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Amazon AppStore 48-hour sale; Plex, Splashtop HD, Ravensword and 29 more FREE

Looks like Amazon is kicking of a pretty fantastic sale today that is set to last just 48 hours. Generally when we see Android apps on sale in the App Store, it is for a myriad of apps that are ok, but not always highly sought after. This sale on the other hand is quite […]


Google Keep and Maps get Android Wear support; Google Search and YouTube also Update [APK Download]

We have been watching the Play Store pretty intensely since the Google I/O keynote just 2 days ago. Since then we have seen a number of apps up date. Seems the big stories on the web with the updates comes from Google Maps and Google Keep both getting updates that make them Android Wear compatible. […]


Apple Ending Development on Aperture as Upcoming Photos App for OS X Will Replace iPhoto

aperture_lens_iconApple will no longer continue development on its professional photography application, Aperture, reports The Loop. Instead, the company is working on the Photos app for Mac that it introduced during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

“With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,” said Apple in a statement provided to The Loop. “When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS.”

The Photos app, which was shown off only briefly during WWDC, will combine with iCloud Photo Library, replacing both Aperture and iPhoto. While Photos will allow users to store, search, and edit photos via the cloud on Apple devices, it is unlikely to include the more robust, professional-oriented tools found in Aperture.

Aperture, which has long lagged behind competing software like Lightroom from Adobe, saw its last major version update to 3.5 on October 22, 2013, and since then, the software has seen just one last minor update. One of the major complaints about Aperture has been its infrequent updates, and many users have wondered if and when Apple would release Aperture 4. With no plans to continue development, professional photographers will want to find another solution, such as Lightroom.

According to TechCrunch, Apple will continue to provide compatibility updates to allow Aperture to run on OS X Yosemite, but development will stop. Apple is also working with Adobe to create a transitionary workflow to help users shift to Lightroom.


Audi to Introduce CarPlay Compatible Cars in 2015 [iOS Blog]

Audi has announced plans to integrate Apple’s CarPlay system into its Audi Multi Media Interface, and new Audi models supporting CarPlay will become available to customers beginning in 2015. Audi says that its development lab in Silicon Valley is in an “intensive dialog” with Apple as it works to integrate CarPlay into Audi cars.


Our customers want to be ‘always on’ and use the services they know from their smartphones in cars as well,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG. “In this regard, we are working closely with leading companies like Google and Apple. In the future, customers will be able to use the functions available to them on their smartphones via the operating systems in their cars as well.

Designed to overlay an iPhone’s display on a car’s in-dash infotainment system, CarPlay allows users hands-free access for functions like getting directions, making phone calls, sending messages, and more, using Siri voice control. CarPlay also includes support for several different iPhone apps like Spotify, Beats Music, iHeartRadio, and MLB at Bat, among others.

Audi joins a number of other manufacturers that have partnered with Apple, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, GM, and Honda, with the first CarPlay-supported cars becoming available later this year. Several aftermarket consoles from companies like Alpine and Pioneer will also support CarPlay before the end of the year.


Test your emoji deciphering skills with Guess The Emoji [App of the Day]

guess the emoji

Emojis can be used to display emotions to a person you text. They can also be used to describe people, places and things.  But did you know emojis could be used to addict you to your phone even more!?

Random Logic Games, the makers of a dozen or so popular guessing games in the Play Store, has designed a game with the avid texter in mind called Guess The Emoji.

This casual guessing game displays 2 or more emojis together, and the player has to try to figure out what the emojis are describing.  I know it sounds easy, but believe me, it gets harder as you level up. There may come a point where you just get stuck, but there is an option for hints if you feel you need to use them.

Guess The Emoji surprised me and is so much fun.  It is currently sitting at above 4 stars and has over 80 thousand ratings.  Its free so grab it now and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps and games that you should know (June 27)


You’ve arrived at the latest installment of our Editor’s Picks! Here we take some time to dig through the multitudes of apps and games available in the Google PlayStore only to bring you 15 of the best! These are apps and games that we find to be the most fun/useful/etc, and will make for a great edition to your Android smartphone or tablet.

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Much like the Moto X’s “trusted Bluetooth devices”, SkipLock lets you bypass your lock screen when connected to one of your devices. Whether you’re leaving your house with your Pebble or coming home and connecting to Wifi, SkipLock will automatically remove your password on your phone.

You would almost think that an app like this should come standard on all Android phones, however, since it doesn’t there’s SkipLock.

Purchased Apps


If you buy a lot of apps via Google Play Store, this could be a very useful app for you. It can be quite handy if you don’t want to lose track of all of your purchases, or if you would like to keep them all in one place.

The app is relatively straightforward as well. You fire it up, choose an account/e-mail you’d like to get the list from (if you use more than one) and the app will generate a list of all of your purchased apps. Think of it as your purchase history.



Love to see bands or musical artists live but don’t get out all that often? Maybe you’re a responsible adult and you’ve got bills and obligations to worry about. Fear not! You can still check out live shows in both audio and video format with this free application. You’ll have access to an ever-growing library of shows that can be played online or offline as well as the ability to create playlists of individual songs. Sync up between devices and ensure you don’t miss another event.



Mightytext is a service that allows you to send and receive texts right from your computer! Gone are those missed text messages because you were too busy working. You won’t miss another one because they are displayed right on your computer! It also has an auto backup feature for your photos and videos as well as send you battery notifications to your computer.

Mightytext enables you to stay updated with what is happening while you work away! It works well with any messaging app and is easy to set up through your Google account.



Healow is vital in keeping you in touch with your doctor. No more waiting to get a call from a front desk personnel, instead you get the test results on the app along with doctors notes. Healow allows you to look into your meds cabinet as well, letting you set reminders to take medications prescribed by your doctor.

Another great feature is the alerts for your next appointment and a QR code for checking in. This app makes going to and communicating with your doctors office so much simpler. The app is pin locked also so not just anyone using your phone can view your private medical history. This app is a must for any doctors office and should be used universally unfortunately it is not in widespread use yet.

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Adobe finally brings Photoshop to Windows Phone

Android, iOS and even Windows 8 users have had access to Adobe’s mobile version of Photoshop for quite some time, while Windows Phone owners were excluded from the party. That changed today after Adobe pushed the slick photo-editing app to the Windows Phone Store. As you’d expect, you can crop, straighten, rotate and flip images and apply a range of different filters and “looks,” which may require you to run the in-app purchase gauntlet. Nevertheless, Adobe’s first major Windows Phone app (if you discount Reader) won’t cost you a penny, and you can grab it using the link provided below.

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Google chief believes he can save ‘100,000 lives’ a year with access to medical records

If you think that Google has got enough of your personal data, think again. In an interview with the New York Times, Larry Page has said that he wants access to your medical records, but don’t worry, it’s all for your own good. In describing how Google’s services frequently outrage privacy advocates before their potential (and usefulness) is known, the company chief said that regulations surrounding patient data is harming people. In fact, Page makes the bold claim that if Google was given the right to mine healthcare data, it’d “probably save 100,000 lives next year.” It’s a bold claim, but isn’t it the same line that the NSA has taken over the last few months?

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How Aaron Swartz went from internet activist to martyr

Jan 30, 2009 - Miami Beach, Florida, USA - AARON SWARTZ downloaded hundreds of thousands of documents from the PACER court recor

In 2000 Aaron Swartz was just a terrifyingly smart 14 year-old. He was a faceless name on a mailing list, quietly contributing code and copy to RSS 1.0. Roughly twelve years later, in January of 2013, he became an unfortunate casualty in an ongoing battle that pits the government and its business allies against a growing army of online activists.

Brian Knappenberger didn’t know Aaron Swartz personally, but the documentarian was familiar with his story. He previously directed We are Legion, a film about Anonymous and its hacktivist associates, so he had strong ties with the community that happened to be some of Swartz’ biggest supporters. After Aaron committed suicide in his Brooklyn apartment, Knappenberger began collecting reactions to the loss from friends, family and other members of the activist community. Soon he realized that he had to make a film about it, and the result is The Internet’s Own Boy which hits select theaters, Google Play, iTunes and Vimeo on June 27th. The director stopped by the AOL offices last week to discuss his film and the young man at the center of it.

The truth of the matter is that Aaron Swartz didn’t generate nearly as much press as he deserved while he was alive. For years he fought what he saw as an archaic and unfair system in PACER and JSTOR, repositories for court documents and academic papers. They were cumbersome, overpriced and effectively inaccessible to the general public (unless you’re willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money). JSTOR decided against pressing charges, but it was ultimately those battles that put Swartz on the radar of law enforcement.

Swartz deserves plenty of credit for what he accomplished as a developer and pioneer of the modern web. (In addition to helping develop RSS, he worked on the Creative Commons license, the simplified text formatting language Markdown, and was an early partner at Reddit.) But it’s his reaction in the face of serious legal trouble that demonstrates why his story has resonated with so many people. Aaron was facing up to 35 years in jail and a fine of $1 million for downloading massive quantities of academic papers. Rather than accept a plea bargain that would require him to admit guilt, however, he stuck to his principles and continued to challenge what he saw as an unjust law. And, while facing a seemingly heavy-handed sentence, he became one of the most outspoken critics of PIPA and SOPA.

The Internet’s Own Boy tells the story of Aaron Swartz’s life but, as the director reveals in our interview above, the movie is really about his effect on other people. What made Aaron special wasn’t his coding skills or silicon valley riches; it was the unwavering dedication to his principles, his friends and his tireless struggle against injustice.

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Banking apps may be getting their own virtual assistants soon

The minds behind Siri’s virtual assistant skills are back at it. This time around, SRI International has created Kasisto to boost personalized interactivity inside apps that usually require an actual human to carry out complex activities. Banking and commerce are a prime examples of this sort of task load, and BBVA (the outfit that now owns Simple) has already partnered up. The context-aware tech offers text, touch, and speech with natural language understanding and reasoning built-in, giving interested suitors the ability to pipe in a virtual assistant in a fraction of the time it would take to start from scratch. Plus, they’d be leveraging a tools from the folks who developed Apple’s helpful voice. “Our innovative approach to intelligent system design, combined with low-cost deployment, will help banks improve customer service and maximize investment in the mobile channel,” notes Kasisto’s CEO and co-founder Zor Gorelov. Since the platform was just announced, there’s no indication as to when that virtual helping hand will appear in everyday financial apps just yet.

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