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Cubs fan uses jukebox app to troll St Louis fans

Chicago Cubs Fans Watch Game Four in Wrigleyville

In the hours ahead of the decisive game four for the NLDS, a Cubs fan who goes by Clue Heywood on Twitter, and lives in Arizona, pranked Cardinals fans. Hoowee, he pranked them hard. Using a jukebox app, the kind that let you pick a song from the bar’s Whurlitzer, he plunked down $50 worth of “Go Cubs Go” by Steve Goodman at various bars throughout the St. Louis area.

And, apparently, it worked.

Source: CBS Chicago


The Intercept publishes massive leak on America’s drone strike program

US Pakistan Drone Relationship

The Intercept published a huge trove of secret documents Thursday morning that extensively document the Obama administration’s secretive and controversial drone-based assassination program. This program sought to kill high-value enemy targets throughout Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. These documents, obtained from an anonymous whistleblower, cover an enormous breadth of subjects. Documents on how the legal and logistical architectures behind the program were constructed, details on how people wind up on President Obama’s “kill lists”, revelations of startlingly regular intelligence flaws, internal analysis of collateral damage and the strategic limits of the program are only part of what’s included in the cache. You can begin reading through the documents at The Intercept, we’ll have a deeper analysis of this leak for you tomorrow.

[Image Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images]

Source: The Intercept


Microsoft’s Transparency Hub tracks surveillance requests

Microsoft has released transparency figures for the first half of the year and launched a new site to keep all the reports in once place. The Transparency Hub is very similar to Google’s Transparency Site, and brings together law enforcement demands and national security orders. It’s also the first time Microsoft is showing requests to remove content, both by governments and via Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten‘ laws. Redmond is also using the hub to show how it’s resisting efforts by governments and police to get at customer data to the full extent of laws, both in the US and abroad.

According to the reports, the trend for data requests has ticked up a bit. Microsoft received 35,228 requests for information from law enforcement around the world, up 14 percent over the second half of 2014. Nearly three-quarters of those came from the US, UK, Turkey, France and Germany. The software giant rejected 4,383 requests for not meeting legal requirements, up nearly double from the previous period. It also disclosed customer content in only 3 percent of cases.

As for US national security orders, Microsoft must wait at least six months to reveal (very vague) figures, so the report is from the second half of last year. It received less than 1,000 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders affecting between 18-19,000 accounts, and less than 1,000 National Security Letters (NSLs) from the FBI.

Content removal requests fall into three categories: government, copyright removal and ‘right to be forgotten’ requests. Governments asked Microsoft to pull content from Bing, OneDrive and MSN a total of 186 times, and it accepted the requests 165 times. The bulk (165) came from China. Microsoft complied with 92 percent of the nearly 25 million copyright takedown requests, and agreed to exactly half of the 10,337 right to be forgotten demands.

Microsoft said it requires that requests for content removal be in writing and informs users when search content has been removed. It also limits the removal of search results to country-specific versions of Bing, something countries like France are fighting. It’s hard to say how much people actually care about this stuff, but at least Microsoft, Apple, Google and other tech companies are making it easier to find the info. Of course, the companies might not be doing it at all if not for bruising they took the Edward Snowden revelations.

Source: Microsoft


The Apple Store’s biggest fan, Gary Allen, passed away at age 67

Gary Allen of Berkley, CA poses for a portrait in front of the Tysons Corner Apple Store in McLean, VA

You may not recognize the name Gary Allen. For a time, though, Allen traveled the world to be among the first in line when a new Apple Store opened. He wrote about Cupertino’s retail efforts on his blog, ifo Apple Store, including details of the over 140 store openings that he visited. He even drove across the country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first store (pictured above). After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Allen stopped blogging in March, but not before amassing a knowledge of Apple’s retail footprint that may never be rivaled. He passed away this week at age 67, leaving behind his wife, son and two brothers. “He made all kinds of friends all over the world,” his brother Jim told The Washington Post. “I think that’s the part of it he most enjoyed.”

[Image credit: Washington Post/Getty Images]

Source: The Washington Post


‘Fallout 4’ live-action trailer brings the wasteland to life

With less than a month to go until Fallout 4′s November 10th release, Bethesda has debuted a new live-action trailer to whet your appetite for some post-apcocalyptic wandering. Fallout 4 will feature the series’ most in-depth character creation yet, Bethesda said earlier this year, and it’ll sport a new dynamic dialog system that actually lets you walk away from dull conversations. The blend of real-world environments with Fallout models works really well for the trailer. Really, though, it just makes us long for the days when actual game environments can look that good. We’ll get there, someday.


Google’s Trekker program takes you on a tour across the US

The individuals and organizations that borrowed Trekkers from Google’s loaner program have been a big help to Street View’s growth, capturing various places around the globe that you can tour online. Now, Mountain View has launched the five newest Street View locations that came out of the project, which can take you on a virtual journey across the US. You can take a tour of the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve with its ancient redwoods and meadows, or of Kansas City that takes you to the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower and to the famous Shuttlecocks installation.

Next stop is Cane Creek within the Daniel Boone National Forest, then Pennsylvania’s Ringing Rocks County Park and the Sand Castle Winery’s vineyards. Finally, you’ll now be able to soar across the waters of the Hudson River in New York. All these routes were captured by different organizations using Google’s camera-equipped backpacks. You can access them all, along with other places in the US you can explore right from your computer chair, on Street View’s website.


Source: Google Maps


Macs Saving IBM Money on IT Management Despite Higher Up Front Cost

IBM this year began adopting Macs for its employees, a move the company says has been highly successful. Speaking at the JAMF Nation User Conference (via AppleInsider) earlier this week, IBM vice president of Workplace-as-a-Service Fletcher Previn said that far fewer Mac users require help with their machines than IBM’s PC users.

“Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money,” he said, as the Macs require less management and setup effort than PCs, even though they cost more up front.

Just five percent of employees using Macs call IBM’s internal help desk for troubleshooting, while 40 percent of the company’s PC users make calls to the help desk. According to Previn, these numbers point towards the Mac’s ease of use and the solid job the IBM team has done setting up Macs at the company. IBM’s Mac onboarding experience is highly streamlined, making it easy for employees to do much of the setup work themselves in a short period of time.

IBM’s deployment allows for employees to receive a shrink-wrapped, brand new Mac and quickly and easily set it up on their own. Using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and JAMF Software’s Casper Suite, users set up and install IT-approved apps, software and configurations.

JAMF Software’s Self Service allows IBM and its employees a simple method for installing licensed software. In an example given by Previn, the employee simply needs to click install for Microsoft Office, and IT will handle the licensing on the backend without exposing any of it to the user.

IBM is rolling out 1,900 Macs to its employees each week, and there are more than 130,000 iOS and Mac devices being used by IBM employees at the current time. In July, IBM CIO Jeff Smith said he thought IBM might end up purchasing 150,000 to 200,000 Macs on a regular basis for the company’s 400,000 employees.

As of 2014, Apple and IBM have been working together to create specialized enterprise-focused apps and services for iOS devices. Under the partnership, IBM is selling iOS devices to its corporate customers, developing apps, and providing on-demand AppleCare service.


[TA Deals] Save 40% off of a ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10,000 mAh battery

zeroLemon solarJuice batteryIf you’re in the market for a new external battery pack, you can score a fairly cheap ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery that’s loaded with features. Not only is it water and drop resistant, but it even comes with its own self-recharging solar panels.

The SolarJuice battery has a massive 10,000 mAh capacity and is capable of charging two devices at once. It charges up normally using a USB cable, but if you’re out and about and built-in solar panels will also recharge the battery to give you a little extra juice. That’s a useful trick for extreme power users. There’s a built-in flashlight, too, just in case everything else still wasn’t enough for you.

This battery typically retails for $50, but you can pick one up for just $29. Saving 40% off of one of the most robust portable batteries on the market is a no-brainer.

[Talk Android Deals]

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Google Translate updated with the facility to visually translate Arabic, English & German


Google has just updated its official Translate companion application for Android, so Marshmallow users now have the facility to visually translate written text and public signs in Arabic, English and German.

This feature can be accessed by opening the app, clicking on the camera icon and positioning your smartphones camera in front of the text you want to translate. The translation will then appear on your handsets display in real-time.

To install the upgrade, simply open up the Play Store, toggle the hamburger menu by swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen, select ‘My Apps’ and click on ‘Translate’, then hit the update button.

Play Store Download Link

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[Deal] You can now pick up a refurbished first-generation Chromecast for $20



If you’re in the market for a Chromecast, aren’t too fussed about having the latest hardware and are quite happy to settle for a refurbished device, you’re in for a treat. Online discount retailer Groupon has just kicked off a sale on the first-generation Chromecast, meaning you can pick one up for just $20.

Source: Groupon


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