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January 29, 2018

How to see Twitch comments through PlayStation VR

by John_A


Now we can actually talk to you while streaming.

As most of you know, Twitch has become a huge part of most gamers lives. We love to share our games, and lots of folks enjoy watching. Doing this in front of a television is one thing, but when you’ve got a PlayStation VR headset on things get a little complicated. Whether its Star Trek: Bridge Crew or a Sparc workout it’s fun to watch people play, especially in VR. Until now there have been certain features lacking in the PlayStation broadcast settings for VR, the biggest being comments.

Getting started


When playing in VR in the previous PlayStation version you couldn’t see what anyone was saying to you which made the stream a little one-sided. With the latest update of the PS4 to 5.0 and the PSVR to 3.1 that has changed. You still can’t use the camera to stream yourself playing, which makes sense as the camera is busy making VR magic but you can now set the PlayStation 4 to show your messages on screen as you play. Here’s how to set it up.

Make sure you have the right software. If you are unsure head to your PS4 settings and check for the update. You should be receiving the 5.0 update and, once the 5.0 is installed and turn your PSVR on, the 3.1 update for it as well.

Step by Step

Make sure to install the 5.0 and 3.1 updates to the PS4 and PSVR.
Open the game you want to stream and press the Share button.
Check the Allow Messages button in the top left corner.
Press options again for the Advanced settings to add voice messages and set up communities.
Stream and enjoy.

Start as if you intend to stream


Load your game of choice as you normally would, in our case Sparc, and press the share button on the controller or Move Controller. This will open the standard share window, from there choose your streaming service, in this case, Twitch and move to the next screen.

From here you can see the option in the top right-hand corner to “Display Message to spectators and spectators messages.” Make sure the checkbox is selected. As you can see the video option is shaded out so you can’t select it while in VR.

Hit the Advanced Button for More Options


It’s worth heading to the advanced tab to double check all your settings. There is a checkbox that is supposed to allow the PS4 to speak the comments to you but I have yet to see this work. Make sure while you are there that all your communities are connected to your stream as well as your microphone is set up correctly.

Are you streaming?


You will now see the name of the person sending the message as well as the message itself pop up as you play the game. It really does make a huge amount of difference when you can interact with your followers and answer their questions as you play. Will you be checking messages while streaming? Are you excited about this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

PlayStation 4


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