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Next-Generation iPhones Said to Feature Force Touch, Lack Dual-Lens Camera System [iOS Blog]

sensitive_largeThe so-called “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6s Plus” will reportedly adopt Force Touch, a feature that debuted on the Apple Watch in September, according to sources for AppleInsider. The next-generation iPhones are expected to retain the same physical design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, including 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. The report adds that the return of a 4-inch model appears unlikely for this refresh.

Force Touch uses tiny electrodes to distinguish between a light tap or deep press on the screen, prompting the software to perform a different action depending on how much pressure is exerted on the display. Apple would likely have to use a flexible OLED display on a future iPhone model in order for Force Touch to be possible on the smartphone. Apple calls Force Touch its most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch on its Apple Watch microsite.

“In addition to recognizing touch, Apple Watch senses force, adding a new dimension to the user interface. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls — such as an action menu in Messages, or a mode that allows you to select different watch faces — whenever you want. It’s the most significant new sensing capability since Multi‑Touch.”

Apple reportedly experimented with adding Force Touch to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year, although calibration issues resulted in removal of the feature prior to the smartphones being released. The issues appear to have been resolved at this point, however, and Force Touch is now on Apple’s upcoming roadmap. The so-called “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6s Plus” will presumably be announced next September.

The report also dismisses the rumor about next-generation iPhones gaining a DSLR-like dual-lens camera system, as implementing this feature would require redesigning the iPhone and moving away from the current chassis found on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Last month, it was reported that the iPhone 6s will retain an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera sensor, although that does not limit other improvements from being made.

It was also rumored in January that the iPhone 6s will gain Force Touch.


Speck releases lineup of cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

With the big news about Samsungs new flagship phones you will need a case to protect all that glass. Speck is one of leaders in case making and is often praised for there functional attractive cases while providing the best protection. Today they have released a large portfolio of cases for the soon to be relesed galaxy S6 and S6 edge. These cases will be avalible at launch with seven of their most popular designs.

The launch lineup includes the popular CandyShell, CandyShell + Faceplate, CandyShell Grip, CandyShell Inked, CandyShell Card, MightyShell, and MightyShell + Faceplate all in various colors and designs. Speck has been a leader in case design for years offering some of the most fuctional yet protective cases for the most popular phones on the market. These cases will be availible day one when both the S6 and S6 edge releases. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are expected to be the hottest phones for Samsung and android this year. More information about these cases and reveiws will be avalible as soon as AndroidGuys has them.



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Samsung details new manufacturing process for both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge


The dream Galaxy phone has finally arrived. Samsung showed glimpses of greatness last year with the Alpha, A Series, and Galaxy Note 4, but the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge take things to a whole new level with a brand new manufacturing process.

The Edge version is by far the more intricate device. A new process called 3D Thermoforming involves the insertion of glass between two molds, followed by heating it to 800 degrees Celsius to make it pliable, allowing it to be pressed into a symmetrical shape. This whole process is what gives Samsung the ability to curve the glass at both the right and left sides.


Finally, both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge’s glass is processed with the “highest precision machinery to avoid the slightest errors.” This stage has 15 intricate steps, which include polishing the surface, sides, and the facade of the glass.

The high-gloss color of the rear glass panel is from a nano-thin multi-coating process, which adds nano layers of multiple coatings giving both the front and back of the device a “rich, dynamic color that reflects light as it is viewed from different angles.”

Now what about that metal frame? Samsung says that existing smartphones use 6063 aluminum, but they used 6013 aluminum in both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. You guess it…..that’s a stronger aluminum. You will find this type of aluminum in aircraft fuselages, automobiles, yachts, and mountain bikes. How much stronger is it? It’s 1.5 times stronger and 1.2 times more scratch-resistant than 6063 aluminum.

There are 20 steps in order to produce the frame, which gives it the texture and durability. These steps include machining from extrusion, molding to integrate heterogeneous components, diamond cutting on the metal covers, and anodizing.


Samsung even went so far as welding the antenna to the metal frame with ultrasound on both phones. This not only makes the antenna more stable, but it also frees up space for other internal components.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 appear to be the best Samsung phones ever, at least in terms of design. A lot of this could just be marketing gibberish, but past Samsung phones weren’t even worthy of that.

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source: Samsung Tomorrow (cached)

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Sandisk’s new 200GB microSD card brings massive storage in a tiny size

SanDisk bills their latest microSD card has having the world’s highest capacity, and at 200GB we have little trouble believing them.

The just-revealed 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I “Premium Edition” is indeed the most capacious card we’ve seen, topping the 128GB we’ve previously seen from several manufacturers, including SanDisk.


VLC for Windows RT is finally available for Surface RT and Surface 2 users

Two days after a revamped version of the VLC Windows 8.1 app went live in the Windows Store, a new update to that app finally adds support for Windows RT. That means owners of the Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets, among other Windows RT-based products, can check out the popular media player for the first time.


Apple’s new World Gallery to feature 77 photographers across 70 cities and 24 countries

Apple’s World Gallery turns to iPhone photographers to show off iPhone photography.

Earlier today Apple launched a new “Shot on iPhone 6″ campaign and World Gallery, dedicated to amazing iPhone 6 photography, photographers, and the incredible apps and accessories they used to realize their visions. That, however, was just the beginning. Apple will be rolling out the iPhone 6 photography campaign, which comprises 77 photographers from around the world, across print media, 70 cities, and 24 countries.

From Sydney to Beijing to San Francisco to New York City to London and more, Apple will feature the iPhone photographers and their work on posters at transit stops and stations and in newspaper ads and on billboards. Not the iPhone 6. Not its camera. Not product shots. But shots taken by the product — by the iPhone 6 camera.

Some of the photographers include are Austin Mann of the U.S who has famously traveled around the world to capture superlative images with his iPhone.

John Lehmann of Canada, a photo-journalist for the Globe and Mail.

Pei Ketron a former elementary school teacher originally from Taiwan but now based in San Francisco

And Frederick Kauffmann, an amateur photographer in Spain.

The goal, however, seems not to focus on just those photographers — as obviously talented as they are — but to inspire everyone and anyone to pick up their own iPhone, to take photos, and to see what’s possible.

There’s no greater photographic tool than the human eye, but with the iPhone 6, apps, and accessories, what our eyes see can be more easily and better captured and shared than ever. We need look no further than Flickr’s stats or the #iphoneonly hashtag to see how incredibly popular the iPhone is when it comes not only to photography but when it comes to sharing that photography with others. That seems to be the spirit Apple is attempting to capture here — that when you make technology accessible to everyone, that technology can empower anyone, from any culture or region, of any age and from any background.

All it takes it light and a tap.

You can see more of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ campaign on the company’s World Gallery, you can also access iMore’s regular tips and coverage via our photography hub.


Samsung announces new Gear VR headset with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge compatibility

samsung gear vr first look aa (5 of 9)

Samsung has just announced that its releasing a new version of its virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge compatibility. Much like the first edition Gear VR, which is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4, this new headset is still considered an “Innovator Edition”. Samsung is still working on bringing their virtual reality technology to the next level, so this is still very much a beta product.

In terms of overall design and functionality, the new Gear VR will carry all of the original headset’s features. The new device is, however, is purported to be 15% lighter overall and feature an expanded 96-degree field of vision. The headset will also connect to one of the new Galaxy S handsets via a MicroUSB cord. There’s no information on price or availability quite yet, though we do know it will eventually be available in the Frost White color.

Samsung has just announced its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets today at MWC 2015. Both devices feature a glass front and back plate, surrounded by a premium-feeling aluminum trim. The devices feature a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display and a Samsung Exynos 7420 processor backed by 3GB of RAM. While there’s no SD card expansion on either device, storage options have been bumped up to 32/64/128GB variants. We went hands-on with both devices earlier today, and you can find the official first impressions videos by following the links below.

Read more: Samsung Galaxy S6 hands-on and first impressions, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hands-on and first impressions

If you’ve already decided to purchase either the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, would you be willing to pay a few extra hundred dollars for a virtual reality experience?

Show Press Release
Samsung Expands its Unrivaled Mobile Virtual Reality Experience with Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Samsung continues its leadership in wearable technology and mobile virtual reality with its latest Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, fully optimized and compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, its next generation smartphone. The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition powered by Oculus gives more users the opportunity to enjoy Samsung’s unrivaled, fully immersive and cinematic virtual reality experience, with improved viewing as well as a more comfortable design.


  • Extraordinary Entertainment: Optimized for both the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and its 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display, the Gear VR Innovator Edition lets users engage with high resolution movies, TV shows, VOD services and photos like never before. With reduced pixilation and a wide field-of-view, users receive a better virtual reality experience with longer lasting usage time.


  • Improved Comfort: The 15% reduction in size makes Samsung Gear VR a more comfortable to wear. Ergonomically redesigned straps give better weight balance, while mechanical ventilation supports an extended VR experience.


  • High Quality Performance: Greater computing power and improved graphics quality enable users to explore the best virtual reality adventures.


  • USB Compatibility: The Gear VR can now be powered with its USB port for extended usage time.


  • Robust Ecosystem: Gear VR content is available for download via the Oculus Store. Users have an extensive selection of optimized, localized virtual reality content from top-tier creators including thrilling VR games and 360 degree including a new performance from Cirque du Soleil, Kurios.


For more product information, please visit


Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Product Specifications

Designed for innovative consumers, specifically VR enthusiasts, developers, mobile experts and professionals, and early technology adopters.


Gear VR Dimension 196 x 107.9 x 82.9 mm
Sensor Accelerator, Gyrometer, Proximity(Mount/Unmount Detection)
FOV*Field of View 96 degree
IPD Coverage 54 ~ 70 mm (Fixed Lenses)
Accessory Replaceable Face Form, Carrying Pouch, Lens Cleaning Cloth
Color Frost White
Connectivity microUSB connection to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge


* All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge for April 10


Samsung, as expected, today announced its latest flagship smartphone experience, the Galaxy S6. What’s more, it also unveiled a dual-edge variant known as the Galaxy S6 edge. Yes, that’s a lower case ‘edge’.

Powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop, the two are designed with a combination of metal and glass with a screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The pair feature 5.1-inch Super AMOLED displays at 2560 x 1440 pixel (Quad HD) resolution.

The rear camera is listed at 16-megapixels with image stabilization, auto HDR, and other features and effects. The front-facing camera is 5-megapixels; however, both offer an aperture of f/1.9 which means improved low-light conditions. Other details include CAT6 LTE support, dual-ban Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and Samsung’s ultra power-savings mode.

As for the processor, Samsung stayed home this time, employing its own octa-core (4x 2.1GHz,  4×1.5GHz) processor. Additionally, you’ll find 3GB LPDDR4 , UFS 2.0 flash, and a 2600mAH built-in battery. Speaking of which, the two devices come with wireless charging with WPC and PMA standards. Samsung promises 10 minutes of charging can add four hours of usage; going from 0-100% is said to take half the time of the iPhone 6.

Samsung was very big on the fact that there is “no lag” and the devices don’t have a bunch of hard to use features that are tucked away in places people don’t go. Along those lines, the UI is much cleaner and offers far less “Samsung” overlay.

In terms of software, the two come with a handful of Microsoft apps and services (OneDrive with 115GB free storage and OneNote) Toss in some Find My Device and an enhanced KNOX security platform and you’ve got a robust and secure suite.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are equipped with NFC + MST support via Samsung Pay. This enables them to be accepted anywhere someone takes credits cards, NFC, and barcode readers. Your fingerprint is your password and encryption ensures your payment methods are not compromised.


Samsung will begin selling the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge starting from April 10 with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage capacities. The two will be offered in a handful of colorful “jewel tones”, including White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Green Emerald.

The Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge will be available to U.S. customers starting in April across various channels. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless will carry the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge, and Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS will carry the Galaxy S 6.

Samsung Experience Shops at Best Buy, as well as, Costco Wholesale, Inc., Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart will also carry the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge.

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HTC One M9 vs. Motorola Moto X



Motorola’s latest Moto X flagship has been on the market for a few months now, and while the price has dropped, it is still an amazing phone that uses metal materials found on the One M9, and is just as speedy despite it’s older Snapdragon 801 chip. In terms of hardware, the One M9 has the edge over the Moto X in basically every way. You can expect much better battery, camera, and system performance in the One M9. The Moto X does have heavy customization options in terms of hardware, which is a huge selling point for many who wish to have a leather or wood back with their name’s engraved on them.

So, still a fan of the Moto X, or will you be hopping on an M9 as soon as it’s released?

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HTC announces virtual reality headset, ‘Vive’

HTC presents one more contender in the growing VR market, the HTC Vive. The Vive will feature a 90hz refresh rate for very smooth video, a very light build so it is not uncomfortable on your head, a fully immersive experience with the partnership with Valve and Steam’s VR tracking software, and even wireless controllers to come with to make playing games the bets experience possible.

Cher Wang, Chairwoman of HTC commented, “It’s rare that a company has an opportunity to forever transform the ways in which people interact with the world and communicate with each other, but that is exactly what we plan to do with Valve.”

“We achieved this once before with our development of smartphone technology,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC added, “And, through our partnership with Valve, we’ll now be doing this for a second time with VR technology of which consumers could only previously dream.”

HTC already has multiple other key partners on board to further develop Vive, such as HBO, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Google.

HTC’s full press release is below:


Mesmerizing quality, fully immersive experience

Vive offers the most immersive experience of any VR package, plunging people into other worlds at a moment’s notice. HTC and Valve have introduced a Full Room Scale 360 Degree Solution with Tracked Controllers, letting you get up, walk around and explore your virtual space, inspect objects from every angle and truly interact with your surroundings. Setting a new benchmark for performance, the headset features high-quality graphics, 90-frames-per-second video and incredible audio fidelity.HTC is also introducing new wireless VR controllers that will make you feel one with your virtual environment. The new HTC VR Controllers come in a pair and are designed to be so versatile that they will work with a wide range of VR experiences. Unlike typical game controllers, the HTC VR Controllers are simple and intuitive to use, helping everyone make the most of their experience.

Gaming and Beyond

Beta versions of the Vive Developer Edition have already generated rich entertainment content from some of the world’s top game developers including Vertigo Games, Bossa, Barry–Fireproof, Dovetail Games, Wemo Labs, Google, Steel Wool Games and Owlchemy.

“Our collaboration with HTC is driven by the companies’ shared desire to produce the most compelling and complete VR experience,” said Ken Birdwell of Valve. “Delivering content creators with the Vive Developer Edition is an incredibly important milestone in our efforts to achieve that goal.”

While amazing gaming experiences are a staple in the VR universe, the potential beyond gaming is limitless. HTC and Valve are committed to realizing a broader vision for VR and see a real opportunity in transforming everyday experiences. Travel, attending a game, meeting friends or even shopping will never be the same again, and the companies are working with leading content creators, including Google, HBO, Lionsgate and the National Palace Museum in Taiwan in order to make that vision a reality.

“Vive creates an exciting opportunity for all developers and content creators, to help us bring virtual reality into the mainstream with an end-to-end solution that completely redefines how we entertain ourselves, communicate with each other, learn and, eventually, how we become more productive,” Cher Wang concluded. “HTC Vive is real, it’s here and it’ll be ready to go before the start of 2016.”



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