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Apple Launches Repair Program for Late 2013 Mac Pro Video Issues

Mac-ProApple today launched a new Repair Extension Program that addresses video issues on some late 2013 Mac Pro models, according to an internal notice obtained by MacRumors.

Apple has determined that graphics cards in some late 2013 Mac Pros, manufactured between February 8, 2015 and April 11, 2015, may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up.

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair eligible Mac Pro models affected by the video issues free of charge. Customers can book an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider to determine if their Mac Pro is eligible for coverage.

Unlike Apple’s voluntary recall of some international AC wall adapters last week, Apple is unlikely to publicly announce this repair program on its support website, but it may contact some customers directly.

Apple has sold around 11 million Macs since Q2 2015, which is when the affected Mac Pro models were first sold, but the company does not provide a sales breakdown by type of Mac. It is also unclear if the affected Mac Pros were sold beyond April 2015, making it difficult to gauge how many customers are potentially impacted.

A lengthy Apple Support Communities topic was posted about Mac Pro video issues in February 2015, and it has since amassed nearly 3,500 views and 50 replies from affected users. One customer claimed Apple agreed to replace his Mac Pro’s graphics card after he contacted the company’s support team about the issue.

Apple also launched a repair program for 2011-2013 MacBook Pros with video issues in February 2015.

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Cops nab man for crashing a drone into the Empire State building

A New Jersey native’s drone has recently crashed into the Empire State building, and unlike the person whose machine hit Seattle’s Great Wheel, he didn’t get away with it. Authorities have arrested the man an NBC affiliate identified as Sean Nivin Riddle after his drone struck the iconic building’s 40th floor, ultimately landing on the 35th. While authorities didn’t mention what the drone’s purpose was in flying around NYC, a man with the same name tweeted that he was using the UAV to film until it hit the skyscraper.

The pilot made it easy for cops to arrest him by asking the building’s security personnel for his drone back. In the tweet we linked above, the user said he was with security getting a background check. According to Reuters, nobody was injured and no property was damaged, but Riddle is facing charges of reckless endangerment and navigation in and over the city. Last year, a 26-year-old teacher was also arrested for crashing a drone at the US Open, ruining the hobby for all responsible pilots out there.

Via: BoingBoing

Source: Reuters


Best LG V10 cases


There are various kinds of LG V10 cases which you can use to protect it from shocks, bumps, scratches and drops. But only a select few can be considered the best of the best. The following cases offer both protection and style to keep your V10 intact.

Verus Heavy Duty Drop Protection Case


This case has a brushed metal surface on the back. And on the off chance that you are searching for a case to give brilliant drop insurance with a moderate design, then this is the best case for your V10.

It has multi-layered impact resistance built into high-grade TPU and polycarbonate. There is a delicate rubbery within its layer pads, which shields it from drop harms. Also, its outside is made of a hard, extreme layer to counteract severe damages.

  • Colors: Steel Silver, Shine Gold, Rose Gold
  • Price: $17


OtterBox Defender Case


OtterBox is a standout amongst case and cover makers for mobile devices. OtterBox’s Defender Series cases are exceptionally suggested to those who have a V10. From interior cushioning, a polycarbonate shell, and sturdy swivel holster, this is the case to protect the phone from anything. This tough case for the V10 will shield your phone from a few sorts of every day harms and even more extreme dangers.

  • Colors: Black
  • Price: $54


OBLIQ Shock Absorption Case


Here we have something from OBLIQ’s premium series. The entire case is tear and scratch resistant. Not everyone cherishes colorful cases, and in this manner this case’s rich dark color will make it more visually pleasing than typical cases.

  • Colors: Black
  • Price: $10


Spigen Rugged Armor Case


Spigen, a personal favorite of mine, is a wonderful case maker. The Rugged Armor case is made of single layer TPU which is typically flexible in nature. It accompanies a phenomenal design with reflexive and textured pattern, and this case gives protection to the sides of your V10 by means of its air pad technology. And fantastic cutouts enable you to have access to all the ports and buttons of your V10.

  • Colors: Black
  • Price: $11

[Spigen] [Amazon]



In case you need to make use of a slim-yet-protective case on your V10, then you ought to get this one. It’s made of rubber-treated hard TPU material to shield your LG V1 from impacts and knocks. This case for the V10 accompanies a kickstand feature which will help you to watch videos or photos on landscape mode. You will have the capacity to make use of every port and functionality while this case is on your V10.

  • Colors: Concrete Blue, Grey, Red, Silver, Champagne Gold, Ice Blue
  • Price: $11



The list above doesn’t mean that other cases are not great. This is just our compilation of what we consider as the best of them.

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Latest Android Wear update is on its way to the Moto 360 (2015)

motorola_moto_360_2015_launch_front_moto_body_heart_TAGood news for anyone currently wearing a Moto 360 (2015)! It looks like Motorola is pushing out the Marshmallow update to the smartwatch, bringing all those newly announced Android Wear features to the stylish wearable. Things like Doze support, improved gestures, and alternate messaging platforms are all on board, plus all the things that Motorola has baked in. While that update does enable speakers on watches that have them, the Moto 360 does not include any kind of speaker, so don’t get your hopes up there.

Motorola is enabling support for six new languages in the update, plus tons of bug fixes related to step counts, audio playback, and the mandatory stability and performance improvements.

The update should be rolling out over the next few days, so keep an eye out for it.

source: Motorola

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AT&T wants to test a 5G network in Austin, Texas

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has filed for a license with the FCC to begin testing a 5G network in Austin, Texas in order to stay in line with Verizon, who also plans on testing a 5G network this year. AT&T’s filing is for an experimental three-year license, which lines up with predictions that 5G will be commercially available in 2020.

The carrier is testing this network with equipment from an unspecified company, so at this point there probably aren’t any phones in the pipeline that will support the ultra-fast network. The tests with this license include sending and receiving signals from moving vehicles, with a few base stations sprinkled in. Hopefully the speed of the network holds up to early predictions.

source: FCC

via: Phone Arena


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Sprint begins Marshmallow rollout for HTC One M9


Sprint customers with the HTC One M9, your time has come. Sprint announced Friday that One M9 users can get the Android 6.0, also known as Marshmallow, update.

An announcement on Sprint’s support page cautions that the rollout could take several days to be delivered, but users should expect it soon. One M9 users can check for the update by going to Settings, followed by System Updates. From there, head to HTC software update and click Check Now.

As we previously reported, users of the LG G4 on T-Mobile recently began receiving the Android 6.0 update over the air.

Source: Sprint

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Twitter’s Facebook-style timeline could arrive next week

Completing the process of Facebook and Twitter doing battle by eventually copying all of each other’s features, a report by Buzzfeed says that Twitter could debut its “algorithmic” feed as early as next week. Since it launched, the microblogging service has always displayed tweets in a reverse chronological order. Users have recently spotted tests where tweets were reshuffled out of order, similar to Facebook’s method of sorting posts, and executives have hinted at just such a change for years.

Are you interested in Twitter with ‘algorithmic’ Facebook-style sorting?

While a Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the report, we know it is looking for ways to spark user growth, and the assumption that this could make the site easier to read might push the feature forward. Of course, longtime users and information addicts are worried we’ll lose the current sorting option. At this point, it seems that all we can hope for is that it’s not the default, but even that assumes the current sorting option won’t be snatched away, either all at once or gradually the way Facebook did it.

Update: NBC News Director of Branded Content Josh Sternberg cites sources telling him the algorithms are strictly opt-in — hopefully that’s true, and they stay that way.

Source: Buzzfeed


Google to court Qualcomm, jilted lover Intel may be put out in the cold

intel logo HuangJiahui

Intel might be on the verge of losing one of its biggest customers. Word on the street is that Google is looking to tap Qualcomm to produce its server chips going forward, according to Bloomberg. Although this wouldn’t ruin Intel, it would certainly be a serious hit to the company’s bottom line.

If these rumors are true, Google will announce next week that they’ve decided to endorse Qualcomm’s chips over their long-time supplier Intel. Although Intel still supplies practically all of the chips on the server market, this is a slackening trade. As it stands, Google currently purchases nearly a third of a million computer chips every quarter from Intel, landing the search giant as Intel’s third largest customer behind HP and Dell.

Samsung-2See also: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will be made by… Samsung41

Mobile tech is on the rise, and Qualcomm has made a name for themselves in this niche, producing the majority of chips for all non-Apple smartphones currently on the market. Intel has historically leaned on PC tech, which is in decline compared to mobile devices. It seems like Google has seen the value that Qualcomm has been bringing to the table on Android devices, and they may be looking to make the chipmaker their go-to resource for server chips as well. If they decide to go through with this, it will be a serious blow to Intel since the company currently tracks full half of its income from server-based sales.

What are your thoughts regarding this business maneuver? Would Google be making the right move switching to Qualcomm, or should they remain loyal to their long-time provider? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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T-Mobile is offering a free tablet and a bunch of deals for Valentines day

Are you looking for love this Valentine’s Day season? How about a partner for your phone? Well, T-Mobile is in the mood to play matchmaker. Starting today, T-Mobile is offering their FREE tablet promotion once again. Not only that, there are a ton of gift options for this Valentine’s day, with 0% financing.

tmobile pixi deal

Here’s the deal. This one is only going to last until they run out of stock. You can pick up with an Alcatel Onetouch Pixi for $0 down and $0 per month with a qualifying data plan. All you pay is sales tax. The Alcatel Onetouch Pixi is by no means a top of the line tablet, but it should be fine for web browsing and watching standard definition videos on sites like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix.

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi

  • 7″ 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • 8 GB of Storage (ROM) w/ MicroSD expansion up to 32 GB
  • 1 GB of Memory (RAM)
  • 2 MP front facing camera
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/e
  • 4G LTE capable
  • GPS
  • USB port

This is a nice deal especially if you want to pick up a tablet on the cheap to let the kids play with. T-Mobile are also offering some other deals.

For her: Kate Spade New York Valentine’s Day gift set ($124.99), Rebecca Minkoff Folio Wristlet ($59.99), Exclusive T-Mobile CaseMate cases ($35)

For him: Samsung Gear VR ($99), JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Speaker ($199), Guitar Hero Live for iOS Bundle ($49.99).

T-Mobiles is offering a few deals on other tablets and phones. You can get $50 off an iPad Air 2 using coupon code SWEETDEAL50, $40 off a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime using coupon code SWEETDEAL40, $75 off an LG G Stylo using coupon code SWEETDEAL75.

TMobile Valentines deal

Source: T-Mobile

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Get the most out of your next vacation with these 12 apps

Girl using phone at a table

Maps, guidebooks and pocket dictionaries used to be regarded as travel essentials – but no longer. The digital age has lightened our luggage and made navigating our way around new places a whole lot easier. All you need is your smartphone or tablet, fully stocked with a selection of excellent travel apps.
From the best app for taking holiday photos, to unrivalled navigational apps, here is our pick of the travel apps deserving of a prized place on your home screen.


BBC Weather
BBC weather picture for Bangkok
Keeping an eye on the weather in the weeks running up to your trip will ensure you don’t arrive unprepared. Maybe your destination is experiencing an uncharacteristic cold snap, or stormy showers when the sun goes in. One thing’s for sure: by consulting the BBC Weather app, you can pack accordingly and avoid any meteorological surprises.
Available for Apple and Android.
Price: Free.

Holiday items on bed ready to pack
If you still aren’t sure what to pack, from weather-appropriate clothes to travel documents, enlist the help of PackPoint. Simply enter your destination, the length of your trip, the intention of your trip (business or leisure) and highlight the kind of activities you expect to be trying out. Once you are done, PackPoint provides an interactive checklist of everything from visas to thermals.
Available for Apple and Android.
Price: Free, but with optional in-app purchases.

XE Currency
Screen shot of XE currency app
For many people, organising currency is as simple as picking up a packet of Euros. Many destinations, however, still use their own currencies, and the XECurrency app is the place to find out more. From Icelandic Krona to Indonesian Rupiah, the app includes more than 180 currencies for you to calculate and convert. This is a great help when it comes to budgeting.
Available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
Price: Free.

Expedia Travel App
From flights and hotels to transfers and activities, the Expedia app is a great all-rounder. As well as being able to book your trip, you can get a head start on planning your itinerary by visiting the ‘activities’ tab. You can either enter your destination or let the app use your location: a great feature for when you find yourself with a spare afternoon while away.
Available for Apple, Android and Windows Phone.
Price: Free.


Bowl of Italian risotto
Foodspotting is a restaurant app with a difference: rather than pointing you towards nearby eateries, it points you to your favourite dishes. So, let’s say you’re in Rome and are craving risotto – simply type risotto into the app’s search bar and you’ll be presented with tantalising pictures of the nearest dishes, complete with ratings and reviews.
Available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
Price: Free.

In between sightseeing, visiting museums, relaxing on the beach and other choice travel activities, there is barely time to even think about what you want to eat, never mind book a table. OpenTable can solve at least one of those problems, though, letting you make restaurant reservations on the go. Convenient and easy to use, you can be booked up in minutes.
Available for Apple and Android.
Price: Free.


Time Out – Discover Your City
Screenshots of Time Out app
Why pack a stack of guide books when you could consult the Time Out: Discover Your City app? Incorporating city guides for the likes of Barcelona, Miami and Sri Lanka, you’ll have your destination at your fingertips with one tap. You can find a nearby event, an interesting museum or a table at the best restaurant. Save your favourite spots to create your very own personalised guidebook.
Available for Apple and Android.
Price: Free.

Museums of the World
A view inside a Prague museum
If you want to inject culture into your travel adventure, download the Museums of the World app. Whether you want to find out more about a museum you have in mind or take your pick from nearby institutions, you can discover a world of knowledge in this simple app. You can even browse by collections, exhibitions and events, as well as save your favourites.
Available for Apple, Android and Windows Phone.
Price: Free

Google Goggles
Person taking a photo at Calton Hill, Edinburgh
Have you ever wandered past an intriguing building and wondered about its history? Well, wonder no more – consult Google Goggles. Your very own pocket-sized, cultural encyclopaedia, this app is designed to tell you more about the history around you. And you don’t even have to find out what your chosen painting, building or sculpture is called. Simply open the app, point your camera at whatever has caught your eye and, if it recognises it, Google Goggles will load a selection of search results to help you find out more. Nifty stuff!
Available for Android.
Price: Free.


Instagram, photo, image, photography, travel app, travel photo app
When it comes to sharing travel memories with your friends back home, Instagram has no equal. As well as being able to take pictures via the app, you can upload ones you took earlier, apply one of a variety of filters and share it to your social media channels of choice. Recent updates also mean you can now edit your pictures within the app, experimenting with things like brightness and contrast to achieve that perfect snap.
Available on Apple and Android.
Price: Free.

Bonjournal app screenshot
Bonjournal is a virtual travel diary that will fit into your pocket, so you can wave goodbye to cumbersome notebooks. As you go about your trip, snap pictures and add inspiring words to create an exciting narrative. With a minimalist design and simple sharing mechanism, you can make your friends back home green with envy.
Available for Apple.
Price: Free.

Getting around

Person holding a phone in New York street
Uber isn’t just a great app for getting around at home – you can use it during your travels, too. Available in 67 countries, it takes the hassle out of getting from A to B in a strange place. Once you’ve entered your starting location and end destination, your driver will be assigned, and will often arrive within minutes! You can track their progress, and will receive text alerts to let you know they are on their way or outside. The best part? Payment is taken through the app, so you needn’t get lost trying to find your nearest cash machine.
Available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Google Maps
Hand holding a compass over a map
Google Maps is a simple yet effective app for those who like to travel on foot as often as possible. All you need to do is type in where you want to go, let the app use your current location, and it will show you the quickest route, either on foot, by car or via public transport. Once you start navigating, the app will give you verbal directions to ensure you turn down the right streets and don’t end up out of your depth!
Available for Apple and Android.
Price: Free.

While many people would say that technology can disrupt a holiday, it can also enhance it, making the travel experience much less stressful, and even more inspiring.

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