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May 29, 2017

UK property developer to trade parking spots for Uber credit

by John_A

UK property developer Moda Living is building the kind of apartment blocks you might not mind renting forever — that is, after you’ve decided you probably won’t be able to buy anytime this millennia. The sites promise hotel-like amenities, including gyms, shared dining areas, meetings rooms and event spaces; even your home entertainment setup and WiFi is taken care of. But Moda Living has now teamed up with Uber to sweeten the deal for future residents even further, with the offer of £100 of ride-hailing credit every month for anyone willing to relinquish their right to a parking space in the building.

While this is the first Uber partnership of its kind in the UK, the ride-hailing service struck up a similar arrangement with a San Francisco neighborhood this time last year. That’s a slightly more complicated affair, with flat ride-sharing rates and tenants receiving $100 towards Uber trips and public transport fares.

By discouraging car ownership, Uber and Moda Living say they hope to make small steps towards reducing city congestion and pollution; plus, the developer claims that by sacrificing parking spots, it’ll have more space for amenities like cinema rooms. And for Uber, £100 of credit each month has to run out sometime, at which point you’re already hooked on being chauffeured everywhere and can’t possibly go back to buses.

Source: Moda Living

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