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August 3, 2014

‘Google Workshop’ may be Google’s Moto Maker for Nexus Devices

by John_A

Google WorkshopWhen Motorola launched its Moto Maker site, it received a generally good reception; as it turns out, people do like customizing their devices. Other manufacturers have slowly started to roll out services that partially resemble Motorola’s effort to give their customers that little bit more customization, and it looks like everybody’s favourite company, Google, might just be looking to do the same for its Nexus devices with something called ‘Google Workshop‘.

Android Police dropped the exclusive, saying that Workshop in its current state only caters for the Nexus 5, as an experiment, and offers customization options for custom cases and live wallpapers. And apparently, it looks like this:

Google Workshop
Google Workshop

There appear to be two main options to customize your Nexus 5: MapMe and Moments. MapMe gives you the ability to adorn your custom case and live wallpaper with a chosen location, and can be further customized to incorporate some sentimental info, like your hometown. The colour of the case and wallpaper can be set as well, with the live wallpaper getting further customization options, like receiving weather and social media info for the chosen location. Similarly, Moments allows you to customize your custom case and live wallpaper with uploaded photos and edit them as appropriate (read: filters).

It’s definitely something different from Google, and with their pre-existing colour choices, Nexus 5 owners would have quite a few customization options available to them. The jury’s still out whether this service would extend to Google’s other Nexus devices, and there are no further details on pricing or availability yet.

What do you think about Google Workshop? Is this something you would like to make use of? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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