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Apple iPad 2 leak caught in hands-on video?

Anticipated as one of the hottest releases of the year and with the entire tech industry desperate for that first official glimpse, the iPad 2’s form factor has been leaked with a new hands-on video showcasing the device’s upcoming design.

The dummy, none functional iPad 2, believed to have been given by Apple to a Chinese accessories supplier, was spotted in the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show last week with a video (below) of the highly desirable device having just appeared online courtesy of fellow accessories manufacturer GearZap.

Fulfilling a number of rumours and expectations of the product’s upcoming overhaul, the leaked iPad 2 looks set to feature both front and rear facing cameras, seemingly confirming the inclusion of Apple’s FaceTime video calling technology, as well as a larger, more power speaker on the device’s base. Taking design tips from the latest MacBook Air model, the leaked iPad 2 features a silver aluminium rear section, noticeably thinner than the inaugural Apple tablet release and sports a slightly angled edge.

A number of expectant fans will be sad to notice the lack of the rumoured USB port inclusion in the emerging devices design.

Believed to be heading for a February 1st official unveiling ahead of an April/May release, the iPad 2 will look to build on the steady foundations that have lead the original to dominate the tablet PC market.


The Verizon iPhone

We’ve waited and waited, and now Apple and Verizon have made a million dreams come true: the iPhone is coming to Big Red. After talking up his new LTE network a bit, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam confirmed a CDMA (non-LTE) version of the iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon Wireless next month. Talks started way back in 2008, and the phone has been in testing for a year — it sounds like they wanted to get this one right. Current Verizon customers will be able to pre-order on February 3rd for the standard $200 price for the 16GB model on a two year agreement, $300 for the 32GB version — everyone else can order on February 10th (see it compared with AT&T’s iPhone 4). Just to clarify and put any wild rumors to bed, the phone is Verizon 3G (EV-DO) only, no 4G data or GSM roaming. It’s not a world phone or an AT&T + Verizon phone, it’s just a Verizon phone.

Outside of Verizon connectivity, the phone is basically unchanged, although Verizon’s CDMA network doesn’t support simultaneous voice and data as with the GSM version. It does have the new antenna design we were hearing about last week, but that’s just because CMDA requires a different configuration of antennas. (Apple says they didn’t go LTE just yet because first-gen chipsets would force unwanted design decisions, and customers want a Verizon device now.) That slight modification also equates to a slight bump in where the volume buttons and mute switch — a new case might be required. Software-wise the big innovation is five user WiFi hotspot functionality, something that’s standard on Android phones, while Apple has kept the iPhone only able to tether directly to one compute


HTC 7 Pro arriving on O2 Germany 'next week,' priced at €569

Last we heard of the HTC 7 Pro, it was taking a casual stroll through O2 Germany’s website, throwing around boasts that it’ll be on sale come January 2011. Well, guess what? That promise has just been reiterated by O2’s German Twitter stream, which says that the 7 Pro will be on sale next week for an unsubsidized price of €569 ($735). That’s available via O2’s usual MyHandy payment plan, where you dish out €29 in advance and then pay off the phone in equal monthly payments over two years. We can’t imagine HTC leaving the rest of the world sitting idly by, twiddling their QWERTY keyboard-loving thumbs, so look out for this WP7 handset to filter through to your local market some time soon.

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