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Lenovo fixes basic flaws in one of its bundled apps

Lenovo’s software security headaches aren’t quite over yet, it seems. The PC maker has fixed an a slew of glaring flaws in a file-sharing app, ShareIt, that comes bundled with both its Android and Windows devices (including IdeaPads and ThinkPads). How glaring? For a start, the Windows version had an extremely obvious password (“12345678”) hard-coded into the software — anyone on the same WiFi network could connect just by guessing, and you couldn’t even change that password if you knew the problem existed. ShareIt on both platforms also sent files without encryption, and the Android version would default to creating a password-free WiFi hotspot when you chose to receive files.

The updated apps are available now, and they both offer a “secure mode” that both invokes encryption and requires a password when you’re sharing your files. However, the concern is that this an optional mode, not mandatory — many people may skip the setting without realizing what they’re putting at risk. Although Lenovo tackled the biggest issue, its implementation might not go far as it should.

Via: PCWorld

Source: Core Security, Lenovo


Large Hadron Collider crew has to pull 9,000 old cables

Even particle physics researchers have messes to clean up now and then. CERN has revealed to Motherboard that it’s pulling 9,000 obsolete cables in three of the Large Hadron Collider’s injectors in order to make way for newer cabling. That’s a lot of work by itself (many of the cables are dozens of feet long), but it’s made all the more daunting by the consequences of yanking the wrong line. Since the cables are largely for control and safety systems, one wrong move could prevent the entire particle accelerator from working — try explaining that slip-up to your supervisors.

The crew has already disconnected 2,700 of the cables, and expects to remove all of them in 2017. CERN shouldn’t have any problems with the LHC shutdown scheduled for 2019, in other words. And hopefully, this won’t be necessary again. The gigantic amount of clutter stems from a “not-so-good habit” of leaving old cables around, which suggests that engineers will be much smarter about cleaning up in the future.

[Image credit: CERN]

Source: Motherboard


DeLoreans are coming back as we hit peak ‘Back to the Future’

The world’s favorite time machine platform is making a comeback. The DeLorean Motor Company is spinning up production of its iconic DMC-12 gull-wing vehicle. DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne told Click2Houston, “it’s fantastic. It is a game-changer for us. We’ve been wanting this to happen.” The company was prohibited by law from producing new vehicles. It’s building the replicas of the circa 1982 car under a low-volume manufacturing bill.

The stainless steel paneled cars will be built using materials from the original run of the vehicle. The DeLorean Motor Company in Texas was and still is, a place for current car owners to get their vehicles restored. The company currently sells refurbished cars for $45,000 to $55,000.

The run of about 300 “new” DMC-12s will most likely be upgraded with new powertrains and other bits of current technology. The company hopes to build about one vehicle per week and put on the market for under $100,000.

This isn’t the first time the car has made a come back or sorts. In 2011 an electric DeLorean was announced with a 100 mile range.

Wynne hopes to finish working out the kinks with the government to in the coming year and that the company will have newish DeLoreans on the road in 2017.

Source: Click2Houston


Funny or Die makes a fart joke in VR

The news itself sounded like a joke: Funny or Die, the irreverent comedy video site created by the likes of Will Ferrell, among others, was to premiere its first-ever virtual reality short at the Sundance Film Festival. Except this wasn’t some Onion-style spoof headline; it was very much true. The piece, Interrogation, debuted last Saturday on Gear VR at Samsung Studio, a pop-up VR lounge the company installed in Park City, Utah, for the duration of the festival. It stars Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, faces better known for their work on FX’s The League, as two cops trying to get to the bottom of a heinous crime. It is, in essence, an extended and immersive fart joke.

Director Lex Halaby (The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead) says the shoot was done in two continuous takes, thanks to its relatively simple setup: There’s just one room, two cops (played by Scheer and Huebel) and you, the captive viewer. To capture the full 360-degree, 3D environment of the interrogation room, which has both actors moving all around you, Halaby built a custom camera rig comprising GoPros modified with wide-angle lenses. This was then placed atop a mannequin, where its head would be, so the actors could accurately interact and maintain eye contact with the viewer.

The result may look seamless, but Halaby says that shooting VR isn’t without its own problems. First, there’s no way for the director to watch each take as it’s being filmed — an issue Nokia’s recently addressed with its Ozo VR camera. Then there’s the lighting, which can’t be set per scene and instead has to be carried out using a combination of natural and artificial sources like daylight and nearby lamps or overhead fixtures. And finally, there’s the matter of stitching. Since the action’s being captured by a variety of cameras, each recording has to be blended together so the actors don’t suddenly disappear.

Though the marriage of Funny or Die and VR isn’t immediately obvious, it works out to good effect in Interrogation. Halaby believes that immersive setting gives comedy an extra push that takes it from reality to a state of “heightened reality.”

“I think that’s something that VR can do that can’t be done in another medium,” he says.

Right now, Interrogation can be viewed by anyone with access to a Gear VR — it’s currently being hosted on Samsung’s Milk VR app. But Halaby says the plan is to put the piece into wide release soon and make it available for most every VR platform accessible to consumers. As for whether this was just a one-off experiment for Funny or Die, Halaby says to stay tuned.

“There’s a couple things in the works. This will not be the last VR piece coming out of Funny or Die.”


Dropbox adds real-time collaboration for Office Online docs

Following the release of a Windows 10 app for tablets, Dropbox is expanding its Microsoft Office integration. The cloud-based repository allows multiple users to edit a file with Office Online with all of the updates synced in real time. This means you won’t have to alert someone when you’re making changes to avoid overwriting tweaks from a colleague.

After opening a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, you’ll be able to make changes, watch others make changes and chat through comments in the same document, spreadsheet or presentation. All of the changes get saved to Dropbox and you can keep working even if all of your coworkers close the file. The new co-authoring feature is available today for Basic, Pro and Business users.

Dropbox is looking to ease email file attachment woes as well. The company says that users will be able to send massive files in Outlook, no matter how large they are, in the coming weeks. Details are a bit scarce for now, but this sounds like the feature that Google Drive allows Gmail users. With that setup, you can still offer the recipient access to a file stored in Drive, even if it’s larger than Gmails size limit.

Source: Dropbox


Def Leppard uses ‘Guitar Hero Live’ to debut new music video

Def Leppard is still crankin’ it to 11 in 2016, on the heels of a new self-titled album released in October. To debut its latest music video, though, the band is taking a rather interesting approach. The video for the track “Dangerous” will first appear in the game Guitar Hero Live as a playable track. If you missed the revival of Guitar Hero last year, the latest installment pairs gameplay with “live” visuals of artists playing gigs. It includes everyone from Carrie Underwood to Avenged Sevenfold.

“The way our fans discover and listen to our music has evolved so much throughout the years,” said Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot. “Whether they’re playing on vinyl, streaming the songs online or playing along to our music video in Guitar Hero Live, it’s amazing to see how interactive music has become.”

The new video will debut inside the game this week under the Def Leppard: On Through The Ages Premium Show section. That show also includes classic and newer versions of videos for the songs “Let’s Go” and “Rock of Ages,” so you can relive the glory days of ’80s rock. Of course, you’ll have to level up and complete challenges to gain access, or you could just hand over some cash if you don’t want to work for the goods.

Via: The Verge


LAST CHANCE: Score $10 online courses through Udemy

New year, new you? Pick up an online course on any topic for only $10!

Ready to start the year off right? This is the year you become an expert photographer or Android developer, right? Of course it is! And we’re here to cheer you on and help see that it happens. The world’s your oyster; let’s make you the best version of you possible.

For a limited time, Udemy is offering $10 online training courses in more than 15,000 topics. Note that while we have helped promote these a few times over the last months, we’re told this will be the last one for quite a while.



If you’re an aspiring Android developer, you’ll have a number of courses you may be interested in checking out. While there are quite a few more, these are the top, highest rated classes.

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Some of these bundles include hundreds of hours of help spread across dozens of courses. We’re not developers here but, looking through the classes, we see some deals we’d be happy to check out. The price is right for all of these and we love learning at our own pace. Who knows – maybe we will get into coding.


It’s not just Android classes that are being discounted either; there are more than 17,000 online courses you can snag for only $10 a pop! Here’s a handful of other categories you might be interested in looking into.

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The Galaxy S7 Edge+ has reportedly been cancelled, only two flagships left

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-33

It wasn’t all that long ago that the rumor mill said there’d be four Galaxy S7 variants – a regular S7, an S7 Edge and a Plus version of both – but then that number dropped to three as the Plus-sized Galaxy S7 mysteriously disappeared. Now the number has been reduced again, with Evan Blass reporting that the Galaxy S7 Edge+ has also been cut from the lineup.

Best Android smartphones flagships 1See also: 6 phones we look forward to in 201624

Blass, AKA @evleaks, took to Twitter to share the news. If true, it means Samsung will be sticking with a standard Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge model but not exactly abandoning the idea of a Plus variant. Considering recent leaks have put the S7 and S7 Edge displays at 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches respectively, these two devices will fulfill the role of a standard Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge+ under another naming convention.

Confused? The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, you will recall, had the same sized display diagonal, so offering an S7 and S7 Edge with different screen sizes is really just a case of dropping the Plus moniker, not of dropping a Plus variant. So it is actually the regular-sized S7 Edge that is getting the chop, meaning there won’t be an Edge screen option on a “regular-sized” Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Quick look-14

Until Samsung goes public with sales figures of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ it will be hard to determine if this move was prompted by low sales or other considerations. Needless to say, releasing the Galaxy S6 Plus variant months after the original S6 launch with the same specs was a confusing move it would be wise to avoid repeating.

Blass also took the opportunity to remind everyone that his S7 predictions – including IP67 water-resistance and dustproof rating, microSD card slot and larger batteries – have all been “confirmed”. However, it’s worth noting that the original rumor of four variants came from Blass, then the news that the number had dropped to three and now the claim of only two variants.

With only a few weeks to go until MWC 2016 and rumors out of South Korea that journalists there have already had a Galaxy S7 preview, we’ll soon know for sure.

Do you think this product lineup is a winner? Will you be sad to see no smaller Edge variant?


Google shares key Cardboard metrics: 5 million units shipped, 25 million VR apps downloaded

google cardboard io 2015 aa (9 of 9)

Virtual reality has come a very long way over the past few years, and the widespread adoption of the platform is upon us. This is largely thanks in part to Google Cardboard, which was first announced about a year and a half ago. Wondering just how well the inexpensive VR platform is doing? Google has just posted a few key metrics to show us how many apps have been downloaded, how many headsets are out in the wild, and more.

For starters, Google says 5 million Cardboard headsets have shipped in all, and that’s not even including the folks who have made their own Cardboard headsets. A total of 25 million virtual reality applications have been downloaded from the Google Play Store thus far, and 10 million of those downloads happened just in the past two months (October-December). Of the 1,000+ VR apps in the Play Store, the top five are as follows: Chair In A Room, Vrse, Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, Caaaaardboard! and Proton Pulse.

Google cardboard best vr appsSee also: 7 best Google Cardboard VR apps and games5

Additionally, over 350,000 hours of YouTube videos have been watched in VR, and more than 750,000 VR photos have been captured using Google’s Cardboard Camera application since its launch in December. Last but not least, Google says that over 500,000 students have gone on Expeditions since the program’s launch at Google I/O 2015. We expect to see many more announcements relating to Cardboard at Google I/O 2016, which is taking place May 18-20.

We’re really excited to see what Google has in store for Cardboard over the next few months. What are your thoughts? Do you own a Cardboard headset? How are you liking it?


Some Galaxy S7 specs appear on leaked slide

We’re just under a month before the alleged Galaxy S7 unveiling and a new leak may have just confirmed the device’s hardware specs.

What appears to be a leaked slide from a slideshow just surfaced containing a spec comparison of recent flagship Galaxy models. The leak suggests that the Galaxy S7 will include a 5.1-inch 1440p display, which is good for a QHD resolution. In addition, the Galaxy S7 will have different variants, one running the Snapdragon 820 SoC, and the other running Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 processor. Judging from recent leaks, both chipsets perform about the same in terms of benchmarks.

Based on the leaked presentation slide, the Galaxy S7 will contain the rumored 12MP camera sensor with a new BRITECELL technology to take better low-light shots. The Galaxy S7 is also expected to get a boost in RAM. Instead of the 2GB that came on the Galaxy S5, and the 3GB that the Galaxy S6 had, the Galaxy S7 will have 4GB of RAM matching that on the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

All these specs line up perfectly with recent leaks, so you can assume these are the real deal. The leak also includes an image of what could be the Galaxy S7, but sources say that it’s just a placeholder. The Galaxy S7 should be announced on February 21, the day prior to the start of MWC 2016. The event is taking place in Barcelona as it normally does and will run from February 22 through the 25. The device could launch as early as March 11.

What feature are you looking forward to seeing most on the Galaxy S7?

Source: Phone Arena

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