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Logitech’s Harmony remote, Samsung’s T5 SSD, and more are discounted today

Whether you’re looking for new tech gear or household items, we’ve got you covered.

We found plenty of great deals today that include big discounts on Logitech’s Harmony remote, the Samsung T5 SSD, Jabra Move headphones and more!

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Jabra’s $50 Move Bluetooth headphones are comfortable and sound great

Jam to your favorite tracks with these Bluetooth headphones.


The Jabra Move wireless Bluetooth headphones are down to $49.99 on Amazon. Today’s price marks the lowest these headphones have ever been there; they regularly sell for around $64 on average and up to $100 at times. This deal is available on every color of these headphones, including black, gold, red, and cobalt.

These headphones are not going to blow you away with their style. They aren’t supposed to. They are supposed to be budget headphones with high-quality sound, a solid build, a comfortable fit, and nothing more. That’s exactly what you get. If you want nice Bluetooth headphones and don’t care about impressing people on the street, this is what you get.

These headphones have 4 stars and an Editor’s Choice from PC Mag, 4 stars from What Hi-Fi?, and 3.9 stars based on more than 1,000 user reviews.

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The Prime version of the LG Stylo 4 just got a price drop on Amazon

The LG Stylo 4 is an affordable Android phone, and it just got even more affordable at Amazon.

If you’re looking for a phone with a large display without a large price tag, good news! Amazon has the Prime Exclusive version of the LG Stylo 4 down to $210. This phone may not be as shiny and feature-packed as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it’s a stylish and affordable phone with a stylus. LG kicked it out of the park with the Stylo 4, giving it a snappy octa-core processor and a beautiful, extra-tall 6.2-inch display.


This phone came out not even 4 months ago and has already been discounted twice by Amazon, first to $249.99 a while back and now down to $209.99. This is currently our favorite phone on Metro PCS right now, and while the Metro PCS version is a little cheaper with the rebate at $180, that’s a carrier-locked phone rather than the unlocked Prime Exclusive model.

Amazon Prime Exlcusive phones come with a slew of Amazon apps pre-installed, but you can uninstall most of it and disable the rest if you don’t want it, giving you a cheaper phone with very little bloat. Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Exclusive phones.

$210 at Amazon


YouTube TV’s web app is getting a dark theme!


YouTube TV delivers a great package, and if you have questions, we have answers!

For those considering cutting the cord, YouTube TV is a viable option. If you live in the United States, anyway. We’ve got the details on everything you need to get the most out of this app, and everything that it offers. From details on the ins and outs of YouTube TV to how to troubleshoot issues, everything you need is here.

The latest YouTube TV news

September 16, 2018 — YouTube TV’s web app is getting a dark theme!

YouTube for Android finally got its dark theme two weeks ago, and I guess YouTube TV was feeling left out, so it’s bringing a dark theme to the YouTube TV web app!

The new dark theme has popped up on YouTube TV’s Help site, including the super-simple steps to turn it on:

Open YouTube TV on a web browser.
Tap your profile photo.
Tap Settings.
Tap Dark theme.
Tap Dark theme to toggle it on.

Again, this is for the web app, not the Android app, but one can only hope it will be coming to the Android app before too long, right?



February 13, 2018 — The monthly cost is going up to $40 on March 13

Ever since it launched in April of 2017, YouTube TV has offered one single plan that costs $35 per month. However, starting next month, new subscribers are going to pay even more.

Beginning March 13, new YouTube TV customers will pay $40/month as opposed to the old $35/month rate. Current subscribers and anyone that signs up before then will still get the more affordable pricing, so if you’ve been thinking about signing up for YouTube TV, you may want to do so sooner rather than later.

Everything you need to know about YouTube TV!


YouTube TV delivers a whole lot in a pretty smile package, with a sensible price tag attached. If you have questions about anything from price, to availability, the answer is hiding here.

Everything you need to know about YouTube TV

What channels are available on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV gets you access to tons of great programming, including region-specific channels in certain cities and media markets. Everywhere can access great channels like AMC, The CW, and even ESPN, but there are excellent sports specific channels available for certain media markets. Every channel currently available is listed out for you here!

Most recently, YouTube TV announced that it was finally going to start airing Turner channels — including TNT, Cartoon Network, truTV, and more.

What channels are available on YouTube TV

How to get set up with YouTube TV


The first thing that you’ll need to know when you get started with YouTube TV. From connecting your account to figuring out how to stream your first show, we cover it all for you here!

How to get set up with YouTube TV

Where is YouTube TV available?

There is a set of programming available in every region YouTube TV is offered, but there are specific regions that will be able to access local programming. While the number of media markets currently available is still fairly small, it’s grown to over 30 markets already, and it’s only been a few months since the app became available.

Where is YouTube TV available?

How to find the shows you want to watch on YouTube TV

The sheer number of programs that are available to be watched, recorded, and rewatched is just a bit staggering. If you picked up a subscription in order to stay caught up on your favorite shows, then you’ll need to know how to find them. From searching out a specific show to adding it to your DVR list to finding programs on a specific network, we’ve got the details you want!

How to find the shows you want to watch on YouTube TV

How to get the most out of sports with YouTube TV


Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey… There is a sport out there for every sports fan. Being able to stay caught up on the game, keep an eye on scores, and catch every appearance is key, and YouTube TV does an excellent job. It delivers everything the discerning sports fan needs to keep up, even when you’re on the go!

How to get the most out of sports with YouTube TV

How to DVR programs on YouTube TV

One of the best perks of YouTube TV is the ability to easily record your favorite shows and then watch them later at your leisure. Of course, in order to watch those shows later, you need to know how to record them. We cover everything from recording shows, to deleting shows from your DVR list, so that you can get to record your favorites without a problem.

How to DVR programs on YouTube TV

How to stream YouTube TV using a Chromecast


While YouTube TV lets you easily watch live and recorded television on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can also cast to your television. You’ll need a Chromecast, but once you do that, casting your shows right to the TV is easier than ever.

How to stream YouTube TV using a Chromecast

How to troubleshoot casting problems with YouTube TV

YouTube TV lets you go take advantage of your Chromecast to watch live and recorded tv from the app on your Television. However, there are a few unfortunate problems you may run into. If you’ve been having issues getting your Chromecast to work properly with YouTube TV then this is the place to figure out how to deal with it!

How to troubleshoot casting problems with YouTube TV


Let us know in the comments below!


OnePlus is making its foray into the TV segment with the OnePlus TV

OnePlus will launch its first TV next year as the company looks to diversify its portfolio.


OnePlus has focused its attention exclusively on the smartphone segment, but that’s all set to change soon. OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau has announced that the company will make its foray into the TV segment next year with the launch of the OnePlus TV.

Calling it the first step in “building a connected human experience,” Lau mentioned that the TV will feature the same premium design that its phones are known for, with a focus on image quality and audio experience:

For most of us, there are four major environments we experience each day: the home, the workplace, the commute, and being on-the-move. The home – perhaps the most important environment experience – is just starting to enjoy the benefits of intelligent connectivity.

We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity. To do this, we are building a new product of OnePlus’ premium flagship design, image quality and audio experience to more seamlessly connect the home.

For now, we don’t have a lot of details on the specs that the OnePlus TV will offer, but it’s safe to assume that it will have 4K with HDR. Speaking to Business Insider, Lau stated that the OnePlus TV will be unveiled sometime next year.

TVs have a longer lifespan than phones, and as such OnePlus will offer software updates for five years following the launch of the TV. That’s a huge deal, and one that could differentiate the OnePlus TV in this category:

At present, we feel the current market of TVs is still feeling quite traditional in their functionality and experience. And they haven’t really well-integrated the internet into the experience, and making the experience match with what would be expected in today’s connected society.

The OnePlus TV will also feature an AI assistant, but at this point it’s unclear whether we’ll see Google Assistant or Alexa, or even an in-house solution. The company is also looking at ways to seamlessly connect the TV with your phone, which would allow it to show reminders and surface traffic information for your daily commute.

This is a huge step in the OnePlus journey, but like each step along the way, one that we have taken with intense consideration and deliberation. There is great challenge in pushing new boundaries in technology and innovation, but even greater fulfillment in meeting people around the world impacted by our products every day. Here’s to taking the next step together.


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with 5500mAh battery is all set to launch in India

The latest iteration in the Mi Max series features a 6.9-inch display and 5500mAh battery.


After launching the Redmi 6 series in India earlier this month, Xiaomi is turning its attention toward the phablet segment. The Mi Max series continues to do well in the sub-₹20,000 segment, and it looks like Xiaomi is all set to launch the Mi Max 3 in the country shortly if a recent tweet is any indication:

Something really BIG is coming your way!

— Mi (@xiaomi) September 16, 2018

The Mi Max 3 was unveiled in China back in July, with the device offering upgrades in key areas from the Mi Max 2. Notably, the Mi Max 3 is based on the 18:9 form factor, which has allowed Xiaomi to fit a tablet-sized 6.9-inch display into the chassis, and the phone has dual cameras at the back. The Mi Max 3 also has a larger 5500mAh battery, which should allow the phone to deliver over two days’ worth of usage. Thankfully, Quick Charge 3.0 is standard, and the phone charges over USB-C.

Elsewhere, the Mi Max 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 636 chipset, and comes with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The device is running MIUI 9.5 on the software side of things, but it should come with MIUI 10 out of the box in India.

Right now there’s no mention as to when the device will launch in India, but it should be in the coming weeks. As for pricing, the base variant of the Mi Max 2 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage retails for the equivalent of $250, so it’s safe to assume that the phone will launch at around the ₹16,999 ($235) price point.

We should have plenty more to talk about the Mi Max 3 in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, what are your thoughts on the device?


Power up 10 of your devices at once with this $17 desktop charging station

So. Many. Ports!


Today only, Amazon has the Sabrent 60W 10-port desktop USB charging station on sale for $16.99, which is $13 less than it normally sells for. This item doesn’t fluctuate in price, and hasn’t had a price drop near this in about a year, so if you’re in the market for something to charge multiple devices at the same time with ease, you won’t want to miss this deal. It offers a max output of 60 watt and 12A, which is about 2.4 Amps per port. This won’t quick charge your devices, but it also won’t trickle power to them.

You add your own USB cables to this hub, meaning you’ll be able to charge nearly anything with it from tablets to smartphones, action cameras, e-readers, Bluetooth headphones, and more. It has built-in overcharge protection to prevent damaging your devices. This price is good for today only, so don’t miss out.

See at Amazon


How to use glasses with your Oculus Go


Glasses always seem like they’re in the way of our headsets when we’re trying to find the perfect fit. Sometimes, even if we get the headset to stay on our face with our glasses on, it’s still not comfortable. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use glasses, or replace the lenses, with your Oculus Go!

Where to get the good stuff

  • Amazon: Oculus Go 64 GB ($249)
  • VirtuClear: VirtuClear Lens Inserts ($80)

Putting on your headset with a pair of glasses

Make sure your glasses are on your face and comfortable.

Pull the Oculus Go strap over the back of your head while holding the headset to the top of your forehead.


Pull the Oculus Go headset away from you until it’s past your glasses, then pull over your glasses.
Adjust the headset & glasses accordingly to find your perfect fit now that it’s all in position.

When it comes to putting on your headset over a pair of glasses the trick really comes down to putting on the strap first. You want to navigate the headset from the headset, not the strap. This will make sure you’re not dragging your lenses over your screen to prevent scratches.

Adding prescription lenses to your Oculus Go

Gently pull the liners off of your lenses.

Remove the interface from the headset.

Insert the custom spacer from your prescription lens box.
Re-apply your interface to the headset.
Press your lens covers in over your interface.

That’s it! A lot more simple than you thought it would be, right? Now you’ll have your own lens in the headset without ever having to worry about fitting your glasses over it and risk some potential scratches.

The best option for you

If you’re interested in protecting your headset from all the potential scratches it may be best to upgrade to the prescription lens. The price is well worth the outcome as you won’t have to deal with any of the problems we normally do with glasses in VR.

Prescription lens

VirtuClear Lens Inserts



The perfect fit for your headset

These lens inserts are perfect for a quick and easy fix. Not only was the process of getting them attached super easy, but there wasn’t any glare or weird focus on the glass either.


Do you think you’ll get the LG V40?

The phone will be announced on October 3.

Last week, LG confirmed that it’ll officially unveil its next flagship — the V40 — on October 3, 2018.


The LG V40 is shaping up to be an exciting phone, with some of its highlight features expected to consist of five cameras, a notched AMOLED display, and a glass back.

A lot of our AC forum members are already talking up a storm regarding the phone, and this is just a sample of what they’re saying.

09-10-2018 01:29 PM

Well…..if it is a $1000.00 category phone, probably not. At $1000.00 + for a phone, I’m waiting until 5G devices start becoming available in 2019. 5G will have a significant impact on the user experience. IMHO, things like in-screen finger print scanners, more ram and updated SoC’s won’t change my user experience that much.


09-10-2018 03:26 PM

I am still extremely happy with my V30 on multiple levels.

Almost a year and I’m still getting great battery life.

Personally I don’t like the idea of a separate power and fingerprint sensor.

Chances are that I’ll stick with the V30+ but I’ll upgrade my daughter’s G6 to the V40. Then I can do a real comparison and decide if I want to upgrade.


09-10-2018 03:40 PM

I’m planning on updating my V20 before the end of the year. I’ve been waiting on the V40 and I’m looking forward to when it officially drops…

Sadly, in this day and age, the removable battery is becoming extinct and I can live with that. But the DAC is what has got me hooked. I love it on the V20 and I’m sure the newer version on the V40 will have its perks.

That being said…


09-11-2018 12:48 PM

I’d consider it. I feel it may be too big for me but with the way today’s phablets are going, it may not be. I’ll be sure to test it out in the store before making any judgment calls. Love the 18:9 display and the battery size. Notch or not, I’ll give it a look!


What do you think? Do you plan on getting the V40 when it comes out?

Join the conversation in the forums!


OnePlus Crackables launches Sept. 18, includes $30,000 gaming setup prize

The game was created in collaboration with Google.

Like puzzle games and want a chance at winning the ultimate gaming setup? Starting tomorrow, September 18, at 8:00 AM ET, OnePlus is teaming up with Google to launch its all-new Crackables mobile game.


Crackables is a limited-time gaming event that you’ll be able to play at on any smartphone or tablet. It was written by the folks at Sleep Deprivation Lab — the head of which was the lead designer and writer for Red Dead Redemption — and OnePlus also got “a helping hand” from Google Zoo’s APAC team.

Once Crackables launches, you’ll be competing with players to solve a series of puzzles before everyone else. The first 1000 people that manage to complete the first three challenges will continue on to the next phase and be sent a physical microcontroller to finish their quest.

The one grand-prize winner will receive “an ultimate gaming setup” that’s valued at $30,000, and in addition to this, OnePlus says that players will have opportunities to earn other prizes, too.

Do you plan on playing Crackables?

OnePlus is making its foray into the TV segment with the OnePlus TV

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