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October 8, 2018

These are the best USB-C headphones

by John_A


The inevitable death of the headphone jack means that USB-C audio and USB-C headphones are now a thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing, but it is a (mostly) new thing. If you would rather not try and keep a set of wireless headphones charged, it’s also a thing that means you’ll need to buy new headphones. We’ve rounded up a list of the best available right now so you can get your tunes on!

Made for Google

Libratone Q Adapt


Libratone’s Q Adapt USB-C headphones are part of the “Made for Google” program that launched with the Pixel 2. They offer a unique type of ANC and a Hush mode that squares things up when you receive an incoming call.

$149 at Google

An Essential choice

Essential Earphones HD


These unassuming headphones from Essential are pure function over form. Built for excellent sound and with a tangle-free silicone coated cable you’ll love the tone and the price.

$49 at Essential

Go Bold

RAZER Hammerhead USB-C


Big booming sound and bright neon green make these headphones scream RAZER. They also come with plenty of tips to fit any ear and are surprisingly cheap; both are things we love.

$78 at Amazon

Hi-Res Certified

Xiamoi Mi ANC Earphones


The Mi ANC Earphones offer great sound and are very well built. They’re certified for Hi-Res audio and use MEMS (micro-electromechanical microphones) in the earpieces to make sure ANC is precise.

$70 at Amazon

USB-C audio is still in its infancy, which is unfortunate since phone manufacturers seem to not realize it. While there isn’t the same huge selection you see with a standard 3.5mm headphone plug, you can find a great set of headphones that use the new connector. I’m partial to the Essential Earphones because of their $50 price, but all the picks on our list will sound great.

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