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June 30, 2015

HTC Desire Eye scheduled for Lollipop update with AT&T June 30th

by John_A

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The HTC Desire Eye was nothing short of an interesting device. Personally, I would have rather had that then an M8. It just seemed… cooler. I don’t know. All of you who did choose to pick one up are in for a special little treat tomorrow. According to HTC’s VP of Product Management, the HTC Desire Eye has received technical approval for Lollipop and it is set to roll out June 30th.

He doesn’t mention which version of Lollipop will be coming though. I would love to assume that it is Android 5.1. However, it is safer to bet that it is Android 5.0 since that is what went out to international versions back in April. If you have the HTC Desire with AT&T be on the look out for an update to grace your device anytime around midnight and beyond. You will, as usual, want well over 50% battery life, a solid Wi-Fi connection and some time to kill for it to download and install.

If any users see it, be sure to share any details as to what version it is and additional features that get listed. I’ll check in with AT&T in the morning to see what they have to say on the subject.

Via Mo Versi Twitter

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