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May 7, 2018

The Morning After: Elon Musk’s candy dreams

by John_A

It’s a busy week coming up. Microsoft’s Build conference kicks off today, then, with no time for a break, it’s Google I/O. What to expect from Microsoft? This. What does Google have planned? Something like this. Oh, and then there’s all the things from the weekend.

To celebrate the MMO’s anniversary, a tale from its past.
‘Eve Online’ turned 15, and its history is epic


Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the legendarily fascinating virtual world EVE Online, a massively multiplayer spaceship game that has become famous for the incredible stories that sometimes emerge from the community about heists and wars between thousands of players.

EVE is so interesting that it even has its own historian, Andrew Groen, a video game writer formerly of Wired who studies the politics and sociology at work in EVE’s virtual community over its 15-year run. Take a glimpse into its complicated, fascinating history.

Its effects can be felt on computers to this day.
Apple’s influential, iconic iMac turns 20


There are few individual computer models that have left a lasting mark on the industry, but you can definitely put the iMac on that list. Apple introduced its signature all-in-one desktop at a special event on May 6th, 1998, and while it makes me shudder to realize that was 20 years ago, the iMac (and personal computing as a whole) has come a very long way.

It’s the first state where the renewable energy is mandatory.
California to require solar panels on most new homes


Solar power is increasingly mainstream, but California is about to give it a giant boost. The state’s Energy Commission is expected to approve new energy standards that would require solar panels on the roofs of nearly all new homes, condos and apartment buildings from 2020 onward.

But why?
Elon Musk’s next project might be a candy company


The man behind Tesla and SpaceX might be going full Willy Wonka.

But wait, there’s more…

  • BMW M550i review: Equal parts luxury and power
  • MIT’s self-driving car can navigate unmapped country roads
  • YouTube pulls hundreds of videos over essay cheating ads
  • After Math: Robot revolutionaries

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