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Amazon and Simon & Schuster reach a deal on internet book sales

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon just found a way to put further pressure on Hachette in its ongoing pricing war: strike a deal with another publisher. The online retailer has forged a new agreement with Simon & Schuster that will keep the book giant’s digital and physical titles on Amazon for multiple years. The full terms of the deal aren’t available, but the Wall Street Journal claims that it reaches a middle ground; Simon & Schuster will normally set prices, while Amazon will have the right to discount books in some situations. However it works, both sides are claiming it as a victory. Amazon argues that it gives the publisher a “financial incentive” to drop prices, while a letter from Simon & Schuster describes the pact as “economically advantageous” for both itself and authors.

While this is good news if you’re shopping for the latest Colm Toibin novel, the deal comes across as an iron fist in a velvet glove — it’s a reminder for Hachette about the consequences of refusing to fall in line. Simon & Schuster is keen to tout “continuous availability” of books as a perk of the deal, and the WSJ adds that Amazon will make sure those titles are “well promoted.” If Hachette doesn’t compromise, it won’t have either the reliable inventory levels or product positioning needed to thrive this holiday shopping season. Hachette hasn’t commented on the Simon & Schuster contract, but the odds are that it isn’t happy about being backed into a corner.

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Source: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times


Premium Tinder features will help you find love before hitting a new city

If you don’t count buying a few drinks or other niceties, finding love on Tinder is essentially free, but it looks like that’ll change come next month. The app’s CEO and cofounder Sean Rad recently teased at Forbes’ Under 30 event that new features will be added that users have apparently been clamoring for. What’s more, he thinks they’ll offer enough value that a specific subset of its user-base will be willing to pay for them. The core experience of swiping left or right on potential matches to like or dislike, respectively, won’t see any fees tacked on, but an ability to expand your Tinder reach beyond your current location and into other cities is coming in November. Perfect for striking up conversations before you start traveling, it’d seem. As you’ll see in the video below, Rad isn’t keen to say just how much this will cost as of now, only that monetizing these “hacks” will allow the outfit to reinvest in itself. With how the application has handled location data in the past, however, let’s hope this turns out for the best.

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Source: Forbes, YouTube


Will Digital Wallets or Credit Cards Reign Supreme?

A lot of different payment options besides cash have sprung up in recent years. While credit and debit cards have been around for quite a while, they are far from the new kids on the block now. The most recent developments in payment options are digital wallets and contactless payment.

The term “digital wallet” is actually a rather broad and all-encompassing term that enfolds a number of disparate payment options. The term digital wallet can include ID verification and multiple payment options that can cover purchasing with multiple different credit cards, according to Credit Cards. However, it’s important to note that digital payment options are still in their infancy. Credit cards, on the other hand, are a staple of the world economy and of people making purchases. For digital wallets and other contactless payments to take over from credit cards, some serious changes in economic infrastructure and consumer opinions will need to take place.

Digital Wallet Credit Cards

Digital Wallets
There are a number of different options available when looking for a digital wallet, otherwise known as an e-wallet, or other contactless payment method. For the most part, digital wallets are all smartphone apps available through various companies for both Android phones and iPhones. In fact, Hong Kiat provides a list of ten potential digital wallets anyone can download and use. Some of the companies that offer these services include Google, Apple, PayPal, and Square.

These apps don’t just hold on to your payment information, they can also store data from loyalty programs and member cards so you can continue accruing your earning rewards and the like even without the physical card. To use these digital wallets, all you ever have to do is swipe your phone across a reader. Of course, this means the business you’re shopping at needs to have a device capable of reading the unique wallet signals. If the store has the proper reader, then customers have an even easier and more convenient check out experience.

On the business side of things, there are expectations of digital wallets becoming the next big thing and taking over the world of payments. In an interview about digital wallets with CNet, Mario Shiliashki, the senior vice president of emerging payments for MasterCard said of the rise of e-wallets; “It’s absolutely an opportunity for us; we see it as what will help our business grow for the next 10, 20, 30 years, even faster than we’ve grown in past decades.”

The Odd Case of Contactless Payment Cards
“But I thought digital payment options were supposed to avoid the need for cards?” Some of you might ask, well, that’s why contactless payment cards are an odd mixture of both digital wallets and regular credit and debit cards. They can be considered in the group of digital wallets since you just need to swipe them pass a sensor to pay, but they’re a plastic card that still sits in your actual wallet and holds all your credit and debit card info. However, contactless payment cards don’t necessarily have to be cards; according to Transport for London, contactless payments might be made with key fobs and stickers as well.

In an article discussing the new San Francisco startup, Coin, Slate discusses the new idea of another type of payment card. This card, which Coin states will “simplify, improve, and fit seamlessly into your life,” is another plastic card with a changeable magnetic strip that can mimic the attributes of up to eight different credit cards. The card syncs up to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth where you can designate which card it is to mimic at that particular moment. But like a regular credit or debit card, you swipe this one

Credit Cards
There’s not too much to say about credit cards. They’ve been around for a number of decades, a ton of people have them, or multiples of them, and just about every business has a card reader. Of course these generalizations aren’t entirely true, but the fact is that credit cards are all over. And with mobile card readers and POS systems like those by Shopify becoming more and more popular, credit cards don’t really look like they’re going away any time soon. Although, during the CNet interview, when discussing global payment usage, Shiliashki stated, “This gives us a lot of runway to truly revolutionize the world and digitize payments, both in the 15 percent that is already using credit card networks, but also in the 85 percent that is still using cash.” Time will tell what Shiliashki and Mastercard will do.

Who Will Win?
As you can see, digital wallets, contactless payments and credit cards aren’t really disparate payment methods. All three are intertwined with credit cards as the primary foundation. The other methods are really just different ways to store your credit card info to make it easier to pay. Perhaps something major and different will be developed in the future at some point. However, until then, credit cards could technically be called the winner since the other payment methods stand on the back of the little plastic cards.

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You can now take Lyft and UberX cars to San Francisco’s main airport

United aircraft at SFO's departure gates

It was only a matter of time before San Francisco International Airport allowed direct visits from app-based ridesharing services besides Sidecar, and those floodgates have officially opened. Both Lyft and Uber (specifically, UberX and UberXL) now have the all-clear to stop at SFO’s terminals. If you need a ride to your hotel, you no longer have to pay for an expensive taxi or else brave the mass transit system. It’s difficult to know how this increased competition will work in practice, but a successful rollout could get other airports following suit.

[Image credit: Angelo DeSantis, Flickr]

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Via: The Next Web

Source: Lyft, Uber


iOS 8.1: ‘Text Message Forwarding’ Activation Requires iMessage Email Address [iOS Blog]

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 8.1 which introduced number of new features to iOS and Yosemite. One of the anticipated features was SMS Text Message Forwarding, which allows SMS messages received by your iPhone to be mirrored on your iPad or Mac running OS X Yosemite.

Several of our forum members had difficulty activating the feature, as the required activation code would never appear on their Macs or iPads.

MacRumors reader Michael wrote in with this solution which requires an email address to be activated in iMessage:

…you need to have your email address turned on for iMessage on your iPhone in order to enable Text Message Forwarding. If you don’t, the numeric access code will not appear on your iPad or Mac during the setup process. As soon as you enable your email address for iMessage (you only need to do this on your iPhone) the numeric access codes appear as expected. Once you have text message forwarding setup you can disable your email address again in iMessage as it seems to only be necessary for the numeric access code setup step, not the actual text message forwarding itself.

MacRumors was able to verify this scenario and found that an email address does indeed have to be active on your iPhone for the activation message to properly be sent. In our testing, SMS messages were still received after the email address was removed from iMessage. The setting to add your email address to iMessage is under Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive. Note, you may have to wait a few moments after adding an email address before the activation code will send.


‘Lucky Lucy’ special edition Halloween Android figurine on sale tomorow

LuckyLucy_Halloween_Box_800-500x375Lucky Lucy, Android’s latest Halloween-inspired black cat is due to be sold on the DeadZebra starting October 21st. Lucy is reminiscent of TrickerTreat, the pumpkin-designed figurine from 2013. The black cat has a double-sided head, featuring a snarl or a smile, depending on which way it’s facing. Lucky Lucy goes on sale tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. Dead Zebra has a limit of one per household.

Source: Dead Zebra

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Nexus 6 pre-ordering starts October 29 on Google Play


Head over to your calendar and make a note for October 29. While the Nexus 9 is already available in the Play Store, the Nexus 6 and Nexus Player have remained on hold. The Nexus 6, though, will be ready to go in the Play Store next week. The pricing is steep even with the base 32GB storage option at $649. Relying upon Google for excellent pricing is not an option. This year, it seems that going with a carrier to get a Nexus device is the way to go.

Here is a breakdown of the choices:

  • Nexus 6 (32GB, Midnight Blue) — $649
  • Nexus 6 (32GB, Cloud White) — $649
  • Nexus 6 (64GB, Midnight Blue) — $699
  • Nexus 6 (64GB, Cloud White) — $699

[Nexus 6 Play Store Link]

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for October 20, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Copying apps from your old phone or tablet to your new phone or tablet with Android Lollipop

How to make sure your Android phone or tablet is backed up on Google’s servers

Android TV

Nexus Player now available on the Play Store for $99

Android Wear

[New Android Wear App] Tempo-Motion is another great option for watch faces

Google Fit app gets exposed prior to official launch


[New Android Wear App] Tempo-Motion is another great option for watch faces

Google Fit app gets exposed prior to official launch

[APK Download] Android 5.0 Messenger app can be installed on Android 4.4, no root required

Spotify announces new family plans starting at $14.99 a month

Play Music gets a Material Design makeover in Nexus 4 port

Gmail 5.0 update will support Outlook and Yahoo accounts

Lollipop’s keyboard can now be installed on any Android device without root


AT&T to launch Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 October 24th

Sprint now rolling out LG G2 stability update

EYE Experience for HTC One (M8) on T-Mobile to start rolling out tomorrow


Lucky Lucy’ special edition Halloween Android figurine on sale tomorow


Were OEMs to blame for Android Silver never coming to fruition?

You can now filter apps in the Play Store by ratings


HTC’s Android 5.0 update roadmap leaks

EYE Experience for HTC One (M8) on T-Mobile to start rolling out tomorrow

LG teases a new concept phone that has mood swings

Sprint now rolling out LG G2 stability update

“Ambient display” appears to be Nexus 6 spin on Moto Display

Google’s Nexus 6 gets compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4

OnePlus pre-order system will go live for 24 hours on October 27th

AT&T to launch Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 October 24th


HTC’s Android 5.0 update roadmap leaks

EYE Experience for HTC One (M8) on T-Mobile to start rolling out tomorrow

Sprint now rolling out LG G2 stability update


Motorola video invites people to join company

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Galaxy Note Edge to be Launched Thursday in Japan


Samsung’s funky and clever upcoming device is eagerly awaited by techies everywhere. (Or at least right-handed techies everywhere.) We’ve been waiting patiently to get a launch date for the phablet, and today we learned some new information. Japan will be receiving the device on its largest mobile carrier (NTT DoCoMo). The device will be black only until November, when a white version will be released as well.

The special device and its curved screen will eventually be available stateside sometime this year on all four big carriers, but as of right now, no one but Samsung knows when.

Source: NTT Docomo

Via: Phone Arena

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T-Mobile’s 10GB/$100 Deal Set to End on the 29th

T-Mobile Nationwide 4G LTET-Mobile’s neat plan that offers 10GB of data to share among 4 lines for $100 is drawing to a close. The special offer will be grandfathered until January 2016, so if you act fast, you can seize the extra cheap, overage-free data and keep it for a little over a year. If you want to snag the deal, swing on over to T-Mobile’s website by next Wednesday and sign your family up for a family plan.

Source: TmoNews

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