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November 2, 2018

Get protection without bulk with these thin Google Pixel 3 cases

by John_A

Google made the Pixel 3 beautifully thin, but unfortunately, it also made the Pixel 3 a glass-backed phone, and glass-backed phones need cases before they face the concrete jungles of the real world. Nobody likes a clunky tank of a case, but you can protect your phone without losing that thin feel. There are many cases on the market for the Pixel 3 that are so thin, you’ll forget you have a case!

Like totally perfect

Totallee Case


$29 at Totallee

It doesn’t get much thinner than Totallee, a casemaker that is 110 percent about making phone cases so totally and completely thin, you’ll forget you even put a case on your phone. This 0.02-inch case comes in three styles: Frosted Clear, Solid Black, and a softer Glossy Clear, but it won’t be shipping until later this month.

Lightweight companion

Spigen Thin Fit


$12 at Amazon

It’s right there in the name: Spigen Thin Fit case. This aptly-named case offers corner protection and just enough lip around the camera and screen to help avoid scratches and scuffs. Just keep in mind that the top and bottom of the case are open and exposed.

Matte magic

Avalri Ultra Thin


$12 at Amazon

This hardshell case wraps around the back and corners of your Google Pixel 3, giving some scuff and scratch protection without any bulk at all. Avalri’s ultra-thin case is just 0.03 inches in thickness and comes in black or a beautiful blue.

Like nothing’s there

Cimo Slim Grip


$8 at Amazon

There are slim cases, and then there’s the Cimo Slim Grip. This is one of the thinnest cases on the market to protect and showcase your Pixel 3. Its translucence lets the Pixel 3’s natural beauty shine through one of three cool colors — blue, purple, and white.

Crystal clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal


$12 at Amazon

Eschewing bulkier hard-plastic backs, the Liquid Crystal’s flexible TPU is easy to apply and easier to grip. This crystal clear case gives your Google Pixel 3 light protection that is as thin as it is beautiful.

Clearly a good choice

MoKo Clear Case


If you want to show off your new Pixel 3, MoKo’s clear case is for you. Its soft TPU material adds grip without covering up the Pixel 3’s beauty, and precise cutouts ensure it doesn’t get in the way of the charging port, camera, and speakers.

$7 at Amazon

Liquid skin

ESR Essential Zero Case


This clear case protects your Pixel 3 from scratches while seeming like its barely there. Its best feature is the “microdot” pattern on the inside of the back cover, which helps prevent clinging and that “wet” look that happens with some clear cases.

$13 at Amazon

Leather luxury

Bellroy Leather Pixel Case


This gorgeous leather case from Bellroy just barely makes the cut for “thin” cases, but it’s the slimmest leather case you’ll find on the market right now, and it is stunning. It feels great in the hand, its cutouts are all excellent, there’s a raised lip around the screen for protection, and it comes in some stellar colors.

$44 at Bellroy

Again, we’ve loved the Totallee case for as long as they’ve been making cases for Android phones, but if you’re looking for a thin case that has a thinner price tag, the Cimo Slim Grip gives lightweight protection without any bulk, and its translucent tints allow you to show off your Pixel 3 while still keeping it safe.

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