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April 10, 2017

Best cases for Huawei P10 and P10 Plus: Protect your new Huawei phone

by John_A

Huawei has recently released the P10 and P10 Plus flagship phones. Not only are they the company’s best phones to date, they’re more than able to hold their own in a sea of top-performing Android handsets.

We’ll be the first to say they look strikingly similar to the Apple iPhone, but when that’s already a good-looking device, we’re not complaining. And since they’re such good-looking phones, we’re sure you’ll want to keep yours looking as spotless as possible. 

And that’s where a decent case comes in. Yes, they may cover up the rear of the device, and add that little bit extra width and depth when the phone is in your pocket, but that’s a small sacrifice to keep it looking brand new.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cases out there for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus and will keep updating this feature as and when new ones get released.

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Huawei’s official case for the P10 and P10 Plus offer protection around all the corners of the phone, while leaving access to the buttons, ports and cameras. The rear has a textured and leather-effect finish to it and it’s available in a range of colours.

Price: From £25.50 on



IVSO has a range of colourful cases for your P10 smartphone. They’re made of a soft silicone material for shock-absorbing protection, and edges that wrap around the front of the screen to keep it protected should you drop it face down.

Price: from £6.99 on



This Terrapin folio style case offers protection for the front and rear of the P10, has space for your cards and some money, and can be turned into a stand for when you want to TV shows and movies on its glorious 5.1-inch display.

Price: £14.25 from



This FYY clear case for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus not only offers protection around all four corners, but it’s available in four colours, but are clear enough to show through the colour of your Huawei smartphone.

Price: £5.99 on



Huawei has another official case for the P10 and P10 Plus in the form of this flip view case. The right hand portion of the front cover is translucent and shows the time and any notifications you haven. When you open the cover, the screen reverts back to its normal format. 

Price: £19.24 on



We think everyone should have a clear silicone case for their smartphone and Momostore has the perfect one for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. It offers shock-absorbing protection all-round, while still showing off the good looks of your phone.

Price: £3.85 from

Top Ace

Top Ace

This Top Ace folio style case is specifically designed for the Huawei P10 and is made of a high quality PU leather, with a polycarbonate rear panel to offer complete protection for your phone. It has a cut-out window on the front to give you a quick glance at the time and notifications.

Price: £4.99 on



For extra protection for your Huawei P10, the Olixar ArmourDillo is the best bet. It comprises an inner TPU case that surround the entire phone, and a tough exoskeleton piece that clips on to add an extra layer of protection.

Price: £12.99 from Mobile Fun

Love Me

Love Me!

For the ultimate protection for your Huawei P10 Plus, look no further than the Love Me! aluminium protective case. It’s designed to withstand shocks, drops, water, snow, dirt and dust. It needs a special key to open it up to get your phone out, for added security, and the oil-resisting outer layer prevents fingerprints from being copied.

Price: £22.99 from

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