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January 14, 2018

After Math: CES 2018 by the numbers

by John_A

After a week in the desert, CES 2018 has finally come to a close. Booths were trod, products were demoed and the conference was visited by only one of the biblical plagues. Puffco debuted one of the only cannabis gadgets seen at CES in recent memory, a gaming robot beat virtually every human who challenged it in Scrabble, and Toyota’s “E-Palette” mobility concept turned all of the heads. Numbers, because how else will you tally votes for the Best of CES awards?

20 seconds: That’s how long it takes for the Puffco Peak concentrate vaporizer to fully heat up — a fraction of the time it takes e-nails to do the same and far less flammable than the butane torch method.

5 years: That’s how long we’ll have to wait for regulators to work their magic before hopping into Volocopter’s 18-rotor autonomous sky taxi. Just make sure wherever you’re flying to is within the 30-minute range limit.

$120: That’s how much you’re going to pay for the Vortx gaming accessory if you want to have air puffed into your face during your next Overwatch session.

82: That’s the age of first-time CES exhibitor Carol Staninger, who’s here to help save the lives of children by alerting an adult when said ankle biters are left unattended in hot cars.

112–81: That was the final score in a friendly match between Engadget managing editor Terrence O’Brien and ITRI’s Scrabble-playing AI. The AI won handily, despite its hands actually being manipulators.

2 hours: That’s how long the Las Vegas Convention Center was thrust into darkness on Wednesday. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony of the world’s largest electronics expo losing electricity for hours on end.

3: That’s how many Best of CES awards the Toyota e-Palette mobility concept took home: Best Transportation Tech, Best Innovation and the coveted Best of the Best of CES award. Fingers crossed it actually makes it out of testing and onto our roadways.

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