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October 7, 2018

Does the Amazon Cloud Cam work with other Alexa products?

by John_A


Best answer: Yes! Amazon Cloud Cam works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, as well as some Amazon Echo displays and Amazon Fire devices.

Amazon: Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera ($120)

Which Amazon products does the Amazon Cloud Cam work with?

You can use any Amazon Echo speaker or other Alexa device to replay alerts, speak to whoever is near your Cloud Cam, and more. If you have an Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, or Fire tablet, you can stream the Cloud Cam’s video feed right to your display.

What can you do with the Cloud Cam?

The main purpose of the Amazon Cloud Cam is to detect motion and alert you, or let you check in on your video feed at anytime from any device. If you’re all-in on Amazon’s ecosystem, the Cloud Cam gets even better; you can use your Echo’s microphone to talk to whoever is near your camera, and see your feed on your Echo Show and other Amazon devices with a display like a Fire TV. Seeing your feed is easy: just say “Alexa, show (camera name).”

When you’re done, either press the home button on your device or say, “Alexa, stop showing (camera name).”

Our pick

Echo Spot + Amazon Cloud Cam bundle


$210 at Amazon

Grab a camera and a display to watch alerts from.

If you don’t already own an Echo display, this is the bundle for you. The Echo Spot has a smaller screen than the Echo Show, but it will still work well enough to let you see who is at your door without digging out the app on your phone.

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