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August 13, 2017

Definite protection against Ransomware

by John_A

The seemingly exponential growth of portable technology like laptops, tablets and phones has sparked an increase in the use of the internet and electrical gadgets to store information. We are almost dependent on our computers to store every type of information we have.

Governments, hospitals, schools and almost all organizations right now have been digitalized. Nowadys, every activity has been made more convenient and easily accessible due to the ever-improving advancements in the technology sector it may seem as though it’s bad to mention any disadvantages of technological advancements. However, despite how technology has improved the life of humans and no matter how fitting it may make things, there are few disadvantages associated with this access level of technology. The greatest of them all is getting hacked.

I am one of those people who store all my important documents and pictures on their computer. A couple of months ago I was hacked and it was not a laughing matter. I had never thought of investing in cyber security until that happened. I abhorred the possibility of someone accessing my private information without my permission and possibly sharing it with the world. After doing a little bit of research on the best cybersecurity against ransomware to use as protection and asking a few cyber gurus which ransomware they use, the name Rubica popped up, so I thought, why not try considering it as a viable option.

I decided to dig up why Rubica stood out from all the others as the best protection against ransomware. A ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system. Rubica is the most effective way to lock down your online security. Rubica is an app that can be easily downloaded on your smart phone, tablet, and computer to guard you against hackers.

When you have a ransomware in your device, it creates resilient encryption; it often scrambles file names so it is harder for you to be sure which files were affected. It can spread to other devices on your network. Ransomware can propagate across a network and infect other attached devices. It escapes antivirus protection and employs techniques that make it tough to detect.

What a normal antivirus can’t eliminate, Rubica- Ransomware protection is able to eliminate all forms of malicious software. Rubica is able to keep you and your family safe and private while offering full cyber security. Rubica works by monitoring your data and identifying threats based on your personal behavior and patterns. It is incredibly easy to download the application and use it. It does not interfere with your normal computer operations. With Rubica there are no unnecessary pop ups on your computer. It simply does its work in the background only alerting you when your action is required.

If you have been hacked and you need protection, or you have crucial information on your computer and you want to protect yourself against ransomware, I would recommend Rubica. It has been there for more than a decade so you can be sure of its authenticity. Make sure you download the app today and get the best protection.

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