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March 10, 2017

Capital One now has a gender-neutral chatbot to help manage your accounts

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Need some help managing your finances? Check out Eno, the new gender-neutral chatbot from Capital One

Managing your money can be hard work, but Capital One is hoping to make things just a bit easier. Meet Eno, a new intelligent assistant that claims to be the first natural-language SMS chatbot to emerge from a U.S. bank. If you’re a Capital One credit card or bank customer, you’ll now be able to quickly access your account balance, recent transactions, or even pay off your credit card simply by sending Eno a text. And don’t worry about phrasing your messages in a bot-friendly way — just text as you would with a friend, and Eno will take care of the rest.

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Just think of Eno as your supremely responsible, financially savvy text buddy. Ask the gender-neutral virtual assistant about your Capital One credit card, checking or savings account, your credit card due date, your available credit and credit limit, your payment history, and even your bank routing number. And yes, the decision to make Eno (which is “One” spelled backwards) was intentional. If you ask Eno whether it’s male or female, it’ll simply reply that it’s “binary.” Its favorite color, however, is green. 

eno capital one

eno capital one

eno capital one

eno capital one

And while the banking industry exactly known as the most fun of sectors, Eno wants to buck that trend a bit. If you send an emoji of a bag of money, you’ll get a summary of your accounts. Alternatively, you can send a thumbs up to confirm a payment. Eno is still a relatively new technology, but Ken Dodelin, Capital One’s vice president of digital product development, believes that the bot’s future is bright. “The more people chat with Eno, the more it will learn,” Dodelin told Reuters.

So if you need some help managing your Capital One accounts, visit the Eno website and start texting away.

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