through an array of different powers and “blessings.” Choose wisely!

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a game where you collect characters to build a strong team of galactic warriors fit to fight against the most powerful of enemies. Level up your characters and enhance their abilities by upgrading and unlocking new powers, choose from the Light or Dark Side, and scope out stunning landscapes! Players can go up against the AI to unlock new and old Star Wars characters on both the Dark and Light side. Once unlocked, you can then create a new squad to keep battling the AI or take the fight to other players in an attempt to overtake them in the multiplayer ladder!

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Crossy Road


In Crossy Road, you start out as a chicken, and you have to cross the roads, streams, and train tracks to get to your destination. Collect coins on your way, and later you can purchase different characters! With each new character, your terrain will change and you’ll have a new set of challenges to conquer. Can you cross the road?

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Candy Crush Saga

Candy_Crush_Saga_TA (1)

Candy Crush Saga is equipped with an excessive amount of levels and candy for your gaming pleasure! With each level comes a new objective, like collecting all of the gummy bears, or maybe just discovering a new power-up. Whatever the case, Candy Crush Saga will keep you coming back for more!

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Zombie Catchers


Zombie Catchers is an adventure game, doing exactly that—catching zombies! If Earth will ever be safe again, it’s up to you. In this riveting app, arm yourself with weapons and exciting new gadgets. Prepare your lab and your pockets for your new zombie-catching business. The world’s fate lies in your hands. It’s your time to shine!

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Pocket Troops


Pocket Troop is a hilarious turn-based game where you fight to get back your troop from the evil professor. Equip, level, and upgrade your team to make them stronger than ever before. By doing this and finishing side-missions, you can advance the story and eventually make your way to save your teammates. Choose from different attacks to find which one is best for the problem at hand. Collect weapons, obtain new skills, and carefully strategize your next plan of action against the enemy!

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Smash Hit


Smash Hit is a spectacular, fast-moving game where you have to quickly destroy the obstacles in front of you. You’ll get a specific amount of metal balls, and you have to strategically shatter your way through the course before an obstacle runs into you. As the courses continue, they’ll get faster and faster, which makes this a race against the clock.The design and simplicity of this game will make it your go-to app when you’re in need of some R&R.

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Triple Town


Triple town is a calm and fun game of elimination. Maximize the space of your town to earn the most coins by turning grass to bushes, bushes to trees, trees to houses, and houses to mansions! Beware of the bears and ninja bears that will take up needed space in your village, make sure to play the daily challenge every day, and save up for upgraded objects. One of my favorite parts about this game is that for the game itself, it isn’t timed! Begin your town before you leave for work and finish up the round when you get home at night.

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Auralux is an immersive strategy game that will keep you on your toes. With a ton of different levels to choose from, you can conquer the galaxy. In Auralux, you play as the blue constellations, and the goal is to overtake all the other constellations and planets in the universe before they overtake you. It’s a game of speed, precision, and even patience. Will you own the galaxy?

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Fruit Ninja


Slash fruit to beat your high score in Fruit Ninja. Earn enough points to buy new blades and backdrops by playing in either Original or Festival Mode, which includes various different challenges and minigames that switch things up enough to keep it fun! Fruit Ninja also keeps up with the holidays, so make sure you’re always checking back for an awesome new updates.

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Temple Run 2


In Temple Run 2, you will run, zip line, jump, and duck your way across the temple away from the cursed idol. There are endless new challenges, new outfits, and you can even ride the luge. See how far you can run from the cursed idol before it gets to you, and don’t forget to dodge those obstacles!

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Ruzzle is one of the best word games out there for word-lovers. Challenge your friends to a game, and see if you can beat your experience, accuracy, swipe distance, and word length each time! See how many words you can manage in such a short amount of time. During Christmas, even Santa Claus will challenge you to a game. The best part? As you learn to spot hidden words, you’ll only get better with time!

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Pop the Lock


Pop the Lock is an addicting game of, well, popping the lock! Beat each level by cracking the “code” without missing a beat. Every ten levels, you get a change of scenery, too! And if you miss one part of the sequence, you’ve got to start over at that level. This will be your go-to game in the waiting room, at the airport, and even on lunch break.

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Coin Drop


With Coin Drop’s extensive content, including 75 different levels, this game is massive. Drop coins to jail the evil pirate coins, and earn extra points by hitting all of the pins. Earn new coin skins, advance your score, and save the world from pirate pennies! With their simple tutorial, this game is easy and quick to catch on to.

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The Room Three



The Room Three is a mysterious puzzle game with ominous sound effects. You will work your way through the story by unlocking the next clue. You’ll find notes from “The Craftsman,” leading you to the following objective. As you find new items and discover hidden passageways, you never know what you will find, or what will find you, next. This is a great game for anyone who loves puzzles and is up for a challenge!

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Minecraft: Story Mode

minecraft story mode

The popularity of Minecraft hasn’t died down, and we don’t think it will anytime soon. Adults and kids alike have been able to enjoy this fun, block-based game on the go, but never like this! In Minecraft: Story Mode, be the hero as you tackle adventures not for the faint of heart. Ward off enemies and save your friends from destruction, including the evil Ender Dragon. If you’re a big fan of story, Telltale Games has done a phenomenal job bringing a rich and expansive story to the game in the form of Minecraft: Story Mode. It won’t disappoint you!

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Whatever games you decide on, remember to have fun, and always be on the lookout for what’s coming next! With so many tools at their fingertips, developers are releasing new games for Android all the time, and so often for free, or even just a dollar.

Do you have a favorite Android game? Be sure to let us know what it is and what it’s all about in the comments below!

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