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February 6, 2016

Recommended Reading: High-tech sports stadiums of the future

by John_A

Introducing the Stadium of the Future, Where Technology is King
Patrick Sisson,

For sports fans, the experience of attending a game in person is becoming increasingly more high-tech. Levi’s Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50 this weekend, touts ticketing, concessions and instant replays from a mobile app. It’s also LEED certified and employs solar collection system. High-tech sports venues are becoming the norm and this piece from Curbed offers a glimpse at the near future.

Snowed in at NASA, Keeping Watch Over a Space Colossus
Ross Andersen, The Atlantic

Just because there’s a massive snow storm doesn’t mean the work at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center comes to a halt.

Tech Has No Space for Breastfeeding Moms
Lauren Dragan, The Daily Beast

This piece follows the difficulty of trying to be a breastfeeding mom and work the largest tech show of the year. There’s a simple solution, but the tech industry has to be willing to help.

30 Years in Space: Meet the Man Who’s Kept Space Sims Flying
Richie Shoemaker, Eurogamer

Shawn Bower is the founder and only developer for Star Wraith 3D Games. He’s also done his part over three decades to make sure the genre continues.

Battling Postpartum Depression with an iPhone
Chris Burns, SlashGear

While the photography of Erin Brooks is being used in an iPhone ad campaign, the snapshots also served a greater purpose. Capturing images with her phone helped Brooks overcome Postpartum Depression.

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