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January 15, 2018

It’s cocktail o’ clock with the best bartending apps

by John_A

Do you know the difference between a Manhattan and an old fashioned? How about a martini and a cosmopolitan? Can you make a good one, even after you’ve had a few? One of the smartest ways to mix perfect cocktails every time is to snag one of the best bartending apps for your iPhone or Android phone. We’ve got a delectable menu of boozy apps for you right here, containing every delicious cocktail recipe under the sun.

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Lush Cocktails ($2)

We love the clean, accessible interface in this bartending app and it has hundreds of detailed recipes with animated images that show you the precise ratio of ingredients in your chosen drink. You can search for options with multiple ingredients, making it easy to find cocktails you can make based on what you actually have at home. You can also save favorites, browse flavor profiles, or check out the curated shortlists tailored for different kinds of parties and occasions. It’s one of our favorite iPhone apps, but sadly there’s no Android version.

Download now from:


Cocktails Guru (Free)

You’ll find more than 15,000 cocktail recipes in this comprehensive app. There’s detailed information on each drink including the type of glass you should use, the method, the ingredients, the tools you might need, and step-by-step instructions. Most drinks have good photos and users can add their own photos and comments. You can also rate and favorite cocktails, follow other mixologists, and learn all the bartending techniques and lingo you will ever need.

Download now from:

Google Play

Highball (Free)

The elegant design of this cocktail recipe app is irresistible and it’s the ideal way to create your own personalized list of favorite drinks. You can create recipes, include instructions, choose an image, with glass type, color, ice, and then share your recipe via social media or messaging. You can also import and edit other people’s recipes using the QR codes at the bottom left of every recipe card. If you want to build a library of your ideal cocktails, then this app is the way to do it.

Download now from:


8,500+ Drink Recipes (Free)

This app is not pretty and some of the instructions leave a lot to be desired, but what you will find is a massive list of drinks with details on all their ingredients and simple instructions on a separate tab. You can search the app, browse by category, or get a random drink suggestion. There is also the option to build a list of favorites or search by ingredients.

Download now from:

iTunes Google Play

Bartender’s Choice ($3)

This app is a great way to discover new cocktails. Created by the master bartenders behind New York City’s Milk & Honey, it allows you to select your preferred alcohol, sensation, style, and extras, and then comes up with a suggestion to match. You will also find some handy expert tips on how to deal with garnishes and ice, or mix the perfect drink.

Download now from:


My Cocktail Bar (Free)

This bartending app doesn’t have a huge list of cocktail recipes, but most of the classics are here and you can create and save your own recipes. The instructions are good, and it’s easy to search using different filters, or you can browse by category. You can also browse by ingredient, enabling you to find out which drinks you can make with what you have in the cabinet.

Download now from:

Google Play

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