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Is the OnePlus 3T launch being streamed online and where can I watch it?

OnePlus is hotly tipped to unveil its latest flagship smartphone today, which has been called the OnePlus 3T by many.

Rumours suggest that the phone will be a faster, more capable version of the already excellent OnePlus 3 and according to the company itself, everything will be revealed soon. Indeed, it is livestreaming the launch as we write.

Here’s how to watch it.

How to watch the OnePlus 3T launch livestream online

OnePlus is hosting the launch of the OnePlus 3T on its own Facebook page here and we have the live video below too. It is using Facebook Live to bring you all the news as it happens.

It started at 6pm UK time, which is 1pm on the east coast of America, 10am on the west coast. We’ll also bring you all the announcements and details as they are revealed here on Pocket-lint, so make sure you check back often.

In the meantime, while you’re also watching above, check out everything we know about the OnePlus 3T so far in our in-depth rumour round-up here.

The OnePlus 3T is said to follow the same body design as the standard version, while reports say that it will have a better display in the form of a 5.5-inch Quad HD panel. One thing we know for absolute sure is that it will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Qualcomm itself said as much in a recent tweet.

Something new from @OnePlus is on the way…and it’s powered by our #Snapdragon 821 processor. Stay tuned.

— Qualcomm (@Qualcomm) November 7, 2016


All 4 takes on Netflix and Amazon with new design and exclusive shows

Channel 4 has announced changes to its All 4 on demand service, which is moving away from simple catch-up to provide more over-the-top online programming.

The key change is visual, with an all-new design being pushed out to all applications. Smart TVs, set-top-boxes and games consoles get a new interface, while apps for iOS and Android receive new look home screens. The website gets a similar refresh.

All changes will be enforced in the “coming weeks”.

In addition, Channel 4 is committed to increasing All 4’s original content budget by millions. This will pay for more homegrown and acquired shows to be exclusively hosted on All 4 throughout 2017.

The All 4 commissioning team will follow eight new thematic strands for exclusive content. Leading edge music and culture, gaming and the internet will all be featured in new programmes.

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Channel 4 has revealed that 15 million Brits have now registered to use All 4, which includes over half of all 16-34 year-olds in the UK. Catch-up represents 50 per cent of All 4 views, and its box sets archive represents 30 per cent. Only 10 per cent of views on the platform are for live footage.

Sadly, although there are plenty of changes and a new focus for the service, there still don’t seem to be any plans to introduce HD content. BBC iPlayer is still the only on demand service from the UK’s major terrestrial broadcasters to offer high definition programming.


OnePlus 3T is official, complete with beefier battery and processor

OnePlus has just unveiled a revamped version of the OnePlus 3, dubbed the OnePlus 3T. While many of the design and feature elements are identical, there are some important changes. 

Pretty much all the big changes happen inside the curved aluminium case. Most important among those changes, undoubtedly, are the battery and processor improvements.

Rather than have the 3,000mAh battery and 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor like the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T has a beefier 3,400mAh battery and a new and improved 2.35GHz Snapdragon 821 processor. In real-life use, that should mean the phone lasts longer on a full charge and can tackle larger apps and games without much effort. 


For reference, this is the same processor that’s in both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, and has been designed to run Google’s Daydream VR system more smoothly than the Snapdragon 820 would. Confusingly however, the phone runs a version of OnePlus’ ColorOS based on Android 6.0 rather than Android Nougat. 

On the back, an updated 16-megapixel sensor built by Sony provides the base of the camera, complete with an f/2.0 aperture lens, 4K video recording and a new-and-improved EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) system. Combined with the optical image stabilisation, this should mean that videos aren’t as shaky. 

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Like the OnePlus 3, the camera also has a number of software features like RAW image support, Dynamic De-noise and a HQ mode to ensure your photos and videos come out sharp and devoid of any excessive blur and noise. 

Vitally, the improved camera is protected by an improved glass. To ensure virtually nothing can scratch or damage the camera, OnePlus coated it in a sapphire glass.


One of the best features the 3T brings across from the OnePlus 3 is Dash Charge, the company’s fast-charging technology which can top of the phone really quickly without overheating, whether it’s sat doing nothing or if it’s being used to binge-watch Narcos on Netflix. With just 30 mins plugged in, it’s claimed the phone can last a full day. 

While it’s not running Android 7.0 Nougat (yet) it does bring the new mobile OS’ enhanced doze mode for improving standby battery life. That means it’ll consume very little power when in standby whether it’s lying flat on a desk or sliding around in a handbag, or in your pocket. 

Like its predecessor, the 3T features a 5.5-inch full HD Optic AMOLED screen coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with slim bezels and a dual-polarising layer to make it easier to see in bright daylight. 

OnePlus 3T will be available to buy with either 64GB or 128GB storage, both of which come with a generous 6GB RAM in soft gold or gunmetal grey, the latter of which OnePlus says is different to the graphite colour currently available on the OnePlus 3. 

In the UK, you’ll be able to snag a OnePlus 3T for £399, which puts is around £70 more than the original OnePlus 3. In the US and mainland Europe it’ll cost $439 and €439 respectively. 


Engadget giveaway: Win an Overdrive smart racing set courtesy of Anki!

Toys are all grown up now and video game-like features have crossed over into the physical realm. So, it’s not surprising that when Anki isn’t working on more traditional robot pals, it’s developing its AI-powered Overdrive racers. Last month the company added the Freewheel and X52 Supertrucks as expansions to its racer lineup. To get a jump start on all the holiday fun, we’re giving away two Overdrive Speed Bundles this week, along with the new X52 for a pair of lucky readers. It’s easy to build out track set ups beginning with a Starter Kit and moving on to expansion packs to enhance the action. The vehicles can learn the track configurations using infrared sensors, helping you race against friends (using your mobile device) or artificially intelligent opponents. All you need to do is head to the Rafflecopter widget below for up to three chances at winning one of these AI-powered racing bundles from Anki.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Contest is open to all residents of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so direct your anger at our lawyers and contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly. Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) Anki Speed Bundle racing kit, along with one (1) Thermo expansion car and one (1) X52 Supertruck.
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  • This unit is purely for promotional giveaway. Engadget and AOL are not held liable to honor warranties, exchanges or customer service.
  • The full list of rules, in all its legalese glory, can be found here.
  • Entries can be submitted until Nov. 16th at 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

Blu smartphones secretly harvested your texts and contacts

Blu Products, the leading seller of unlocked smartphones in the US, has revealed a serious security problem with a bunch of its products. It says a third-party app called “Wireless Update” has been “collecting unauthorized personal data in the form of text messages, call logs and contacts from customers” on some devices. While the app has been “self-updated” and is no longer siphoning data, Blu advises users to check their phones and call customer service if an older version of the app is still installed.

If you’re drawing a blank on Blu, it’s actually the largest manufacturer of unlocked cell phones in the US, having sold over 5 million of them in 2015, according to eMarketer. It sells even more in Latin America and elsewhere, with total sales of around 35 million in 40 countries, according to the company. Blu is based in Florida and the phones are manufactured in China.

Blu’s Advance 5.5 HD is $90 on Amazon

Even though only six models are affected out of dozens sold, the sheer numbers and nature of the breech obviously make it a serious issue. Needless to say, collecting private user info without permission is illegal and could let thieves access passwords or financial data. What’s worse, Blu is apparently still using “Wireless Update” as a core OTA app on certain models. We’ve reached out for more info, but you should check if your phone is affected and contact the company’s customer support line if so.

Source: Blu Products


See Nokia’s ill-fated ‘Moonraker’ smartwatch in action

After Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business, it shelved the Moonraker smartwatch that the phone maker had been working on in favor of its own Band device. The Microsoft Band wasn’t able to make a lasting impression and it too was discontinued last month. When word of the Moonraker broke last summer, we had little more than an image and a few details on the watch’s basic functionality. Thanks to Nokibar on YouTube, we now have a look at the gadget in action.

In the hands-on video, Nokibar swipes through the Moonraker’s interface to show features like the pedometer alongside missed calls and text messages with access to Facebook, email and MixRadio. There’s also a button on the device that switches between a regular watch face and the smartwatch UI. Like many similar devices, the charging port is on the back.

Now that Microsoft canceled the Band 3, it appears the company is choosing to focus on PCs and its AR/VR projects rather than wearables. At last month’s event, the focus as the massive Surface Studio all-in-one and an upgraded Surface Book. Microsoft also showed off the first VR-ready Windows 10 phone, the Alcatel Idol 4S, with news that it was also working with Dell, Acer, HP, ASUS and Lenovo on $300 handsets.

Via: The Verge

Source: Nokibar (YouTube)


TalkTalk hacker pleads guilty to role in 2015 data breach

One of the hackers involved in last year’s major TalkTalk breach, which saw over 150,000 customer details stolen including over 15,000 bank details, admitted his role in the attack in Norwich Youth Court today. The seemingly remorseful 17-year-old plead guilty to seven charges under the Computer Misuse Act, though not all were related to the TalkTalk hack.

While investigating his involvement in the TalkTalk breach, police discovered he had also targeted other websites with SQL mapping software, including those of Manchester and Cambridge universities. TalkTalk was his highest-profile hit, though, and after he posted details of the vulnerability online, the ISP’s website was sieged more than 14,000 times, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

It’s worth noting that although he bears significant responsibility for the initial hack, he wasn’t accused of trying to profit from the customer data in any way. Other parties took that upon themselves after gaining access to the data. He will appear in court again on December 13th, when he’ll be sentenced for the charges.

Towards the end of September, another teenager was charged for offences related to the TalkTalk breach. The 19-year-old, who was arrested last November, has been accused of multiple counts of blackmail, hacking and fraud, having allegedly tried to extort a Bitcoin ransom (worth upwards of £200,000) from TalkTalk following the attack. In total, seven people have been arrested as part of the investigation, according to the BBC.

TalkTalk is slowly starting to recover after customer details were exposed in the “significant and sustained cyberattack” it suffered in October 2015. Despite offering free upgrades to all customers in the immediate aftermath, as of the following February almost 100,000 of them had jumped ship because of the breach. Last month, the Information Commissioner’s Office fined TalkTalk £400,000 for failing to patch a known vulnerability that allowed the SQL injection technique to succeed. And that’s on top of the £42 million in costs the company had already incurred as a result of the hack.

Today’s guilty plea happens to have coincided with TalkTalk releasing its latest financial report for the six months ending September 30th this year, with everything seeming to be settling down. “One year on from the cyber attack, we have maintained a relentless focus on looking after our existing customers and keeping up the pace across a wide range of operational improvements to make TalkTalk simpler and better for customers. As a result we have seen significant year-on-year improvements in churn and customer satisfaction,” TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding said in the release.

Source: BBC


AIAIAI’s modular headphones go wireless with a swappable headband

AIAIAI debuted its modular TMA-2 headphones in 2015, a model that allows users to choose which parts they wanted and swap them out at any time. There was one thing missing: wireless. With all of the options the TMA-2 offered, it was lacking Bluetooth connectivity for listeners who wanted cut the cord. A year and a half after the modular kit arrived, there’s now a wireless solution in the form of the H05 headband.

Just like the headbands in the original TMA-2 kit, the H05 snaps into place and connects to the earcups with audio cables. It carries the same look as the other modular units, only it’s noticeably thicker to make room for the Bluetooth components. AIAIAI says it explored other options for making the TMA-2 wireless, including a new speaker, but packing the necessary parts in the headband was the best way to keep the modular construction of the headphones. It also allows existing customers the ability to use the parts they already have.

The H05 headband gives the TMA-2 Bluetooth aptX connectivity with enough battery life to keep the music going for 16 hours. When it’s completely dead, the unit takes two hours to fully recharge. Should the need arise, you can plug in a cable and bypass the wireless functionality without having to reach for another headband. You know, just in case you can’t plug in the wireless component immediately. As you might expect, there are also on-board controls for play/pause, skipping tracks, adjusting volume and answering calls.

If you already splurged for a TMA-2 kit, all you’ll have to do is pick up a H05 headband to give your gear Bluetooth functionality. AIAIAI is expecting to ship the part in May and eager users can contribute funds to a Kickstarter campaign to be among the first to get their hands on one. If you choose to do so, you can get a discount of up to 50 percent off the full retail price of $125/€120. Haven’t picked up a set yet? Full kits are discounted as well, just be aware you’ll spend more if you want the pricier DJ preset or your choice of any modular configuration.

Source: Kickstarter


All 4 is getting a new look with improved recommendations

Channel 4 killed off 4oD and replaced it with the new, All 4 on-demand service early last year. Since then, All 4 has made its way onto several important TV-connected devices and brought live streaming to mobiles and tablets. Next up: A visual upgrade. Not too much will change when the new UI comes to big screens like smart TVs, set-top boxes and consoles within the next few weeks, before hitting iOS, Android and the web in due course. A new dark background and slightly rearranged card-like UI are among the changes, but Channel 4 is making a point of talking up the new home screen, which’ll blend data-driven recommendations with hand-picked content from human curators.

Alongside news of the incoming UI update, Channel 4 also promised to pump millions into new original and acquired content for the platform. First comes the improved user experience, though, with new shows and shorts arriving on the platform throughout next year.


Vinci’s smart headphones play music, no phone required

It was inevitable that voice-controlled headphones would one day land on our heads. With Siri and Alexa answering our questions and cueing up music for our ears, it was only a matter of time until something like the Vinci smart headphones appeared. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter, it can play music, act as an activity tracker, get directions, read back text messages and more wirelessly via WiFi or a 3G connection. And that’s without being connected to a smartphone.

Over time, too, the company says that Vinci will learn about your behaviors and begin telling you when things like your usual bus will be late or suggestion songs via AI.

It’s through the touchscreen on the side of the headphones that you’ll set up the device. To ask the system a question, just tap and hold on the display and start talking. I was able to demo a pre-production unit and while I had a few issues getting it to understand my voice, my coworkers were more than happy to ask the Vinci to play songs from bands like Nickleback, which it did without hesitation. My coworkers clearly hate me.

But while the voice control worked well, and setting up Spotify and WiFi was as simple as setting those items up on a smartphone, there is one feature that puzzled me: The touchscreen has an audio visualizer that reacts to the music you’re playing. The default is a circle of dots that ebb and flow with your jams. In all there are five different visualizers including a text-based one. It seems odd to have a visualizer that the wearer doesn’t actually see. Your enjoyment of creating a light show for those standing by may vary.

But if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that’ll untether you from your phone, the Vinci smart headphones are the real deal. The $200 Vinci v1.5 ($300 Vinci v1.5 Pro comes with more storage, noise cancelling, wireless charging and better sounds quality) are discounted during the campaign to $100 and $150, respectively.

Source: Vinci

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