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June 4, 2018

Intel Anniversary Edition 5GHz six-core CPU may be just days away

by John_A

Intel’s rumored “Anniversary Edition” Core i7-8086 CPU may be only a few days away from its debut, as a new source suggests it will be available for pre-order on June 8 as part of Intel’s 40th-anniversary celebration of the 8086 chip, its first x86 design. The six-core processor is rumored to be capable of boosting as high as 5GHz at stock.

The biggest change up with Intel’s eighth-generation processors was in how they followed AMD’s Ryzen example (here’s how they compare) and increased the core count of the mainstream processors. Core i3 CPUs were bumped up to four cores and i5 and i7 chips to six cores. Clock speeds remained much closer to the previous generation’s, which is why the suggested 5GHz boost clock of the Intel Core i7-8086 is so intriguing.

If those rumored specifications turn out to be true, the Anniversary Edition CPU will be the fastest hexacore CPU Intel has ever released to mainstream consumers. Supposedly a binned (specifically selected) 8700K, the new chip will be 300MHz faster than the standard chip it’s based on.

None of this is known for sure, but according to the latest rumor we won’t have long to wait to find out how accurate this information is. Overclockers U.K.’s head of purchasing, Andrew Gibson stated in a (now deleted) forum post that the chips were slated to go up for pre-order on June 8, as per TechRadar. “That is when NDA lifts,” he said, suggesting we’ll learn a lot more about the chip in just a few days time.

He also confirmed suggestions that the British retail price would be under 400 British pounds, which if you remove the 20-percent sales tax the U.K. employs, would work out to around $420. When U.S. sales taxes are involved that would make it close to $100 more than the existing 8700K, which might be a hard sell considering it’s only a few hundred megahertz faster out of the box. Existing 8700K owners or prospective buyers could simply get lucky with the capabilities of their new chip and find themselves with a CPU that’s just as capable as the Anniversary Edition Intel CPU.

As for Overclockers U.K.’s part in all this, it plans to offer special, binned versions of these already binned chips, to offer greater guarantees of performance to prospective buyers. It will also offer “delidded” options, though that’s not always something worth paying for the privilege of.

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