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‘House of Cards’ S4 trailer shows it has some intrigue left

While Netflix has already dropped a couple of teasers for the next season of its flagship series, the official House of Cards season four trailer gives viewers their first extended look at some new footage. Poll results suggest that most of you (56 percent) are still riding with the Frank Underwood 2016 campaign, so take a peek and enjoy the final season produced under the guidance of show creator Beau Willimon. (Otherwise, you can also check out new trailers for Fuller House, Judd Apatow’s series Love and The Art of Organized Noize documentary that’s coming to Netflix March 22nd.)

Source: Netflix (YouTube)


Samsung needs to make radical changes to revitalize its Galaxy lineup

Samsung still dominates the Android smartphone market with its Galaxy S series and Note line. But the once powerhouse has been slipping and has changed upper management a couple of times in order to revive its mobile lineup. Last year brought on a revolutionary change for Samsung where they sacrificed expandable memory and a replaceable battery for an all metal and glass build. While that pleased many, it also angered fans like me who prefers functionality over high quality materials. And since then, Samsung changes its upper management again signaling a failure in last year’s lineup.

16GB of memory isn’t enough for most when 5-7GB of that “16GB” is already being used before you turn your phone on. Paying another $100 for an additional 16GB memory is a joke when you can buy a 32GB card from Amazon for $10. Many people still use their Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, S3 and S4, and having a replaceable battery is vital to maintaining power throughout the day. Batteries for those phones are $10 or less and if you have taken care of your phone, the only item you would need to replace is the battery as they have a maximum amount of recharge cycles.


Samsung claims to have “cut back” on the level of modifications to Android with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5. This simply was not true. All of those modifications require more power, faster processors and more RAM. Those additional TouchWiz features also cause long term stability issues and slow Samsung from releasing major software updates like Android M. No one knows when they’re really going to get Android M especially when you add on carrier customizations and added level of updates. TouchWiz is still in full effect on current Galaxy phones, but Samsung got slightly better about hiding them.

Screenshot_2015-10-25-17-11-30 Screenshot_2015-10-25-17-11-36 Screenshot_2015-10-25-17-14-23

What Samsung needs to do in order to regain and also add new customers

LG and Huawei are looking to kick Samsung’s butt this year. So is Apple with a complete redesign in its iPhone 7. Samsung needs to go beyond the build materials this time around and actually give users value, updates, affordable accessories, and top level customer service.

Get rid of TouchWiz and stop letting carriers add bloat

Kill TouchWiz. Don’t mess with us anymore and tell us you scaled it back. Just kill it and start over. Follow Motorola’s lead and just give select useful features. No one uses 95% of the junk you install on the phones especially when they are duplicates of Google Play apps. S-Voice, Galaxy App Store, annoying sounds, ugly looks all need to go bye-bye. The investment on wasted duplication software can’t be spent better else where. It’s not only a waste of money, but it is a waste of performance and space.

Keep it simple. All of those TouchWiz additions help contribute to memory issues, overheating, lag, and poor performance. When we pay for 3 or 4GB of RAM, and the fastest Exynos processor according to benchmarks, we expect it to be fast. We don’t want that extra money to be spent on compensating for the terrible software Samsung overlays onto Android. Both the Nexus 6P and 5X outperform Galaxy devices because the software is unadulterated and both devices have far inferior internals.

Samsung also needs to stop letting carriers add in their bloatware. On AT&T, Samsung lets AT&T install over 25 apps that can be disabled, but not deleted, and it wastes over 1.5GB of memory. And to make matters worse, AT&T has to update Samsung’s update to, Google’s update which means the flagships from Samsung regularly take six to twelve months just to get a major update.

Give us our value back in our hardware

Samsung charges the most of all Android manufacturers for its devices, and has set the standard for $650-800 smartphones, but are regularly cutting back on features. Samsung needs to bring back replaceable batteries. And Samsung also needs to bring back microSD card slots, especially when the base model Galaxy S6 only has 16GB of memory. Sure the Nexus 5X has a fixed amount of memory, but it only costs $350 versus $650 of the S6 edge. And the Nexus 5X isn’t the flagship, instead it is a mid-range smartphone.


Samsung also needs to put wireless chargers and headphones “in the box” to give more value. Headphones are vital to most people and it shouldn’t have to be an additional cost when they used to be provided for free. Only Apple truly sticks to giving its customers headphones. Wireless charging technology is here, especially with Samsung devices, and it is time they start coming free in the box too. Flagship prices deserve flagship accessories. The Nexus 6P handily beat the Note5 and S6 in reviews this year, but costs over $200 less which means they have money in the mark-up to give us more. The Nexus 6P even came with USB Type-C which is better than micro USB in every way.


Set up hardware repair centers

Without a doubt, Apple kicks every other manufacturer’s bum when it comes to customer service. Apple retail stores are more than just sales centers. Educational and tutorial classes are offered, and a repair center is there in the store to fix broken screens and bad batteries. It’s one of the main reasons why Apple keeps its customers happy, because they don’t have to be without a phone and can have it fixed within minutes.

Samsung already has stores within Best Buy stores so all it needs to do is invest a little more into taking care of its customers. I have heard way too times why people switched from their Samsung device to an iPhone because there were too many problems that they didn’t know how to fix. As an Android enthusiast, I know if these people had access to experts like Apple offers, their problems could be fixed in minutes too. And that would bring customers back.


Mentality Shift

If Samsung can switch its mentality to, “what can I give to the customer” instead of “what can I take”, all of these changes will come naturally. Arguably, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was its best Samsung phone ever. Since then most of its phones have been great, but they are loaded with issues. Galaxies run well for about a year and then after that you need to upgrade your device. The S3 on the other hand lasted well over two years for many, and that quality stemmed from a mentality of trying to give the customers what they want versus how much profit can be made.

Android enthusiasts are smart enough to see past the all glass and metal build, and want Samsung to go beyond and think harder. Kill Touchwiz and reinvent the overlay on Android. Give headphones, wireless chargers, replaceable batteries and expandable memory. When the Galaxy phones cost so much that you can only afford to replace them once every two years, those types of things matter. And spend a little more to improve customer service which is a must have in today’s day and age.


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7 reasons why your next smartphone should be from Samsung

I’ve been fortunate and used almost all of the Android flagships from last year.  What that means is I’ve been able to test features for myself, rather than going on the words of other writers.  I also can say I paid for every single device I used, and all of them were brand new.  They weren’t purchased from ebay, Craigslist, or any other reseller websites which means every device I used was given a fair chance.


Here is a list of phones I used in 2014/2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6


HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Moto x 2014 2nd generation

Nexus 6

Missing from this list of flagships is

Sony Xperia Z3

After using all of these phones, what I can tell you with 100% certainty is no phone is perfect.  Every single phone has at least one downside.  I am here to tell you why the best all around devices are made by Samsung.


  1.     Samsung is second in the world in investing in our future

In 2013, and 2014 Samsung was second, only to Volkswagen, in dollars spent on research and development.  Samsung is not all about making tons of money just to give back to its investors or to a build fancy Spaceship headquarters.  Samsung takes on the responsibility to make our future better through technology as a global leader in innovation.

I am a medicinal chemist by trade, and work for a Biotech who has seen its ups and downs.  I know how much money companies like mine spend on research and development and it is not cheap to research new, life-changing, technologies.  Just a small example, my company in 2006 had a potential drug candidate fail at the FDA approval status phase, and just like that, 1 billion dollars was flushed down the toilet on researching and developing that drug candidate.

Of the top 10 spenders in R&D in 2014, 4 of the top 10 were pharmaceutical companies whose profits are second only to oil.  2 of the 10 came from the automotive industry.  The remaining four came from the tech sector, and rank in this order of spending 1. Samsung 2. Intel 3. Microsoft 4. Google.  The most interesting part of this list is that the company worth the most money in the world right now, is not on this list of spenders in R&D.  Apple truly does not invest in our future, they invest in making things look beautiful, and they look to maximize profits as evidenced by their inferior products.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if I was an investor, that’s probably the company I would invest in…the problem though is long-term.  While Apple continues to hoard its cash, they are not investing in their own future or ours.  They don’t have Steve Jobs anymore to hand Apple golden ideas, which means they can’t survive on pure genius anymore.  They need to invest more in R&D, and their phones are proof that they are falling behind the smart-phone wars.  Interestingly, Apple is the top spender in advertising among Samsung, Microsoft and Google.

Now compare that to the 17th most valuable company, Samsung,  who are investing in our future.  Over the past few years, no cell phone manufacturer has taken a worse beating by the Android purists more than Samsung.  Why is that?  Because they offer us TOO many features.  How spoiled are we, when we are actually complaining about getting too much stuff?  The last time you bought a car, wouldn’t it have been nice if the dealership threw in navigation, sport wheels, and whatever else your heart desires all for free?

R&D spending 2014

R&D spending 2014

Sure, many of the features can be useless.  But isn’t the beauty of Android is that it is open-sourced?  Isn’t this one of the main features what differentiates Android from iOS?  Many of us love Android because of all of the extra features you can get with your phones.

One thing I love about Samsung phones is that they build in features to help improve your health.  When turning up the volume with headphones, the S5 and Note 4 warn you when the volume is so loud that it may damage your hearing.  Can I tell you I used to think this feature was annoying, until I thought I was losing hearing in my left ear.  I have been listening to mp3s since the days of the Rio.  I work out at the gym to stay healthy, 5-8 hours per week, every week for the past 17 years.  Every single time I go to the gym I blast music though IEMs.  About 3 months ago, my hearing was far worse in my left ear vs my right.  For two weeks I had a hard time hearing out of that ear…the most frustrating part was struggling to hear my friends and family try to talk to me.  It’s embarrassing to a degree to keep asking people to repeat themselves, but it incredibly frustrating when you cannot hear them because you feel like you’re not communicating.  With my Note 4, I am truly grateful that it warns me when I try to turn the volume past limits where it will damage my hearing.

Also, the phone has a built in pedometer, which again may seem like a useless feature until you turn it on and actually see how lazy you are and finally get off the couch.  It can serve as motivation to get outside, get some air, and most importantly get outside to exercise so the loved ones around you get to spend more time with you.

Oh and one more thing, Samsung is the leader in virtual reality.  They just announced a new premium app store dedicated to immersive apps in VR.

All of these features are not free to research and develop, and that is why Samsung is atop the heap of spenders in the world.

  1.       Touchwiz is incredibly useful and other manufacturers copy features added by Samsung

Many Android writers that I follow and work with tend to favor Android in its pure form, or near pure form.  Touchwiz is arguably the most adulterated Android version, outside of Amazon’s heavily modified platform.  Many purists have reason to hate Touchwiz, just a couple of years ago, Touchwiz got too bloated and slowed performance of those devices.  Again, let me reiterate, no phone is perfect, not even the Nexus line.  Sure Samsung made some mistakes, but they are perfecting their phones quickly while introducing us to new concepts like curved phones.  Of the many people who I know who use Samsung phones, outside of Android enthusiasts, rarely ever complain to me about something touchwiz related.  And many of them are still using their Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4…if the software was so terrible, why isn’t the general majority of users complaining?

Those millisecond delays enthusiasts complain about, in my humble opinion, is not a reason at all to forgo features like split screen functionality, S health, quick buttons (which google later copied and added to stock android),  and MOST importantly, the S pen!!!!!  I absolutely love my Galaxy Note 4, mainly for its stylus.  As a chemist, it is the easiest way for me to draw chemical structures.  There is no better experience on a mobile device using a stylus.



  1.       One size does not fit all

Apple is the king of marketing.  They have half of the smartphone world eating out of the palms of their hands and made people believe there is only one correct sized smartphone.  Yet again, Samsung proved their research was correct and released the Note line.  The Note paved the way for all other large phones.  Even apple owes its share of gratitude considering, they released a small flagship and a large one.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Many Android manufactures have one or two premium devices.   HTC and Oneplus have one device.  Take it or leave it, it’s what you get.  Same for Sony.  Same for LG.  Not for Samsung…Samsung Galaxy Alpha, if you want a small phone with a premium experience.  Samsung Galaxy S5, if you want an everyday workhorse that can withstand everyday challenges such as rain and dirt.  Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if you want the ultimate premium experience and need a device that can function for fun, education, and business.  Samsung Galaxy Mega, if you want a tablet for a phone.  Samsung Galaxy Edge, if you want to optimize your screen space while being different than the crowd with every single feature the Note 4 has to offer.   Not to mention the countless other budget devices if you simply cannot afford to spend 500-900 dollars on a device, or if you just don’t care about 95% of the features.  Regardless of what you want, Samsung has the right device for you.


  1.       Easily accessible customer service at Samsung Experience shops at Best Buy locations


One of Apple’s best services is having the ability to go to an Apple store if you need help.  HTC, LG, OnePlus, Google, do not have customer facing storefronts where you can get help from experts.  Samsung on the other hand has been more customer facing ever since creating Samsung Experience shops at Best Buy locations.  Their shops are staffed by Samsung, not Best Buy.  I’ve been to a few of them around San Diego, and can say with full authority that the Samsung Experience employees are very knowledgable and helpful.  This is important to people like my Mom, who rather than bug me for every question about her phone, can go to an expert where she knows she will get help relevant to her device.

Samsung Experience Shop

Samsung Experience Shop


  1.       Truly flexible devices

A couple of very important features many others overlook is having the abilities to swap batteries and also having the ability to add external memory.  If Android purists had their way, and Android was not open-sourced, Google would have done away with expandable memory.  Thank Samsung for being the external memory champion.

I love to not worry about downloading as much music as I want.  Since I have switched to Samsung, I have never gotten a message that says, picture not taken due to memory being full(APPLE).  I usually have 2-3 full length movies on my device for when I do my daily cardio workout.  For devices without expandable memory, you can pay upwards of 100 dollars extra, just to go from 16gb of storage up to 32gb.  For a meager 20 dollars, I can buy an external MicroSD card with 64gb of memory and I can expand on my device.

  1.  Samsung always gives users the latest and greatest hardware


Samsung releases two flagships per year, the S-line and the Note line.  The S-line is typically released in the Spring and comes fully packed with maximum memory, best processors, and the best displays.  Without a doubt, Samsung’s Super AMOLED 2k displays are the best on the market.  The contrast ratio is off the charts, brightness levels in full sun are incredible, and the colors make my friends say,”WOW!” when I show off my phone to them.

By buildings devices with the latest hardware, it future proofs the phones.  Samsung wants you to get the most value from their devices by giving you a device that can last several years.  They have taken a lot of flak for poor design, but plastic does not wear down like metal does.  Heck, plastic bags are being banned all over California because they do not decompose!  When I had the iPhone 5, the HTC One M7, and M8, the metal always scratched and nicked to the point where customer service would not take them back.  There’s no point in buying a beautiful phone if you are just going to throw a case on it.


  1. Accessories, accessories, accessories and free gifts

One of the biggest advantages in owning a Samsung device is that millions and millions of other people have the same device.  That allows third-party manufacturers like Belkin, Otter-Box, Spigen, Trend-On, etc., to capitalize on accessories made for Samsung devices.  With niche phones like the Sony Xperia Z3, Oneplus One, LG G3, Moto X, and HTC One the accessories are slim to none.  Users pretty much have to rely on the manufacturer to make purposeful accessories.

Samsung also has a wide range of smart watches, health monitors, and things like GEAR VR.  We just saw HTC copy Samsung’s lead by releasing their own VR.

Everyone loves free stuff.  Especially premium stuff.  Samsung has been giving away gifts with their devices for years.  It truly has been a differentiator for them, as they partnered with other companies to give away free cloud space, free Google Play credit, free premium music from Milk, and the list goes on and on.  You can look for yourself here.



I know I sound like a fanboy…


Because I am.  I don’t like technology for the sake of having the latest and greatest thing.  I like technology because it can improve the quality of life.  In my field of work, information is the most important thing when making decisions.  The Galaxy Note 4 is my daily driver, and again, it was not given to me by Samsung.  The Note 4 allows me to be quite functional at work.  I use the stylus daily.  I swap my battery daily.  That is not an indication of poor battery life, but an indication of how much I use my smartphone.  When I used the HTC One or the LG G3, all I could think was, “sure these phones are beautiful, but they’re just that.”  The speakers on the HTC One are hands down the best.  But, that is just about the only feature I desire on my Note 4.  The LG G3, OnePlus One, Nexus, and the iPhone have absolutely nothing I desire on my Note 4.

I recently switched my very own mother, an iPhone user, to the Galaxy Note 4.  After spending 15 minutes with her, she was off and running saying,”OK Google”, or downloading her Bible apps, etc. etc. etc.  The most poignant sentences she said,”I can’t believe people would stick with their phones when this phone is so incredibly beautiful and functional.  iPhone’s can’t do the things the Note can.”  My brother will be the next Apple victim to fall, followed by my brother and sister, they are just a little slower than the typical enthusiast.

You will not get a better device from any other manufacturer.  Go with Samsung.



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Accessory of the Day: iSmooth Galaxy S4 screen protectors (3 pack), $7.97

This ultra-clear screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a bubble-free and easy installation. All purchases come with a lifetime warranty and the reviews are through the roof. At $7.97 (Prime), this 3-pack is a must buy for anyone looking to protect their beautiful S4 screen.

Join Prime and get this deal with FREE two-day shipping!

Also worth checking out:

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Accessory of the Day: Replacement/extra battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 $13.99


Whether yours is on the fritz or you just like to keep a spare tucked in your weekend bag, buying a low-quality battery can damage your phone or much worse. This Anker 2600mAh Li-ion battery has undergone rigorous quality control testing and is comprised of Grade A cells to ensure peak performance. Its built in IC-chip prevents overcharging, a major problem with inferior batteries. Good for almost all Samsung Galaxy S4 models, except the Galaxy S4 Active, this little guy can be scooped up for just $13.99 (Prime eligible). With the 5-star reviews, you won’t regret juicing up with this deal.

Deals, Discounts, Freebies, and More! Click here to save today!

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Accessory of the Day: Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case $39.99


Combine the your wallet, S4, and leather case into one portable solution with this Wallet Case. Easily fitting 3 credit cards or ID’s along with cash, this case features a soft-touch finish to help you comfortably retrieve it from your pocket. Plus, your screen is protected by the built-in Lay-flat Screen Guard. The reviews for this case are phenomenal and can be yours for $39.99 (Prime eligible).

Deals, Discounts, Freebies, and More! Click here to save today!

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Sprints Samsung Galaxy S4 gaining International Wi-Fi calling OTA

Sprint International Wi-Fi Calling

Sprint released some news this morning pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Spark that resides on their network. Owners of the device will start to see an OTA update coming through that will focus primarily on Wi-Fi calling. More importantly though, the Wi-Fi calling aspect is geared towards international travelers and will allow users to call and text abroad on Wi-Fi networks for no additional cost.

“We are excited to roll out International Wi-Fi Calling as part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and expanding the calling reach for our customers,” said Wayne Ward, vice president-Business & Product Development, Sprint. “As this international capability becomes available on more of our devices, Sprint customers won’t have to think twice about calling home while on vacation or away on business. This is one more tool we are giving our customers to stay easily connected with those who matter most.”

The ability will cover you in more than 100 countries around the globe on private, office and public Wi-Fi networks. It is only free to message and call back to the US, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico though, so don’t expect to make reservations at Al Covo in Venice. Sprint plans to add the international Wi-Fi calling ability to more device throughout the rest of this year.

On a side note, Sprint does offer Wi-Fi calling on 11 total devices currently available on the market, but those don’t have the international aspect activated just yet.

Source: Sprint

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How would you change Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and we’d wager that a hefty proportion of our readers use it as their daily driver. When we placed the device in front of our mobile expert Brad Molen, he was full of praise, with one or two exceptions. In his mind, the only thing that kept the Galaxy S4 from a perfect score was a tired design and some user interface decisions that didn’t really work. But what about you? Did you love this device as much as he did, and if not, why not tell us? You can share your opinions by crafting a product review of your own, or why not discuss what you’d have done differently on our forum?

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Source: Engadget Product Forums, Engadget Reviews

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Accessory of the Day: OtterBox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S4


Protect your beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 with one of the best-selling cases around. OtterBox, a trusted name in this space, has a variety of models to choose from, but the Defender series is among the most popular.

Available in a number of colors, the Defender case provides shock absorption and protection against drops, scratches, bumps, and dust. Designed with a multiple layers of materials, the case also keeps your screen from getting scuffed up.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million units in 25 days, beats Galaxy S4 by 2 Days

Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million units in 25 daysThe Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of expectation to live up to; it’s predecessors have been the best selling smartphones of all time and for it not to join that list would make it one colossal failure for Samsung. To put it in perspective, the Galaxy S4 sold 10 million units in its first 27 days, easily eclipsing the Galaxy S3 for the fastest mark. Well, the Galaxy S5 has now been out for a month now, so how fast exactly did it reach the mark? Korean news website Hankyung is reporting that the Galaxy S5 actually reached 10 million sales after just 25 days, narrowly (but still impressively) beating out its predecessor.

If true, this figure is an incredibly impressive figure considering the already existing saturation of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. What’s unusual is that Samsung itself isn’t reporting this news as the Korean tech giant is often first to boast about its sales figures, though that might just be because they are preparing a formal statement about it. Regardless, it looks like the general public aren’t as critical of the device as the critics have been and it looks like the Galaxy S5 still has a very bright future ahead of it yet.

What do you think about this news? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Hankyung via SamMobile

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