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February 3, 2016

USB Type-C cable blows up a Google engineer’s computer

by John_A


I was looking forward to USB Type-C becoming the standard since it’s reservable, but now I am not too sure. A Google engineer has been testing USB Type-C cables from Amazon to determine which ones were safe and which weren’t, but now is forced to stop as one of them destroyed his computer.

The computer Benson Leung was using at the time was a Chromebook Pixel, which costs around $1,500 when all of the sudden one of the USB cables he was testing was bad and destroyed itself. Unfortunately, also destroying his computer.

However, he was testing potentially dangerous USB Type-C cables, which he knew could be dangerous. Most of the cheap cables he tested were not the best, but this one was by far the worst. He has said that he won’t be able to test many others as his testing computer has been destroyed.

This doesn’t mean you should fear USB Type-C cables, however. Only the cheap ones from manufactures who refuse to follow the USB Type-C standards are dangerous. The horrible part is cable manufactures don’t really have to follow the standard if they don’t want to and won’t have to pay to repair your device if something does go wrong.

It will be much slower now, but if you are interested in following Leung and his journey to find the best and worst USB Type-C cables, you can follow along on Amazon.

Source: Benson Leung (Google+)

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