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Get the new Galaxy S7 wallpapers: download them here

samsung galaxy s7 leak

A bunch of Galaxy S7 wallpapers have been leaked, courtesy of a Sam Mobile forum member with the suspiciously familiar name of J.K. Shine. All told, there’s 13 Galaxy S7 wallpapers which you can grab individually below. The wallpapers include some that we’ve already seen in leaked renders although the details don’t quite match up.

Assuming the leaker isn’t Samsung Mobile’s ex-CEO, it seems reasonable the wallpapers are either from pre-release firmware or cleverly designed Photoshop guesses. On the “fake” side of the evidence fence sits the weird mix of JPGs and PNGs in the dump and the mix of resolutions (2,560 x 2,560 and 2,240 x 2,240). Official or not, they certainly look the part, so grab the ones you like below.

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If you’d prefer to grab the original dump (we converted all the pics above to JPGs because we’re nice), grab the zip file linked in the original thread.

samsung galaxy s7 s7 edgeSee also: Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup: release date, price, specs, features71


Amazon Japan has free on-call wine advisors

In some cities, Amazon will deliver you alcohol, including wine, within an hour. But which one to choose? Japanese enthusiasts will now get help thanks to the new Sommelier service. Between noon and 5 p.m. ET, you can leave your number and one of the site’s professional wine advisors will call back to let you know if a Chinon has good body and vanilla overtones, or whatever. You can also tell the sommelier what you’re serving, and they’ll recommend a wine based on your budget. In one example, they suggest a Beau Rivage Blanc French Bordeaux or a KWV Classic Collection Pinotage from South Africa for yakitori skewers.

If you chat with a sommelier and promptly forget everything, they’ll also follow up with an email summary of your conversation. There’s no word on whether Amazon will bring the service elsewhere, but Japan would be a good testing ground, as its site offers nearly 8,000 different wines. There are even more than that in the US store, with drastically varying prices, and god knows the clueless among us can use all the help we can get.

Via: Wall Street Journal

Source: Amazon (Japanese)


Withings Hy-result analyzes your blood pressure

Next time you open the Withings Health Mate app on iOS, you’ll find an option named “HyResult” when you click the + button in your timeline. It’s a new add-on that can analyze your blood pressure if you want to monitor it closely, developed by hypertension specialists from Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris. If you decide to get it — note that it’ll cost you $5 — the feature will prompt you to answer a list of questions about your health, lifestyle and physical stats.

Once you’ve set it up, you’ll need to take your blood pressure thrice in the morning and thrice in the evening for five straight days. You can either use a connected device like Withing’s own Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, or just type in the data manually. Hy-result will then assess your blood pressure data, taking into account the information you’ve given it. The feature’s final report will include your average blood pressure, color-coded to indicate if it falls within normal range or if you’re hypertensive. It’ll also include preventative measures you can take for any heart health risk and a PDF with the results that you can share with a doctor. You can see some screenshots of the in-app function right here.

Withings says it proved Hy-result’s efficacy in a clinical trial that compared its findings with those of hypertension specialists’. According to the study published in Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal, the results generated by the app were the same as the specialists’ findings 95.4 percent of the time. The feature’s now available for download through the iOS app, but (unfortunately for a lot of people) only if you’re in the US, Canada, UK or France.

Source: NCBI, Withings (1), (2)


LIMITED TIME ONLY: Thousands of Udemy’s online courses only $19 (Promo code inside!)

Use our promo code and save hundreds of dollars on all sorts of classes!

January’s already in the books and you’ve yet to make good on your resolution. What are you waiting for? Aren’t you supposed to be an expert Android developer by now?

Regardless of what you set out to do this year, we’re certain there are some classes you could benefit from. Udemy, a partner we’ve come to love and appreciate, has given us the clearance to offer some promotional prices on online courses. What sort of topics? Oh, how about all of them? That’s right, using promo code ANDROIDGUYS could save you up to 98% off the normal price of training!

For a limited time, Udemy is offering $19 online training courses in more than 15,000 topics.



If you’re an aspiring Android developer, you’ll have a number of courses you may be interested in checking out. While there are quite a few more, these are the top, highest rated classes.

The following classes are ONLY $19 right now!

Some of these bundles include hundreds of hours of help spread across dozens of courses. We’re not developers here but, looking through the classes, we see some deals we’d be happy to check out. The price is right for all of these and we love learning at our own pace. Who knows – maybe we will get into coding.

New Year, New You!

It’s not just Android classes that are being discounted either; there are more than 15,000 online courses you can snag for only $19 a pop! Just be sure to use our PROMO CODE: ANDROIDGUYS!

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Get the tools you need to create your own Arduino device for 92% off

Are you a builder? Maybe builder is a bit of an overstatement but if you like to tinker around and dream of owning a workshop where you can lose track of the hours while you piece together some new pet project then you are certainly not alone.

Many of us have fond memories of building things with Legos, K’nex, Erector sets or even putting together models. Why should the fun end just because we’ve grown up? If you have a hankering to craft something a bit more sophisticated, then this step-by-step Arduino guide is perfect for you!

Arduino Board

An example of an Arduino Bord

For those who aren’t fully aware of what we’re talking about here, here’s what an Arduino actually is:

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. By receiving inputs from sensors (and with a little programming on your part) Arduino is able to control lights, motors, and a number of other accessories.

  • Go from Arduino beginner to master w/ over 131 lectures & 21 hours of content
  • Program in the Arduino prototyping platform
  • Understand the principles of programming micro-controllers
  • Explore basic principles in electronics design
  • Study & utilize many types of sensors and components
  • Connect your Arduino to the Internet for reporting & controlling
  • Use tools to build electronic devices
  • Study shields, accessories & sensors
  • Get familiar w/ advanced integrations with motors, gears & movement

This Arduino guide has 22 hours of content spread across over 131 lectures, which will take you down the path to building your own Arduino from beginning to end. Normally, something like this would run you about $200, but you can save 92% and get this step-by-step Arduino Guide for only $14.99.

You can find this, and many other great tech bargains through our Deals page. Backed by StackCommerce, there are daily promos, giveaways, freebies, and much more!

AndroidGuys Deals: Arduino Step-by-Step: Your Complete Guide

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Flood Alerts comes to India with Google Public Alerts


Google announced today that it’s bringing Flood Alerts to its Google Public Alerts service. This new feature will provide real-time flooding data to users in India, which will be served up via Google web search, Google Now cards, the Google app, Google Maps, and on the Public Alerts home page.


As part of this new tool for India, the search giant says that they’re using data from the Central Water Commission (CWC) so that users can find accurate flood information with river levels in over 170 areas where the CWC has an observation status.

Users will be able to click or tap on these alerts to find more information, such as a map, an expected timeline, and some helpful tips to stay out of harm’s way.

Public Alerts has been around for awhile now, but Google was just able to specifically bring Flood Alerts to India, as the CWC only recently made flood alerts available. The India Meteorological Department also recently made cyclone alerts available, which will allow Google to serve up warnings and helpful tips for that as well.

source: Google

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You can download the leaked Galaxy S7 edge wallpapers right here

Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (4)

As is often the case with mobile phone launches, the leaks and rumours increase in frequency the closer we get to the launch date of said device. In this case, we are talking about the launch of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that will be unveiled on February 21st. Today’s leak has purportedly given us the stock wallpapers from the Galaxy S7 edge.

The leaked wallpapers come courtesy of SamMobile forums user, J.K Shine, and oddly enough, come in two slightly different resolutions – 2560 x 2560 and 2240 x 2240. As with all leaks, there is some slight doubt as to whether the wallpapers are 100% legit, but they do look the part.

There are 13 wallpapers in all, and you can right-click, choose Open In A New Tab and then right-click the resulting image and select Save Image. If you’d like to download the whole caboodle in one shot, just click here and download the ZIP file from Google Drive which comes in at around 18MB. One thing you may notice about the wallpapers is that despite the fact that they all have a blue element to them.

Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (1)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (3)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (2)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (2)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (3)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (4)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (4)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (6)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (5)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (6)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (7)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (5)
Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (1)


Source: J.K Shine (SamMobile Forums)

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Amkette Evo GamePad Pro 2 now available in India


Indian electronics manufacturer Amkette has announced a new Bluetooth controller for Android. Dubbed the Evo GamePad Pro 2, it’s supposed to be leagues better than the original Evo GamePad Pro.

The controller does resemble that of an Xbox One controller, though it has some additional controls and is compatible with 400 different Android games. However, the highlight of this new controller is its Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode will intelligently shut down the Evo GamePad Pro 2 after it detects eight minutes of no use. This is extremely helpful in saving power so the controller isn’t always having to be on the charger. Not only that, but it prevents it from draining your smartphone’s battery due to the constant Bluetooth 3.0 connection.


Amkette with the new GamePad also made some improvements to the dock, making it much more sturdy and quicker to insert your smartphone.

The tablet does come with a 400mAh rechargeable battery, so you thankfully won’t be having to replace any batteries as is the case with many of these types of controllers. However, you will have to hook it up to the wire for a few hours to get a full charge.

Amkette has priced the Evo GamePad Pro 2 at ₹2,599 (USD$38) and it’s immediately available at Amazon India. Anyone looking to buy?

[Amazon India]

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Virtual Reality Coming to iOS Within 2 Years, Claims Gene Munster

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes Apple plans to put iOS at the center of several forthcoming augmented reality and VR innovations set to launch within the next two years.

In a research note obtained by AppleInsider, Munster claims a timeline of recent purchases and hires by the company suggests that iOS support for “mixed reality” applications could be set for launch as soon as 2018.

The analyst points to a LinkedIn search which reveals at least 141 Apple employees with a background in AR, although it should be noted that the same search returns 425 and 267 people with similar experience working at Microsoft and Google, respectively.


Of particular interest to Apple is the concept of “mixed reality” wearables, or advanced optics that use embedded cameras and sensors to blend holographic imagery with real-life objects, claims Munster.

Intellectual property gained via research and development projects as well as strategic acquisitions, such as Apple’s purchase of 3D body sensing firm PrimeSense, are said to be behind the recent drive.

We believe 10 years from now Generation Z will find reality inefficient. We believe the concept of an ‘inefficient reality’ is evident through smartphone use today — the precursor to mixed reality — offering users the ability to find more information as needed.

The analyst goes on to suggest a natural progression in the personal technology market from smartphones to AR/VR and believes Apple is looking at VR as an iPhone peripheral, much like the Apple Watch. The prospect of Apple releasing hardware on this front in the near term is seen by Munster as unlikely, although by 2018 Apple may be ready to offer developers an official software framework for licensed third-party hardware solutions, similar to the company’s MFi Program for iOS devices.

Munster has made questionable assertions in recent years, with predictions such as Apple’s rumored television set having failed to materialize. Still, the note does follow a recent report by Financial Times claiming that Apple has built a “secret research unit” in which hundreds of employees are experimenting with AR and VR technologies. The team is said to be made up of, among others, experts plucked from Microsoft and live-action VR company Lytro.

Apple’s interest in virtual reality has gained pace over the last few years, with the filing of multiple patents for VR-related products, like video goggles, motion-sensing 3D virtual interfaces for iOS devices, and 3D “hyper reality” displays. More recently, Apple has made a spate of AR/VR-related acquisitions, including Metaio, Faceshift, Emotient, and image-recognition app creators Flyby Media. Last month, the company hired Doug Bowman, said to be one of the leading VR experts in the United States.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 now only $457 on Amazon


A new Samsung Galaxy flagship is to launch soon, and you can bet we will be at MWC getting you all the goods. But today we are not focusing on the “next big thing”. The good thing about being so close to a phone launch is that prices of the current iteration are bound to start dropping.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been hovering around the $500 price point, today we are finding it just a bit lower on Amazon. Samsung’s flagship device is now going for $457, a reasonable price for anyone looking to get a high-end phone and doesn’t need to wait around for the upcoming version.

samsung galaxy s6 editor's choice (1 of 1)See also: Samsung Galaxy S6 review: the change we’ve been waiting for290

The Galaxy S6 is still a great handset. Samsung went back to the drawing board and rehashed its design from the ground up. The Galaxy S6 was the first of better built handsets to come, featuring a metal frame and glass body.


In addition, you have great specs on board here. The Samsung Galaxy S6 features an Exynos 7420 processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It also sports a 5.1-inch 2560×1440 display, stunning cameras and a 2550 mAh battery.

Is it worth it? Well, if you have the extra cash and don’t mind spending a little over $450 on a good phone, I say it should be worth it. We do continue to have the phone listed on our ‘Best Android phones‘ list, so that should say something, right?

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 for $457


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