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Weekend Deals: $50 Visa With Two Sets of AirPods, 30% Off Apple Watch Nike+ For Some Run Club Members

Apple customers looking to purchase AirPods or an Apple Watch Nike+ have some offers available to consider this weekend. Apple is also running a “Back to School with Apple Pay” promotion on the App Store in the United States.

In the United States, Verizon is offering a free $50 Visa prepaid card to customers that purchase $200 or more in accessories, before taxes and after any discounts. Accessories must be purchased on the same receipt. The promotion is available until the end of today, Saturday, August 5.

The deal can be put towards two sets of AirPods, which cost $319.94 together. The rebate effectively lowers the price to $269.94, or $134.97 per pair.

After purchasing the AirPods, customers must fill out Verizon’s online rebate form, and have their purchase receipt and all product barcode labels ready to upload. The form must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. Verizon says the Visa prepaid card will be delivered within four weeks.

MacRumors also received a tip about some Nike+ Run Club members receiving an offer for 30% off any Apple Watch Nike+ model this weekend. The discount is applied at checkout and expires on Monday, August 7 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

iPhone users with the Nike+ Run Club app installed in the United States can check their inbox, by tapping the tray icon in the bottom menu, to see if they qualify for the offer. Some users on Reddit and Slickdeals also report being presented with the discount, but it doesn’t appear to be available for everyone.

The deal lowers Apple Watch Nike+ prices to $258.30 for 38mm models, and $279.30 for 42mm models, down from $369 and $399 respectively.

Lastly, Apple is running a “Back to School with Apple Pay” promotion with various discounts on the App Store in the United States.

  • Zulily: Get $5 off your Apple Pay purchase over $25
  • ShopKids: Get 15 percent off your Apple Pay purchase
  • Jet: 20 percent off Apple Pay purchases for new customers
  • Boxed: Get 15 percent off your Apple Pay purchase
  • Wayfair: Get $10 credit from your first Apple Pay purchase
  • Postmates: Sign up to get $100 in delivery credit
  • B&H Photo Video: Free solar eclipse glasses with your Apple Pay purchase

Apple hasn’t indicated when the Apple Pay promotion expires. The discounts may not appear in the App Store on iOS 11 beta.

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Using glass, steel, and trash from the landfill, woman makes art from garbage

Why it matters to you

By making art from garbage, Jen Fuller has a positive impact on the environment while also challenging viewers of her creations to explore new perspectives.

At her eponymous Jen Fuller Studios, the owner transforms “everyday objects into experiences.” Fuller works with glass, steel, and trash from the landfill to make art forms that force the viewer to reconcile what the form of the art is with the medium used. She makes art from garbage, with wonderful results.

Fuller initially started using traditional steel frames to hold her glass artwork, as she tried to make the perfect structure to frame the piece, but she soon grew tired of how perfect the steel frame had to be. Now, her artwork contains a mixture of glass and steel, so the steel is a component of the piece and more than just a frame.

Her current project involves glass leaves and feathers, with the aim to convey “how fragile and transparent we all are.” From a personal standpoint, the project is an exploration of post-industrialism. She is trying to figure out and imagine “what’s going to happen when everything is not natural anymore, and we have to make nature out of our industrial materials.” Most of her art pieces are built on deeper ideas and motivations, and either answer a question that Fuller has or reveal something about human nature.

Fuller began her journey by digging through piles of trash at the Portland Landfill in Oregon in search of ideas and materials to use in her artwork. On her first day, she found a suitcase full of 1800s-era photographs. As she rephotographed the photos and printed the resulting images on glass panels, the pieces took on lives of their own. Fuller took it a step further and illuminated the artwork from behind, an effect that really brings the artwork to life.

A dream of Fuller’s is to have 500 to 1000 glass planes video mapped and hanging in the Portland or Chicago airport. Many airports now have art exhibits for the viewing pleasure of people who pass through them. To do this, she would create a video to project onto the hanging glass structures. She wants to play with the combination of digital video and glass surfaces to make an impact on viewers. Her objective is for “them to be feeling the art before they know why they are logically identifying with the art.”


Save 40% on Ultra Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets!

When it’s time to go to sleep you want to crawl into a comfy bed with fresh sheets. Few things are better, right? When was the last time you splurged on a new set of bed sheets? Why not? You know how good it feels, so do something for yourself and get a good night’s sleep!


Right now, Android Central Digital offer has a great deal on a 4-piece set of Ultra Soft 1800 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets. Available in three sizes — Full, Queen, and King — these sheets are made of a mixture of high-quality bamboo yarns and high-strength microfiber which come together to create an ultra soft experience you won’t soon forget.

Usually, these sheet sets are sold at retail for $50, but if you act now, you can get a set for your home for just $30! They’re available in three stylish color options: Grey, Ivory, or White and include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

Not only will these sheets feel soft and comfortable, regularly changing your sheets is good for your health, as your bedsheets collect all sort of sweat, oils, dirt, and other gross stuff that you may not even realize you’re sleeping in! Keep it fresh and cozy with these new sheets from Android Central Digital Offers!

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You be you in this weekend’s comments thread!

We’re all more than a screen name.

Once again we get to the part of the week where we can relax and shoot the breeze with friends. And friends can be a name on the internet belonging to someone halfway across the globe. just because you have never met someone doesn’t mean you’ve never met them, thanks to modern technology.

While I’m sitting here in my comfortable chair, you might be on a park bench loving the weather or nestled snugly under a blankie watching your phone between commercials. Or somewhere even better, doing and seeing those things you love.


We tend to take all that tech for granted. In a past life, I spent plenty of time in places where you had to walk a little bit and form a line to use a phone if you wanted to talk with someone who wasn’t near you. Those places, while getting smaller in number every day, still exist. The tech that lets us chat with someone on another continent using something that fits into our pocket is a thing we tend to take for granted until we really think about it.

So, hats off to companies and people who are trying to bring the world together. We really do recognize your hard work and dedication, even if we sometimes don’t mention any of it. Let’s put it to good use and get to know one another right here, right now!

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