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March 30, 2017

GoPro launches its Karma drone in the UK

by John_A

GoPro’s foray into drone development has been troubled, to say the least. The highly anticipated Karma launched in the US last October, only to be recalled a few weeks later. The reason? Some of them were falling out of the sky (eesh). As a result, GoPro never released the product in the UK. Until now, that is. Karma has finally arrived in Britain, as well as Spain, Italy and Germany.

A full drone bundle, which comes with a Hero5 Black camera, will run you 1,400 euros, or £1,200 in the UK. Otherwise you can buy the quadcopter on its own for 1,000 euros, or £870. Notably, the Karma is more expensive than we thought. Originally, the complete bundle was given a £999 price tag in the UK, but it appears that’s now risen by as much as £200. We’ve asked GoPro for the reason behind the price hike, but suspect it’s Brexit-related.

As my colleague James Trew noted, it’s a decent drone with stiff competition. It’s hard not to compare the Karma with DJI’s Mavic Pro, a smaller and lighter drone (which is important, given both are designed to be portable) which runs for £1,099 in the UK, camera included. It’s also faster, and has a longer flight time, giving it the edge in most situations. If you’re a filmmaker, however, you might prefer GoPro’s cameras to the one in the Mavic Pro. That decision will always be subjective, so it’s worth looking at example footage online before making a purchase.

Via: GoPro (Press Release)

Source: GoPro

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