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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ not coming to the UK?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was a big phone, and it may have also been a big mistake. Or at least releasing it in the UK without offering the Note 5 anywhere in Europe was. That is, according to the latest rumor.

A “Techradar source high up” mentions the Korean giant has learnt from its mistakes and they are making things up with the coming flagships. The insider states the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ will not be coming to the UK after an onslaught of complaints from Galaxy Note 5 fans.

“Samsung isn’t going to launch the S7 Edge+ in the UK. I got the impression that it had been a bit of a disappointment sales-wise and that the decision to keep the Note 5 out of Europe is now considered a mistake. So our information is that the Note 6 will launch in the UK in August and that there will be no S7 Edge+.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-19

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I still don’t understand why Samsung wouldn’t just release both handsets in these specific markets, but the S7 series continues to be a mystery by now. We can all guess, but the truth is no one knows what Samsung is about to do. It’s possible they just won’t release the S7 Edge+ in the UK, just as it’s possible they won’t release it at all. And that makes a bit of sense; large screen fans do already have the Galaxy Note series around.

Maybe Samsung could just position this phone differently, but all we can do is wait until the truth emerges. Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, and we expect to learn more details there. Meanwhile, we will keep our eyes and ears open… and our fingers typing. Be sure we will get you all the latest rumors and news, so stay tuned.

But tell us, guys. Do you think there is a need for another large handset in the Galaxy S series? Do you think the Note smartphones are enough? Hit the comments to let us know!


The 100% full wood Nexus 6P skin by Toast

I am not a huge fan of using cases for my smartphones because they add too much bulk. There is definitely a purpose to them if you’re the type who is rough on your smartphone. But if you are gentle on your devices you should strongly consider getting a skin. I have a really unique skin made by Toast on my Nexus 6P and it is pretty freaking amazing.


About Toast

Toast is a relatively new company getting its start in 2012 by a man named Matias Brecher which I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at CES 2016. My first impression was a good one. Similar to other people I know who own their own businesses, I could tell he took great pride and passion in his work. He was standing at the CES booth and actually applying real wood Toast skins to people’s personal phones.

Matias Brecher - "Papa Toast" at CES

Matias Brecher – “Papa Toast” at CES

In the 15 minutes I was at the booth, I did get a chance to speak with Matias and even though he was tired from being on the CES floor for three days straight, he took the time to tell me about his company. He even told me he was the one who designed and cut my custom AG skin.

Toast got its name by the process in which the designers engrave and cut with a laser that burns in a very precise manner. So Matias named his company after toast which also burns.

Toast is a true U.S. based company which does all of its business in Portland, OR. In just three quick years, they have already grown to a company of 10 where they handle every step of the skin creation process. They are very good people. Toast takes part in the 1% for the Planet program in which a minimum of 1% of Toast’s net proceeds are donated to help save the earth. It’s a rarity for such a new company to have a social conscience, but it does and I am happy to support a company like Toast.

“We are a small company dedicated to quality products and quality of life: for you, for us, and for our planet.”


Real wood skin made in the U.S.A.

Toast makes a wide variety of skins – mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles and even custom skins out of real genuine wood. I happen to have the grey Nexus 6P which has an all metal body. And if you’ve owned an all metal device before you understand that metal can be easy to scratch. If you’re like me and are tired of having the same old look in a smartphone with most of them being black, white or gold, skins can offer a superior level of customization without adding bulk.

2I have been a fan of the “wood” look but only a few devices employed the look. Leave it to Toast to fill that gap with real wood skins that can be applied to almost any smartphone. My Nexus 6P skin is made from Walnut with an Ebony inlay for the camera and custom laser etched AG in the center of the skin. I also have the optional Walnut front cover which rounds out skin.

Every single detail is covered when it comes to the Toast skin. The cutouts are perfect for the buttons, cameras, and sensors. The wood itself is about a millimeter thick which a sticky backing which means it is very delicate until it is actually applied to the phone. Since it does add thickness, the SIM slot, power and volume buttons are slightly recessed when the main skin is applied. But Toast provides perfectly cut out wood inserts for that too.

Every detail is well thought out and Toast even provides an alcohol swab to clean your device to make sure the skin gets proper adhesion.

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I am not a huge fan of applying skins because they can sometimes be painful, but not the Toast skin. The laser that does the cutting is perfect and I say that without exaggeration. Once you line up the rear microphone hole, found below the Nexus 6P camera, and align the buttons all you have to do is push down and it fits perfectly.


Once the main section is in place, I dropped in the Ebony AG insert as well as the camera insert. It was as simple as removing the protective covering over the glue and fitting it into the skin like a jigsaw puzzle. Following those, I then put the inserts in for the SIM card, power button and volume rocker. I was a little skeptical of the tight fit and was worried they would get stuck, but was pleasantly surprised when my buttons worked without issue. And then all I had to do was apply the front Walnut screen cover and I was done. The whole process took less than five minutes.



The skin fit perfect. It gives my 6P a unique look that I have not seen before on another phone. It definitely adds grip to what otherwise is a slippery Nexus 6P, and it is 100% made in the U.S.A. and supports charity at the same time. It even smells a little like burned wood. Rather than talk up the results I am just going to provide some sweet pictures. Words can’t do it justice.

DSC00366 DSC00367 DSC00368 DSC00370 DSC00371 DSC00374



Of all of the skins I have tried, the Toast all wood skin is by far my favorite. It was super easy to apply, has a unique look and is made by a company with values that I adore. The skins start at just $34 and can work their way up to $50+ if you want custom designs and graphics. I highly recommend checking out Toast skins if you’re up for a new look. You will not be disappointed.

Learn more at

IMG_20160108_113940 IMG_20160108_114043 IMG_20160108_114053




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Here’s the view from Blue Origin’s rocket as it lands

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin proved that its New Shepard rocket is indeed reusable by launching and landing it successfully a second time in January. While you’ve likely seen a footage or two of the suborbital trip, this one offers something more unique: it was taken by the camera mounted on the rocket itself. The Vine video below the fold shows the last six seconds of the vertical landing (sped up a bit) from the New Shepard’s point of view. You can clearly see one of its legs unfold and its engines fire up as it was about to touch down.

Blue Origin rival SpaceX managed to land its upgraded Falcon 9 on solid ground in December, as well. That rocket flew higher than New Shepard did, but Bezos’ company announced last year that it plans to manufacture a fleet of reusable, orbital vehicles.

Via: The Verge

Source: Blue Origin (Twitter)


Hangouts gives you better call quality by skipping Google

If you don’t think Hangouts calls on your phone are passing muster, don’t worry — relief might be in sight. The latest version of Hangouts for Android is telling users that it’ll boost audio and video quality on future calls by making peer-to-peer connections “when possible.” In other words, it’ll bypass Google’s servers if both ends of the conversation can establish a direct link. The exact criteria for this isn’t listed, but it’s safe to say that this will at least work between two people using the latest Android software. You likely won’t notice much of a difference unless many of your friends upgrade, but don’t be surprised if your face-to-face and VoIP chats get that much clearer.

Via: Reddit, 9to5Google

Source: Google


Moto 360 (2nd gen) update puts Marshmallow on your wrist

moto 360 2nd gen review aa (23 of 27)

Got a 2nd gen Moto 360? You are in for a sweet Marshmallow treat, as Motorola has started pushing out the latest Android Wear update to the popular wearable.

The upgrade comes with new features like Doze mode, screen dimming, improved app permissions, new gestures, Moto Body Running, the ability to set the time manually and Bluetooth audio improvements. Of course, we can’t forget about the usual batch of performance improvements and bug fixes.

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moto 360 2nd gen aa (19 of 22)

It’s a significant update, which is why your Moto 360’s battery needs to be at at least 50% in order for the update process to go through. Honestly, I would just leave it charging will the whole thing finishes up.

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As it usually goes with these updates, Moto 360 (2nd gen) users will be getting those upgrade notifications in phases. If you are not getting yours yet, just wait patiently. Motorola mentions it should take “a few days” to roll out, but we all know how that goes.

Have any of you actually received the update yet? Which is your favorite new feature? Hit the comments to let us know!


VRS Design cases offer peek at Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge


With new devices just around the corner, case manufacturers once again help us get a peek at what smartphones may look like before their official announcements. We saw this happen recently with a manufacturer’s rendering of the LG G5 as well as some listings on Amazon for LG G5 cases. Now the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge get similar treatment thanks to VRS Design.

If you are not familiar with VRS Design, that is understandable. Until very recently, they were known as Verus, but now they have completed a rebranding of the company to VRS Design. In their old iteration of Verus, we recognized them as producing one of the best cases available for the Nexus 6P.

VRS Design has several models in the works for both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The renders they have prepared do not reveal anything we have not already seen for Samsung’s newest flagship devices, but they are some of the cleanest images we have seen yet.

You can check out what VRS Design has in the works. The company indicates the cases should be ready and available when the new phones launch in March. They also have cases for the LG G5 in development, but no images of that device in the company’s cases have surfaced yet.


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Verizon’s Go90 video streaming won’t count against your data


You remember Go90, right? Yeah, it’s that video streaming application Big Red released last October. You probably downloaded it because Verizon was offering 2 GB of free data per month (for 3 months) to whoever tried the application. Go90 is back on the news and this time with yet another incentive!

go90-girl-in-hatVerizon is now making Go90 streaming completely unlimited in terms of data usage. This means video streaming via this app will not count against your data pool, even when using it over their fast 4G LTE network.

This comes as part of Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360 program, which aims to bring companies to sponsor data for customers to use (or download) their apps, streaming services, web pages and more. It’s a pretty awesome way for developers to bring in more users.

The Go90 free data offer only applies to Verizon post-paid customers. You must also update the Go90 app to the latest version (1.4) on the Google Play Store. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is only streaming that will be free; all other app activity will count against your data pool, and that does include downloading the content to your device.

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About Go90

So, should you download Go90? I mean, free streaming data is free streaming data – so why not?! If you didn’t get it for the free 2 monthly gigabytes, you should at least give it a try this time around.


The app is certainly not up to par with competitors in terms of content selection… yet. But there is certainly something in there you will probably like. Go90 offers shows and other on-demand videos, but also includes plenty of live music and sports for your entertainment. Just hit the button below to download it and give it a go.

Download Go90 from the Google Play Store


Dynasty Icon Pack (Beta) – A Gorgeous Blast from the Past [Review]



Developer: Drumdestroyer

Price: $1.39 (promotional price, download it while it lasts!)


  • 1050+ Individual Icons (More than 1900 including alternates!)
  • Hundreds of Wallpapers
  • Themed Clock Widget

Icon packs are a dime a dozen (actually, they average about $0.99 apiece, but I digress) – there’s an icon pack for every theme imaginable, in every color imaginable. Many of them are well done, but in the end they’re all just icon packs. Dynasty is, just like the rest, an icon pack; it is not, however just a well-done icon pack. It also has hundreds of very impressive wallpapers to match, and its very own themed clock widget.


As with all apps of this nature, the first thing you need is a custom Launcher from the Play Store. This particular icon pack supports a rather impressive array of them, including: Nova, Action, Aviate, CyanogenMod, Apex, GO, Inspire, Lucid, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, Themer, and even Xposed Framework-powered Unicon and XGELS (shameless plug; that’s what I use). Once you’ve chosen a Launcher you like, the next step is to apply the icon pack. The methods of going about doing this vary by launcher, but the most universal method is actually contained within the Dynasty app. That process is as follows:

  1. Open Dynasty App.
  2. Tap the icon labeled “Apply.” (It’s a phone with a green checkmark.)
  3. Select your Launcher from the list provided.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by Dynasty. (Fun fact: if you haven’t selected a Launcher yet, Dynasty will actually guide you to the Play Store to find one.)
  5. Enjoy!

Step 2: Tap 'Apply.'

Step 2: Tap ‘Apply.’


Step 3: Select your Launcher.

Step 3: Select your Launcher.



I’ve downloaded my share of Icon Packs in my time with Android (MyTouch 3G, shoutout!) and I can honestly say that this is, far and above, the most impressive one I’ve come across. In addition to supplying more than a thousand icons for individual apps, Dynasty also brings hundreds of (very high quality) wallpapers and a themed Clock widget, to boot. Drumdestroyer accepts requests, meaning he’s always adding more icons. For reference, this pack was last updated…today – February 6, 2016. The developer is on top of it.

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Icons: beautiful.

Icons: beautiful.

All the icons in this pack are made from scratch; no filters, copy and paste jobs, none of that. In Drumdestroyer’s words, this is “Ultra-crisp ultimate HD quality iconography.” And frankly, upon looking at the icons, I’m sold on that description. The colors are gorgeous – if understated – and the icons are masterfully crafted. It all looks very original while still looking like Android. Very, very impressive work. The clock widget, for whatever reason, doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the icon pack (I think it’s the liberal use of greys and blacks in an otherwise green, yellow, blue and red color scheme, but I’m not sure), but it’s still very well done. All the wallpapers included are gorgeous as well, most of them resembling much of what Material design calls for, and some of them even resembling previous versions of Android. Very well done. Other notable features include a dynamic calendar icon, and a built-in icon request system.

Wallpapers: also beautiful.

Wallpapers: also beautiful.

Notable Missing Apps (from my phone):

  • IMDB
  • XDA
  • XGELS (I’m not sure if Xposed Modules are supported in custom icons.)
  • Swype
  • Groupon
  • PushBullet
  • Timely
  • GravityBox (same as XGELS)

Notable Errors (Icons applied to the wrong apps):

  • Sacramento Kings app (I’d be remiss in my duty as a fan not to report this egregious, heinous mistake)


If you’re in the market for an icon pack, and you like the look of the screenshots above, do yourself a favor and download this app. It’s currently only $1.39, and that support will ensure that this pack only gets better. Tons of icons, wallpapers, and a custom Clock widget ensure it’s well worth your hard-earned money.

Google Play Store – Dynasty Icon Pack (Beta)

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Yesteryear’s malware was gorgeous in its simplicity

The Internet Archive is apparently devoted to preserving all parts of the web’s history and that even extends to malware and viruses from the MS DOS era. The good news is that you can peruse a pretty sizable collection in the Malware Museum now without worrying that they’ll wreck your machine. Like the nigh-forgotten PC games it has collected over the years, the malware plays within browsers. To a point, they’re even somewhat interactive. I wasn’t able to get the “CHKDSK” command to work, but that may be an effort to accurately portray this nightmare from yesteryear. You know, where, no matter what you tried, you were stuck watching idly as personal data went up in a cloud of digital smoke.

Like The Next Web notes, some of them are even kind of gorgeous in their own spartan way now that they’ve been pacified. Who knows, taking a virtual walk through the halls might even trigger a couple pangs of nostalgia from the days before your parents kept calling to fix their spyware-ridden laptops.


Tennis Club Story continues Kairosoft’s run of brilliant simulation games

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I have a pretty big soft spot for Kairosoft games – if you haven’t heard of Kairosoft before, you might have heard of their breakout mobile game: Game Dev Story. From there, the studio has released a mountain of simulation games that cover a broad spectrum of activities including owning a sushi train restaurant, a soccer club and running a mega mall. Kairosoft’s latest title is called Tennis Club Story, and as you might imagine puts you in charge of training up the next champion of the (completely fictional, yet slightly satirical) tennis world.

Those who have closely followed Kairosoft’s releases will be happy to know that Kairosoft has shied away from the freemium format it has been experimenting with of late, meaning you’ll be paying $4.99 USD for the complete experience of Tennis Club Story. If $4.99 USD seems a bit steep for a mobile game, Kairosoft has ‘lite’ versions of several of its games so you can try those and see what this simulation craze is all about. In my experience, Kairosoft games have the ability to keep you up till 4am engrossed with trying to squeeze the best out of your home-grown team – take that recommendation as you will. do you think about Tennis Club Story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Pocketgamer

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