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November 3, 2018

These are the best wireless mice for Chromebooks

by John_A


While your Chromebook’s trackpad works well enough for most situations, there are some tasks for which a wireless mouse is better. Whether you need a wireless mouse to scroll through long documents faster, or to perform fine manipulations, there’s a great wireless mouse out there with your name on it. Here are a few of our favorites.

Use anywhere

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S


This compact Bluetooth-capable mouse can be used on almost any surface (even glass) and has great battery life. While custom button functions aren’t available for Chrome, you can pair it with up to three devices at once and switch seamlessly between.

$70 at Amazon

Ergonomic affordability

Logitech M535 Compact Bluetooth Mouse


A compact Bluetooth mouse without any compromises. It’s comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design and rubber grips, and the compact design makes it easy to slip into a laptop bag or backpack. Best of all, it has an accurate optical sensor to keep everything nice and tight.

$23 at Amazon

Long life, low price

Logitech Wireless Mouse M510


If you want a wireless mouse that is comfortable to hold, comes in different colors, and has a long battery life — users report about one year on average — then check the Logitech M510. Your wallet will be as happy as you are!

$20 at Amazon

A Basic Mouse

Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse


Sometimes all you want or need are the basics. This three button mouse uses a 2.4GHz USB receiver and a one year warranty and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. And does it well for just $10.

$10 at Amazon

Swiss-Army Mouse

Logitech M720 Triathlon


Start with a precision laser for accurate tracking. Toss in a newly sculpted body, big free-spinning wheel, and redesigned thumb button. Keep the Bluetooth or USB receiver options and multi-device pairing from the original and see why we love the M720 Triathlon.

$34 at Amazon

King of the Hill

Logitech MX Master 2S


Some love it because of the shape, others because of its ability to track anywhere (even frosted glass) or because it’s rechargeable. But almost everyone (sorry lefties) agrees it’s one of the best wireless mice you can buy for any computer including your Chromebook.

$71 at Amazon

With so many Logitech products on the list its no wonder the company sells so many computer peripherals — but it also happens to make most of our favorite wireless mice. My personal favorites are the MX Anywhere 2S to keep in my laptop bag (it seriously works anywhere) and the M720 Triathlon to use around the house. You never know when you’ll need that freewheelin’ feeling (and productivity) that comes from a “proper” pointing device.

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