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LG Nitro HD: Optimus LTE for AT&T Revealed



With yesterday’s launch of the LG Optimus LTE on Bell Canada, there was some speculation that the Korean manufacturer could also bring the 720p HD handset to AT&T; after all, the two carriers share the same bandwidth. Well it turns out that the phone long known as P930 is indeed coming stateside as the LG Nitro HD, bringing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, eight-megapixel camera, and support for AT&T’s nascent 4G LTE network (as well as its 4G HSDPA network at 21Mbps).

The 4.5-inch Nitro also packs 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM (plus microSD expansion), Bluetooth 3.0, and an 1830mAh battery. It will be interesting to see whether this device will be able to beat the Galaxy Nexus to market as one of the first US HD smartphones — although, as The Verge points out, the 1280 x 720 screen here offers a better subpixel configuration than the Pentile Matrix employed by Samsung’s first Ice Cream Sandwich. (Speaking of Ice Cream Sandwiches, this actually appears to be the mystery phone that we spotted yesterday wrapped in a Mophie case; at least out of the box, however, it looks like Nitro and the Optimus LTE on Bell will be Gingerbread-powered.)

via LG Nitro HD: Optimus LTE for AT&T Revealed (Image).

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