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Soundcore by Anker announces the Flare S+, an Alexa-enabled speaker

You’re going to want one!

Anker has announced its latest Bluetooth speaker under the Soundcore branding, the Flare S+. The company has been making great smartphone accessories for years and continues to branch out and expand beyond just cables and chargers, and one area that people love is their speakers. The Flare S+ will feature the lineup’s signature 360-degree sound and is covered by a resilient cloth that houses full range drivers, dual tweeters, and bass radiators. You’re going to get some great sound out of this package.


In addition, this speaker utilizes Anker’s charging technology to allow it to provide power to other mobile devices while on the go and has a beat-synced LED at the base. As though that wasn’t enough, the Flare S+ will also have Amazon’s Alexa built-in, so when you’re speaker is connected you can use it to control your smart home devices, answer your deepest questions, and more. The speaker is IPX7, so you’ll be able to use it by the pool, at the lake, on the boat, and more without worrying about ruining it.

There is no word on pricing or availability just yet, but Anker sells its original Flare speaker for $59.99 at Amazon, where it’s received a 4.5-star rating on nearly 200 reviews. If you don’t want to wait for the new speaker to release and don’t need Alexa built-in, we’d recommend considering the original Soundcore speaker which is down to $24.99 with the on-page coupon. It has over 12,000 reviews and a killer 4.5-star rating.


Protect your Moto G6 with this slim and colorful case for just $12

Want to spruce up your Moto G6 while also protecting it from regular wear and tear? Anccer’s got you covered.


Thanks to its glass back and slim profile, the Moto G6 is undoubtedly one of the better-looking budget phones you can buy right now. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, it’d be easy to confuse it for a phone that costs hundreds of dollars more.

However, as nice as the G6 looks, there are a couple areas that could be improved — its durability and the choice of available colors.

Anccer hopes to remedy these two pain points with its Colorful Series case, and for a little under $12, it’s definitely worth adding to your Moto case collection. Here’s why!

Looking good

Anccer Colorful Series Case for Moto G6


$11.99 at Amazon

An affordable way to spruce up your phone

Anccer’s case gives the Moto G6 a colorful pop and decent protection without adding any bulk.

The Good

  • Keeps the Moto G6 slim
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Lots of available colors

The Bad

  • Not as durable/protective as other similarly priced cases


Anccer Colorful Series Case for Moto G6 What I like

As a big fan of slim cases, the Anccer Colorful Series Case instantly won me over as soon as I slapped it on my Moto G6.

Virtually no extra thickness/bulk is added to the phone when the case is on, and since the power button and volume rocker are left exposed rather than having a cover over them, pressing them doesn’t require any extra force like we see with some cases.

Something else that caught my attention is the feel of the case. Anccer uses a soft-touch plastic here, and while I don’t have any complaints with the Moto G6’s glass back, the soft plastic is considerably more comfortable.

I personally opted for the stunning red color, but if that’s not your style, Anccer also sells this case in black, blue, gold, gray, green, pink, and silver.

And, as a nice bonus, Anccer also includes a free phone grip — something that’d usually cost another $10 or so on its own!

Read more: This is the first and best reason you should use a phone grip


Anccer Colorful Series Case for Moto G6 What I don’t like

Like we see with many slim cases, the Anccer Colorful Series does leave a bit to be desired from a durability point of view.

Since the top, bottom, and part of the right frame of the phone are left uncovered, there’s a good chance of these areas getting damaged in the event of a fall. Also, while there is a small lip that comes up over the front to protect the Moto G6’s screen, it’s not nearly as pronounced compared to competing cases.


Anccer Colorful Series Case for Moto G6

If the Anccer Colorful Series Case doesn’t protect the Moto G6 as well as other cases within the same price range, why are we rating it so high?

Similar to other slim cases we’ve reviewed, this isn’t a product that was designed to offer maximum protection. Instead, it was made with the sole purpose of making your phone look good while keeping it slim — the added protection you get is just a nice bonus.

out of 5

If you know what you’re buying with the Anccer Colorful Series Case, it’s absolutely worth a look. For just $12, it makes the Moto G6 look great, feel extra comfy in the hand, and gives you good coverage against regular wear and tear.

See at Amazon


Sony’s WH-1000XM3 are a new generation of ANC Bluetooth headphones

Packed with features.

Sony has launched a new pair of headphones called the WH-1000XM3 along with two new speakers, the SRS-XB501G and SRSXB01. The unfortunately named WH-1000XM3 are a follow-up to the WH-1000XM2, and those headphones are considered one of the best around for active noise-cancelling. They rival the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Series II, which are currently $50 off, and the XM3 plan to improve on the formula.

Features for the new WH-1000XM3 include USB-C charging, atomic pressure optimization that can adjust for noise-cancelling at higher altitudes, a 30-hour battery life, a quick-charging feature that will give you five hours of playback after 10 minutes of charging, and multiple microphones. The Adaptive Sound Control will allow you to adjust just how much ambient noise you want to hear, especially if you’re in a case like walking down the street where you might want to hear the vehicles barreling down on you.

The new QN1 HD noise-cancelling processor is supposed to work four times faster than the XM2. The Dual Noise Sensor technology will work with the QN1 to weaken ambient noise. You can also add a DAC and amp for 32-bit audio signal processing.

The new SRS-XB501G speaker will be a followup to Sony’s successful SRS-XB41. It will include an integrated Google Assistant, Sony’s Extra Bass feature, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, water and dust resistance, USB-C charging, and a 16-hour battery life.

The SRS-XB01 speaker will be the budget version, retailing for just $34.99 instead of $299.99. Much like the XB501G, it will have Extra Bass and Live Sound, which is meant to replicate “festival vibes” according to Sony. It will also have a built-in mic for hands-free phone calls, a six hour battery life, and water resistance. The only ways to connect to this one will be Bluetooth or the manual headphone jack.

See on Amazon


Which Limited Edition PS4 Pro should you buy?


Best answer: You’ll want to get the best limited edition PlayStation Pro, and that means you want the one that’s the top of the line right now, the Star Wars edition. You can find this gem on Amazon for $568.

Amazon: Star Wars limited edition console ($568)

Why go for a customized console?

Just about everyone has the base edition of the PlayStation Pro console. The plain black design certainly makes it easier to match the styles of your other devices on your entertainment center, but what if you’re looking for a little more spice for your gaming station? Most of the time, when a popular new title is released, a brand new limited PlayStation will come out as well so you can show off your collection like trophies. If you’re the type that already has the custom skins and limited edition sets for your other consoles it’s always good to keep coming back to see if you’ve got more to match.

Why the Star Wars edition?

Right now the Star Wars edition is the most popular release that hasn’t been discontinued, and it’s got its own console designed for die-hard fans. After checking out the killer design, I’d say it’s worth every penny to see it displayed beautifully in your entertainment center. Especially if you’ve already got a decent amount of Star Wars memorabilia decorated around the house!

Plus, it comes with your own copy of Battlefront 2. So if you’re new to the PlayStation family and a fan of Star Wars this console isn’t just something that looks pretty on a nightstand. You’ll get your first game with it as well. Considering that you can find Battlefront 2 on Amazon for about $40, that means this entire bundle is only an extra $10 for the limited edition console!

What other kinds of limited-edition consoles have come out?

There have been quite a few limited-edition PlayStation Pro consoles to release with major games, but they aren’t something that happens all the time. The value of the limited edition consoles isn’t just with the unique designs, but the collectors’ value of it as well. If for every massive title there was a console to match then the limited editions would start losing that sparkle-eyed effects they have on their buyers. While most of the limited edition consoles have now been discontinued, you might still be able to find them from a private seller on websites like Amazon or Ebay.

If you want to check out every limited edition console that’s ever come out click here to see the magic.

Our pick

Star Wars limited edition console


$568 at Amazon

Add some decoration to your collection

With 1TB of memory and a beautiful console to represent your love of Star Wars, this is the right console for you. For about $50 more than the standard edition of the PlayStation, you could be rocking a customized one instead!

PlayStation 4


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Apple Pay’s New Promotion Offers Free Postmates Delivery for First Orders From New Customers

Apple is again partnering with Postmates for this week’s Apple Pay promotion, which offers a free delivery from the app when using Apple Pay for your first Postmates delivery. This means that the offer is valid only to new customers who have not previously made an order on the Postmates app before.

If you qualify and are 18 years or older, the promotion will run through September 5, 2018. You can check if Postmates is in your area by downloading the app [Direct Link], and if it is you can then place an order for food, groceries, or many other items. Choose Apple Pay during checkout, and you’ll get the first delivery for free. No promo code is required.

This week’s Apple Pay promotion is themed around the weekend, and Apple encourages customers to “pick up supplies quicker at your favorite places” and pay with Apple Pay, including Baskin-Robbins, Jamba Juice, and Trader Joe’s.

Apple offered the same promotion with Postmates back in May, and previously partnered with the delivery app in one of the first Apple Pay promotions last November. Other recent promotions include partnerships with StubHub, TGI Fridays, Adidas, Instacart, Fandango, and more.

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Eve Systems Announces New Light Strip, Power Strip and Light Switch

Eve Systems, formerly Elgato, today announced several new additions to its popular HomeKit product lineup, including a power strip, a light strip, and a new light switch for use in Europe.

The Eve Light Strip follows the Eve Flare, a HomeKit-connected mood lamp that was released in May. The Eve Flare was limited to countries in Europe and is not available in the U.S., but the Light Strip will see a wider release.

The LED light strip works with a selection of pre-installed lighting scenes and allows users to set their own colors. According to Eve, the Light Strip provides up to 1800 lumens across its two meter length thanks to triple-diode architecture. Eve Light Strip can be extended to a total length of 10m with additional light strip purchases.

Unlike most Eve products, which connect to HomeKit over Bluetooth, the Light Strip connects using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. It does not, however, require a bridge and works on a standalone basis.

The Eve Power Strip is a triple-socket power strip that adds separate HomeKit-based controls to three devices that are plugged into it. It features a black housing that’s framed in aluminum, with built-in surge protection safeguards.

With the Eve app, the Eve Power Strip is able to measure power consumption and provide energy cost projections, allowing users to keep track of power usage for the devices that are plugged in. Like the Eve Light Strip, Eve Power Strip connects to a HomeKit setup using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

The third product Eve is announcing today is a new Eve Light Switch, which is designed to replace common European switches. Eve already has a Light Switch compatible with U.S. setups, and this new version expands the light switch to Europe.

With HomeKit integration, all Eve accessories can be controlled via Siri voice commands, through the Home app, or through the dedicated Eve app. Eve accessories can also be integrated into HomeKit scenes and automations alongside other HomeKit products.

Eve Light Strip, the new Eve Light Switch, and the Eve Power Strip will be available at a later date from the Eve website and from retailers like Amazon. The Light Switch will be priced at 99.95 euros, while the Light Strip will be priced at $79.95. Pricing for the Power Strip has yet to be announced.

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Apple Recently Visited With Taiwanese Makers of Thinner and Brighter MicroLED and MiniLED Displays

Apple representatives attended the Touch Taiwan display industry convention in Taipei this week, holding private meetings with Taiwanese display makers AU Optronics and Epistar, according to the Economic Daily News.

The report claims Apple held the meetings to learn more about each company’s development of next-generation display technologies MicroLED and MiniLED, suitable for future generations of iPhones and Apple Watches. As those names suggest, both technologies utilize arrays of very tiny LEDs.

In May, AU Optronics received a Best in Show award at the Display Week 2018 convention in Los Angeles for its multiple advanced display technologies, including the “world’s highest resolution and full color TFT driven 8-inch micro LED display technology,” according to the company’s press release.

Apple is said to be most interested in MicroLED, as MiniLED is described as more of a transitionary technology that it may skip.

Apple has been exploring MicroLED displays since at least 2014, when it acquired MicroLED display maker LuxVue. In 2015, Apple reportedly opened a secretive laboratory in Taoyuan, Taiwan to research the technology, but has since shifted the efforts to Santa Clara, California, near its headquarters.

In addition to AU Optronics and Epistar, Apple has reportedly collaborated with its contract manufacturer TSMC to develop methods of mass producing MicroLED panels. Apple also reportedly held talks with another Taiwanese company PlayNitrite, which has developed its own MicroLED solution PixeLED.

MicroLED displays have many of the same advantages as OLED displays have over LCDs, including improved color accuracy, improved contrast ratio, faster response times, and true blacks given both have self-lit pixels, but they are even thinner, much brighter, and more energy efficient than OLED panels.

Image Credit: TrendForce
MiniLED displays also have benefits such as improved brightness and contrast ratio, but they have a backlight like LCDs.

As with OLED, Apple’s use of MicroLED would likely start small, with the Apple Watch, followed by the iPhone. A recent report said Apple may use MicroLED for its widely rumored augmented reality glasses as well.

All in all, the transition to MicroLED should lead to even better displays and longer battery life on future Apple devices.

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If you’re still using Yahoo email, it’s still spying on you

Yahoo’s email platform might have been picked up during the big Verizon buyout of 2017, but that doesn’t mean much has changed at the longstanding internet company. Just as it has in the past, Yahoo mail continues to scan the content of its users’ emails in order to sell that information on to advertisers. Although far from the size it reached at its peak, with some 200 million users said to be affected by this potential privacy invasion, the impact is far-reaching.

Revealed by sources that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo’s parent company, Oath (that is itself a subsidiary of Verizon) claimed that it only scans promotional emails, and suggests that free email would always come with some associated costs. As the paradigm goes, if you don’t pay for a product, you are the product. But as The Verge highlights, Yahoo also conducts this form of email scanning on its premium mail platform, which costs users $3.50 per month.

The entire system can be opted out of, but to do that you have to jump through some very specific hoops and they don’t lead you to a settings menu, which could be confusing for those who typically consider themselves more savvy about such oversight of their personal content.

Oath claims that it scrubs any personally identifiable information from the information it sells to advertisers and doesn’t target anyone directly. Its system involves categorization of its user base, thereby sending users ads based on their perceived personality, financial status, or current employment based on the algorithms Yahoo uses to discover such information about them.

According to the Wall Street Journal sources, Oath is well aware that many people use Yahoo accounts for spam, which could mean that the company is simply using this scanning system to try and scrape as much value as possible from its acquisition as the relevancy of Yahoo Mail continues to fall. However, for those who do continue to use the online service, it could be cause for concern.

The titan of the industry, Gmail, has taken steps in recent months to improve the privacy of its service, introducing new features like timed emails and a confidentiality mode. Some warn, however, that its linking system could ingrain poor habits among users which could put them at risk of malware infection.

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Onikuma’s K6 is a sub-$30 gaming headset you should definitely consider


It certainly looks like a gaming headset, but is it worth the budget price?


Onikuma has a good range of gaming accessories, focusing mainly on gaming headsets, keyboard, and mice. The K6 gaming headset costs about $28 and looks quite impressive coming out of the box.

It’s styled for gamers who like RGB lighting, but when it comes down to game time, how does it sound? And how well does the microphone work? I used this headset for about a week to find out what it’s all about.

Affordable and comfortable

Onikuma K6 gaming headset

A solid headset that’s comfy and cheap.


This budget gaming headset is a cost-effective, comfortable option if you have multiple consoles and devices to hook up to.

$28 at Amazon


  • Around-the-ear cups with plenty of padding.
  • RGB lighting.
  • Long cable.
  • Clear sound.
  • Multi-platform.


  • Need an adapter for older Xbox One controllers.
  • Some mic looping if the sound is too high.
  • No clip on the inline remote.

What you’ll love about the Onikuma K6 gaming headset


The Onikuma K6 seems like a sturdy set of headphones right out of the box, with a wide band that adjusts for length by about an inch on either side. The ear cups don’t articulate to better hit the sides of your head straight on, but there’s about an inch of pleather-coated padding on both ear cups that removes the need for extra moving parts.

I was concerned that these headphones would be too heavy to wear comfortably for long periods of time — I’m coming from a lightweight, bargain-bin headset — but I had no trouble gaming for hours on end. The padded cups are large enough to fit around my (big) ears so there’s no pain there, and there’s likewise plenty of padding on the bottom of the headband. The headset is just tight enough to not move around, removing the need for constant adjustments while you’re playing.

Drivers 50 mm
Audio Stereo
Sensitivity 108 dB +/- 3 dB
Speaker impedance 32Ω
Speaker frequency range 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Mic diameter 60 mm
Mic sensitivity -38 dB +/- 3 dB
Mic frequency range 100Hz to 16 KHz
Connection Split 3.5 mm cableUSB-A

Some of the bulk that had me worried about weight comes from the LED lighting on the outside of the ear cups. There’s a funky kind of turbine design in black and white that’s always visible, but with the USB-A port plugged in and the mic enabled on the inline remote, you get an accent that switches between red, green, blue, purple, yellow and teal. It’s a great addition for anyone who wants their gaming gear to light up, and you can always unplug the USB-A cable to go dark.

The headset has about an eight- or nine-foot braided cable that splits at the bottom for USB and 3.5 mm, and there’s another splitter included in the box if you’re using the headset with your PC (which requires mic-in and audio-in). As for consoles, you’ll only get the extra lighting if you plug in with USB, which in a lot of cases isn’t possible because you’re hooked up to your controller. For those of you using the first-generation Xbox One controllers, a separate Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter is needed for full functionality.

The dual stereo speakers aren’t going to match the sound from a headset that costs $100 and up, but for my purposes — non-competitive PC gaming, listening to podcasts, meetings — they worked without flaw. They get loud, they stay clear, and the rotating microphone can be put up when not in use. The thick padding around the cups also does a decent job of cutting out ambient sound around you, giving a nice immersive feeling while you’re in a game.

What you’ll hate about the Onikuma K6 gaming headset

For the price, there’s not a lot to hate about the Onikuma K6, and there’s really nothing I can’t deal with. However, I do miss a clip on the inline remote, as it would take some of the weight off of the headset. The cable seems durable, but it is heavy, especially when you’re standing.

The other issue I came across a couple of times was mic looping, where others in my party could hear my audio coming across the mic. This only happened when I had game sound cranked up, and moving the mic away from my face — it has a long flexible arm in addition to rotating up when not in use — also seemed to help the problem. The mic is sensitive enough that it will still pick up your voice even if it’s not directly in front of your mouth.

Onikuma K6 gaming headset bottom line

Onikuma is offering a free replacement policy and a one-year money-back guarantee on its K6 headset, so there is definitely some confidence behind the product. For my own purposes, like general PC gaming, the headset is right on, though I could do with the LED lighting.

The cable is long enough — though a clip on the inline remote would be nice — and I get clear, loud sound from the speakers. The mic might pick up a bit of the audio coming out of the headset for an annoying loop when I have my sound up too high, but for the most part, it delivers my voice clearly to those I’m playing with. The best part, though, is that the padding and size of the ear cups mean I can keep the headset on longer than I really should.

Should you buy this gaming headset?

If you have $30 to spend on a device that truly looks like a gaming headset, and you have a couple of consoles and a PC lying around with which to use it, the option from Onikuma should certainly be considered.

out of 5

It will probably work best with a PC thanks to close proximity to a USB port for lights, but it will certainly work with second and third-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.

See at Amazon


How Does Tello Mobile Stand Out From Other MVNOs?

If you’re on the verge of losing faith when it comes to reliable wireless carriers, take a look at Tello Mobile, the Sprint powered MVNO that made quite a splash in the market in the last year when it comes to outstanding prices and reliable service.

While it’s no secret that MVNOs are a cost-effective alternative to the big 4 carriers, not all offer the same value for money.

Android users can now enjoy Tello Mobile’s plans & perks, as well as the same quality and coverage as the big players, minus the huge monthly costs. As long as your Android phone is compatible with Sprint, you’re in for a wireless treat.

No More Predefined Phone Plans

Tello Mobile’s biggest hook is the freedom to build your own plan instead of getting the predefined packs forced as default by other carriers.

Tello customers can choose the amount of minutes, text and data they need, and go up or down as they please, free of charge.

Nowadays, smartphones have become a small extension of our persona, so it’s only natural people want flexibility and tailor made solutions that can adjust to their way of life. Tello mastered the well known need of a customizable experience that all Android lovers have.

Tello’s plans range from $5/month to $39/month, all with a side-dish of savings. Competitive pricing, no strings attached and a flexible service is the perfect combo that sets Tello apart. You can have the popular plan with 1GB of data, unlimited minutes & text for just $14/mo, go for 2GB + unlimited minutes & text for $19/mo or even start slower, with a talk & text only plan, perfect for kids, or seniors.

Freebies: unlimited 2G data, hotspot, visual voicemail, free calls to Canada, Mexico & China included in every plan. You can always mix your phone plan with Pay As You Go Credit for your international calls, and enjoy low rates all around.


Human Customer Service — No Robots

A 9.1 rating based on over 2.9k unbiased reviews on TrustPilot, makes it clear that this carrier is all about customer satisfaction.

With practically no waiting time and 4 different languages spoken by Tello support team, it’s no wonder they’re among the only wireless services to get a 5 star rating.

Real Cell Phone Service

A lot of alternative phone service providers offer primarily voip service.

That is not the case with Tello, which provides actual cell phone service on the Sprint network so you don’t have to worry about constant Wifi access to ensure the quality of our calls.

Wifi calling is however available through My Tello App – great when abroad to make calls over Wifi to any country in the world using their Pay As You Go balance or to the US using their Plan balance.

Transparent all the way

The budget-friendly MVNO keeps things easy and upfront.

The signup process is hassle free and everything can be managed online, via the website or the dedicated Android app.

Once you sign up for Tello, their app makes it easy to review your plan and paygo balance, check your all records, set payment methods or even upgrade or downgrade your plan for no added cost.

There are no contracts and no credit checks.

No extra fees whatsoever, not even for porting out.

Is your Android phone a match with Tello?

Not matter the brand, if your Android device was manufactured for the USA and is compatible with the Sprint network, you’re good to go.

Got an Android you want to enroll? Dial *#06# and you’ll view your ESN code. Use the code to check if your phone is Tello compatible here.

Before you enroll, be sure to check Sprint coverage in your area. Sprint has been doing a lot of work on improving its signal and Tello customers clearly enjoy everything this MVNO has to offer:

“Tello for Life”
“…What you guys are doing in the mobile phone market is unmatched. I get unlimited talk and text I used Ting before swapping to you. While I could keep my bill about $15 a month, it was with less than 300 minutes or texts. Now it’s $15 and that’s with a gig of data thrown in. I also get to use any phone that I want. ..”

“Honest, quick results. I was with sprint for over a decade, and I’m more impressed with tello than I have been with sprint. Thank you for all that have helped me!”

“Tello is the best thing since sliced…”
“Tello is the best thing since sliced bread. Great rates, great customer service. I hope the founders of this company will soon be millionaires, because they deserve it. I have told everyone that I know about it and they can’t believe how tremendous everything about Tello is. I am a big fan.”

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