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Google introduces Youtube Red: Original Series and Movies from your favorite stars

Youtube has been a source of entertainment for over a decade now and today has announced they will be offering Youtube Red. Youtube Red will let you enjoy content from Youtube ad-free while also letting you download content to your phone or tablet and will also play videos in the background. In order to take advantage of these new features, there will be a subscription cost of $9.99 per month. But the best part is if you are already are a Google Play Music subscriber, Youtube Red will be free of charge. If you are not a Google Play Music subscriber and choose to pay $9.99 for Youtube Red, Google will also allow access to all of their music as part of a combo package.


Starting early next year, Youtube Red will also have new original content and movies which will be limited to members only. Some of the shows and descriptions are listed below:

  • Scare PewDiePie: In this reality-adventure series from the creator and executive producers of The Walking Dead at Skybound Entertainment and Maker Studios, experience thrills, chills and laughter as PewDiePie encounters terrifying situations inspired by his favorite video games.
  • Sing It!: From Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films comes SING IT!, a scripted comedy that lovingly satirizes the reality singing competitions that have become a centerpiece of pop culture.
  • Lazer Team: In this feature-length action-comedy from Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Films, four small-town losers stumble upon an alien ship carrying a mysterious cargo, leading to a battle to save Earth from an all-powerful enemy.
  • A Trip to Unicorn Island: From the team at Astronauts Wanted, this feature-length movie gives fans an extraordinary look inside the life and journey of Lilly Singh as she embarks on a challenging 26-city global tour where she has to remember to practice what she preaches: happiness is the only thing worth fighting for.
  • Untitled Joey Graceffa project: In this all-new reality adventure series, Joey Graceffa brings together an ensemble of top YouTubers for a murder mystery they’ll never forget. They’ll form alliances to survive, but little do they know that most won’t make it out alive.
  • 360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory: YouTube educator and pop culture expert MatPat from The Game Theorists invites the audience to come along for the ride in an innovative new series and 360 VR experience. In each episode Matt explores the real-life science behind popular video games by throwing gamers into the high-stakes scenarios they play through every day, from water jetpacks to haunted pizzerias.
  • Single by 30: In this romantic drama series from Wong Fu Productions and New Form Digital, two high school best friends make a promise to get married if they’re still single at 30. A decade later, with 30 quickly approaching, their attempt at upholding their vow unfolds in unexpected ways. Starring Harry Shum, Jr. and Kina Grannis.
  • Untitled CollegeHumor project: Written by and starring the cast of CollegeHumor, along with special guests, this new anthology series will take a dark and comedic look at the absurdity of Internet culture.
  • Fight of the Living Dead: In an unprecedented social experiment reality show from Alpine Labs, Fight of the Living Dead takes popular YouTube talent and traps them in a frighteningly realistic zombie apocalypse. They must use their instincts and gaming skills to survive as they battle the elements for the ultimate prize of survival.
  • I Am Tobuscus: From the mind of Toby Turner, this scripted comedy explores the world of a self-involved YouTube creator pursuing bigger stardom. The show features original music, and satirizes the hilarious details of being an eccentric, new-age celebrity.

Viewers in the US can try Youtube Red free for one month starting October 28th.

According to the press release, Google will also be announcing a new Youtube Music app today which is designed to make discovering, watching and listening to music easier.

Source – Google Blog 1, 2

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Twitter makes it easier for anyone to curate and post tweet collections

When Twitter launched Moments, it talked briefly about its launch partners and how eventually anyone would be able to build their own moments. Until that happens, Twitter is launching an ecosystem using the same tools used by Moments to help publishers, developers and really anyone who’s wanted to put together a collection of tweets for a post. Using Tweetdeck or the newly launched Curator tool, people can find tweets they would like to build into a story. The Curator tool also includes 20 different filters to help find relevant tweets and put those updates in whatever order you want. Then you can drop the URL or collection ID of your tweet compilation into for an embed code. Drop that code into any site and you’re good to go.

Twitter has also introduced a grid layout (see below) for image and video-heavy stories. These compilations are are also editable on the fly. If you build a collection and realize you need to add or remove a tweet, the ecosystem dynamically refreshes all the instances of the story no matter where you’ve put it.

But, Twitter’s not the only company with a new curation toolset, it’s also partnered with Spredfast, DataMinr, ScribbleLive, Wayin, and Flowics to help them build out their own versions of the feature. Plus if you start work in one tool, you can switch to another and continue building an embeddable collection.

“We think that this workflow could be used by a lot of different people, developers included. Tweets are great content,” Michael Ducker, one of Twitter’s head of product told Engadget. To that end, the ecosystem also works with apps via the new Collections API for developers. So expect more timelines in apps that look similar to the layout found in the official apps.

Source: Twitter


Fitbit trackers can be hacked in ’10 seconds’

Night Runner

Fitbit trackers have a whopper of a vulnerability that can let somebody within Bluetooth range quickly hack them, according to security company Fortinet. Worse yet, once the attackers are in, the device will infect any computer that tries to sync with the device. Via Twitter, Senior Fortinet researcher Axelle Apvrille told Engadget “you don’t need physical access (to the tracker), but you do need to be close (Bluetooth range). It does not matter if it is paired (to another device) or not.” When in range, a bad actor could infect the device in as little as 10 seconds. Apvrille informed Fitbit of the vulnerability back in March, but the wearable outfit has yet to fix the issue, according to the Register.

In addition, the vulnerability remains in the wearable even after it’s reset. Once infected, the device can install a virus, trojan or other vulnerability on your computer, even days later. “An attacker sends an infected packet to a fitness tracker nearby at Bluetooth distance then the rest of the attack occurs by itself, without any special need for the attacker being near,” Apvrille said. While the Fitbit uses encryption, the Bluetooth transmitter itself is apparently wide open, allowing attackers in. If you want to find out more, Apvrille will present her findings via a video demonstration at the conference tomorrow in Luxembourg.

Via: The Register

Source: Axelle Apvrille (Twitter)


Samsung Pay is now available on all major US carriers

Samsung has opened the floodgates to its mobile payment solution in the US. The company announced today that Samsung Pay now works with all major US carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and, despite some drama, Verizon. In order to take advantage of this feature, which is Samsung’s answer to Apple Pay, you’ll of course need to have a compatible smartphone — like the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ or Galaxy Note 5. Samsung Pay first became available Stateside in beta on September 28th, but as of today anyone on one of the big networks can start using it. To do so, download the app from Google Play, enter your debit/credit card information and you’ll be set.

Via: The Next Web

Source: Samsung


You can try out the Paranormal Activity VR game at some AMC theaters

The Paranormal Activity movie series may be over after the upcoming 3D-infused Ghost Dimension entry, but it will live on in virtual reality. VRWERX announced today that it will be bringing its VR Paranormal Activity game to select AMC theaters in major markets this weekend, October 22 to 24, coinciding with the release of the new film. Even more intriguing, the demo will be powered by HTC’s Vive Steam VR headsets. We still don’t have specifics on the game yet, but judging from the Paranormal Activity series so far, you can expect plenty of jump scares and creepiness right on the edge of your field of vision. The game likely won’t reach the dramatic heights of Paranormal Activity 3 (which is seriously great), but as far as horror franchises go, it’s pretty much built for VR. The finished game will be available next spring on PlayStation VR and Oculus, and non-VR versions will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Check out a list of the 15 participating theaters after the break.

  • AMC Loews White Marsh 16 – Baltimore, MD
  • AMC Neshaminy 24 – Bensalem, PA
  • AMC Loews Boston Common 19 – Boston, MA
  • AMC Century City 15 – Century City, CA
  • AMC Bay Street 16 – Emeryville, CA
  • AMC Town Square 18 – Las Vegas, NV
  • AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16 – Lynnwood, WA
  • AMC Tysons Corner 16 – McLean, VA
  • AMC Mesquite 30 with Dine-In Theatres – Mesquite, TX
  • AMC Empire 25 – New York, NY
  • AMC Orange 30 – Orange, CA
  • AMC Mission Valley 20 – San Diego, CA
  • AMC Metreon 16 – San Francisco, CA
  • AMC Mercado 20 – Santa Clara, CA
  • AMC Universal CityWalk 19 – Universal City, CA

Source: VRWERX


Theranos CEO strikes back over blood test scrutiny


Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article that raised some questions surrounding startup lab Theranos’ claims that it can run a variety of blood tests with just a single finger-prick. Apparently the aforementioned finger-prick test have so far only been used to diagnose herpes (not the hundreds once promised) and some customers have reported wild inaccuracies with tests. Former employees have also come forward to the Journal accusing Theranos of poor practices like diluting blood samples for testing on commercially available machines. Today, Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes attended an interview at WSJD Live (which is a conference put on by the Wall Street Journal) to address these accusations head on.

Regarding the recent news that Theranos has stopped its finger-prick tests due to an FDA request, Holmes said that had nothing to do with the quality and veracity of their tests. Instead, she said they’re simply pausing as they’ve decided to submit its finger-stick blood test process for FDA approval. Right now, they’re transitioning from a normal lab framework to one with FDA quality standards. “The nanotainer was cleared by the FDA to use,” she said. “We got our systems cleared by the FDA at the end of July.” The FDA did drop by unannounced for an inspection, but she said it was about quality systems regulations and not about methodology or testing. Holmes said that the FDA standard is one that few other labs are embracing and is proud that Theranos is taking this extra step.

“When we do venous draws [blood drawn through veins], we use commercially available machines. When we do finger stick, we use technology that’s proprietary,” she said, addressing the accusations of former employees. “We have never used commercially available equipment for finger-prick tests. Every finger-stick test uses proprietary Theranos technology that’s not commercially available.” As for the claim that Theranos has diluted those finger-prick blood tests to use on commercial machines, Holmes said this isn’t even possible. They do dilute blood samples sometimes, yes, but only when they’re developing an assay, which is a test to figure out the quality and quantity of a substance component.

As for the disgruntled customers complaining about inaccuracies, Holmes said that those cases have to be looked at individually on a case-by-case basis, as there might be extraneous circumstances that could affect the results. “You can’t take one person and make a generalized statement.” She also took the Journal to task for what she cites as emails that were quoted out of context and inaccurate sources.

One of the other issues around Theranos is that it demonstrates the performance of its tests through accredited proficiency tests, rather than peer-reviewed journals. The reason? “If you’re trying to work on 120 FDA submissions at the same time, you don’t have much time to sleep,” she said. She’s open to peer review further down the line. “Theranos is a clinical lab,” Holmes said. “We’re regulated by everybody … We have recurring audits from all our regulators. They look at how we do proficiency tests, they look at all our submissions.”

“We’ve done 3.5 million tests. We have tens of thousands of people who have rated our service,” she said. “We know the integrity of what we’ve done.”

Source: Wall Street Journal


‘YouTube Red’ Ad-Free Subscription Service Launches in U.S. October 28

Google today announced YouTube Red, a new subscription service that provides unlimited ad-free access to YouTube videos for $9.99 per month on Android, desktop and the mobile web, and $12.99 per month on iOS due to Apple’s in-app purchase tax (via TechCrunch). The membership also includes several other benefits.

YouTube Red features the option to save videos for offline playback and to play videos in the background on smartphones and tablets. In early 2016, the subscription service will also take on Netflix by introducing member-only access to Original series and movies by some of YouTube’s most popular creators.

YouTube Red launches in the U.S. on October 28, and will expand to other major markets over the course of the next year. The service works across all devices and anywhere you can sign into YouTube, including its new Gaming and Family apps. A free 14-day trial will be available in the U.S., which can be extended to 30 days with a credit card.

Google has also bundled a Play Music subscription into YouTube Red on iOS and Android, providing access to both services for a combined $9.99 or $12.99 monthly payment. YouTube Red’s unlimited access to both streaming music, videos and more makes it an attractive competitor alongside rivals like Apple Music and Spotify.

The Verge published an exclusive in-depth article and hands-on video about YouTube Red:

Google also announced YouTube Music, an all-new app for discovering, watching and listening to music videos. The app is coming soon in the U.S., followed by additional countries in 2016. YouTube Red members gain additional features such as no ads and other background and offline member benefits.

The Verge also published an exclusive hands-on video for YouTube Music:

YouTube will continue to be available in its traditional ad-supported format on the web and mobile devices. Google says today’s ad-supported experience will not change for users who aren’t interested in paying, while the majority of revenue collected from YouTube Red will be distributed to partners.


Sprint Announces Enhanced Wi-Fi Calling Feature for iOS 9.1 Users

wificallingsprintAlongside the launch of iOS 9.1, Sprint has implemented an enhanced Wi-Fi calling feature for its users, allowing them to make and receive calls on multiple iOS and Mac devices over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

Prior to today, it was possible for Sprint users to make and receive calls from iPads and Macs using an iPhone’s cellular connection, but that functionality did not extend to calls placed over Wi-Fi when cellular signal was low.

The iOS call forwarding feature implemented with iOS 8 that allowed users to make and receive calls from multiple devices required Wi-Fi calling to be turned off, but that is no longer the case. Calls placed or received on devices other than an iPhone will now work over a cellular connection and when connected to Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi calling in use.

Receiving calls on multiple devices with the call forwarding feature also required devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network as an iPhone, but with enhanced Wi-Fi calling, that’s no longer necessary. In fact, an iPad or a Mac can still receive a call when an iPhone is in another location entirely or turned off.

Sprint users can access the new enhanced Wi-Fi calling feature by downloading iOS 9.1, watchOS 2, or OS X 10.11.1 on their devices and making sure Wi-Fi calling is enabled on an iPhone by going to Settings –> Phone –> Wi-Fi Calling. Other devices can be set up to receive calls by going to Settings –> FaceTime –> Calls from iPhone. All devices must use the same Apple ID and they must be signed into iCloud.

These advanced Wi-Fi calling features, which are outlined in an updated Apple Support document on Wi-Fi calling, are also available to T-Mobile users in the United States. While AT&T and several other international carriers have implemented support for Wi-Fi calling, it does not extend to the enhanced Wi-Fi calling feature available to Sprint and T-Mobile users.


Polls headed to a Twitter near you

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Twitter has announced this morning that they will be launching the ability for users to create and tweet polls. The ability isn’t out just yet, but the birdie company says it will be live in the “coming day”. Previously users who wanted to do a poll through the short message social media outlet they need to track replies, tally hashtags, count retweets or favorite a tweet. None of which made polling friends, family or end users very easy. When the update goes live users will be able to create a two-answer poll right from the tweet box.

Created polls will remain active for 24 hours and all replies will remain anonymous allowing you to cast your vote without backlash from the public.

Polls are always a good way to get engage people when your poll is engaging to begin with. When Google launched polls to G+ many had hoped it would be amazing and give users a better way to gauge thoughts on ideas and more. Of course, like all things, many spend their polling time creating useless polls and posting them in controversial sections. For instance, posting “Is the iPhone 6s Plus better than the Nexus 6p” inside the Nexus 6p community. Some people just like the drama I suppose.

When the ability to create polls goes live you will see an icon that looks like a pie chart. Fill in the two choice answers you want users to pick and tweet away. On the receiving end, be prepared to see polls landing in your feeds about everything under sun. It is always your choice to vote or not.

Source: Twitter

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Virtually try on the Samsung Gear S2 with this new app

samsung gear s2 unboxing aa (17 of 20)

Smartwatches are pretty expensive, and that’s certainly the case for Samsung’s new Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic smartwatches. Not only are they second screens that we wear around our wrists, they’re also fashion accessories, after all. So if you’re interested in trying one before you make the big purchase, you’re going to want to download the new Gear S2 Experience app that’s just made its way to Google Play.

Like most other Samsung Experience applications, this new app gives you a good look at the design and features that you’ll get with the device. You can take a closer look at the design with a rotatable 3D model of the watch, and even play around with the rotating bezel in different situations. The app will also walk you through some of the health tracking features that come with the watch. Take a look at the screenshots below to take a better look:

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samsung gear s2 unboxing aa (15 of 20)See also: Samsung Gear S2 unboxing and first impressions49

The coolest part of the app allows you to virtually customize and try on the Gear S2 using your phone’s camera. Now, this certainly isn’t the same as trying on the device in real life, but it will be able to help you decide which model is right for you.

Gear S2 Experience

If you’re interested, the Gear S2 Experience app is now available for free in the Play Store.

Download Gear S2 Experience from Google Play

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