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May 22, 2017

Ask Alexa to play your favorite shows on a Dish Hopper DVR

by John_A

If you’re a Dish subscriber, it just got ridiculously easy to control your TV. The satellite provider has introduced an Alexa skill that lets control any Hopper DVR or Wally using an Amazon Echo. You can ask the set-top box to tune into a specific channel, search for shows (including on Netflix) or directly control playback without touching a thing — you just need your voice. You can’t record shows, alas, but this could be worthwhile if you want to change channels from the kitchen.

The Amazon tie-ins aren’t done, either. Amazon’s Fire TV devices now have a Dish Anywhere app that lets you watch your subscription in any living room. You’ll need a Hopper connected to a Sling Adapter for the full mix of live, recorded and on-demand TV, but this could come in handy if you’re visiting a friend and want to watch a channel they don’t get. These are the only TV media players to support Dish Anywhere, we’d add — there are hints of broader support in the pipeline (they’re the “first” to get the app), but you’ll have to spring for Fire TV if watching on your phone or tablet just won’t cut it.

Via: The Verge

Source: Dish (1), (2)

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