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June 12, 2017

GoPro Fusion: Features, release date and everything else we know so far

by John_A

GoPro has given us a sneak peak at the Fusion and, while not all the details are clear yet, we have a relatively good sense of what the camera will offer and why it could well be one of the most interesting products of 2017.

GoPro Fusion: Design

  • Two cameras – one on each side
  • Large square device
  • Fixes to almost all existing GoPro mounts

GoPro Fusion has a mostly square design that’s noticeably different to the Hero 5, it’s also clearly larger. We don’t know the exact measurements, but it’s roughly an inch thick and around 3.5 inches tall and wide.

While its shape is clearly different from the Hero 5, there are some similarities. It has a similar two-tone grey finish, with the same rubbery texture and the same grippy pattern around all four of the edges.

There’s one 180-degree camera on the front, and another on the back, both sitting behind concave glass, but only protruding slightly. The front plays home to the quick capture button, which you press to start recording video or taking a photo. This, again, is different to the Hero, since it’s not placed on the top of the camera. There’s also the small, monochrome LCD screen on the front.

The mode/highlight button is on the right edge, roughly half way up the side. Underneath is where you’ll find the place fix the multi-accessory mount. With this mount you can attach it to every GoPro accessory, except the Karma Grip or Drone.

GoPro Fusion: Features

  • 5.2k 360-degree video
  • OverCapture editing for flat screens
  • Probable waterproofing

Cameras: All we know so far about the cameras is that – together – they can shoot 5.2k 360-degree footage. We don’t know what the megapixel count is on the two sensors. We should find that piece of information out before the end of this year.

Editing/OverCapture: One of the great features of the GoPro Fusion is OverCapture. It means you shoot everything at once, and then choose afterwards what angles, panning, zooming and transitions you want. That means it has the potential to look great both in VR and on a flat screen.

  • GoPro Fusion preview: The 360 action camera you’ve been waiting for

Waterproofing: While it hasn’t been confirmed by the company, we’re confident the Fusion is waterproof to the same level as the Hero 5. Not only because of the similarities in design and finish, but also because we witnessed being submerged in a few feet of water.

GPS and other features: With the Hero 5 featuring GPS, we suspect the flagship VR camera will as well. We also think it will feature the voice control abilities. It would make sense to tie the camera ranges together, and make sure they’re competitive with everything else on the market.

GoPro Fusion: Price

At the moment, we don’t know how much the Fusion will cost. While it has two cameras, it doesn’t have the large colour touchscreen that the Hero 5 has. Depending on which optics it uses, this could make it similar price to the Hero.

GoPro Fusion: Release date

  • Pilot program this summer
  • Retail launch planned for end 2017

GoPro Fusion will be sent out to select pilot testers at the end of summer 2017, with a retail launch planned to roll out slowly from the end of the year.

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