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‘Cards Against Humanity’ hole is a crowdfunding metaphor

The Cards Against Humanity crew is no stranger to backing projects that are alternately very helpful and utterly pointless, and its latest is squarely in the latter camp. It’s crowdfunding the Holiday Hole, which is… a hole in the ground. That’s it. So long as the money keeps flowing, machines will keep digging into a nondescript patch of terrain. A basic $5 donation will buy 3 seconds of dig time, but you can contribute whatever you like. CAH is even livestreaming the whole affair (with multiple camera angles!), in case you want to see where your donations are going.

It was started as a gag to mark Black Friday, but it also serves as a metaphor for every badly-implemented crowdfunding project you’ve ever encountered. After all, your money is almost literally going into a pit — at least you know that you won’t get much from this investment. You don’t have to sit through months of delays and uncertainty like you would with a ‘serious’ project. We’re just wondering if we should laugh or cry at the size of the hole when it’s finished (donations have reached $80,000 as of this writing). As hilarious as it is, what would a truly gigantic hole say about how we spend our cash?

Source: Holiday Hole

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