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February 4, 2017

The best computer monitor you can buy

by John_A

Best Computer MonitorsOver the past few years we’ve seen a wide variety of niche-market monitors hit store shelves, but prohibitively high prices and sub-par performance have really limited their appeal to a wider audience. Who wants a 4K monitor if it’s just two panels stuck together, and can’t run faster than 30Hz?

Luckily, 2016 has changed all of that. This year we have seen the monitor market really come into its own. Previously exotic solutions like curved 4K and ultra-wide monitors have matured into affordable and increasingly high-performance options for gaming, media, and even your home office.

Our pick

Samsung CF791 monitor review

Why you should buy this: You want a sensible but impressive curved ultra-wide monitor.

Our Score

The Best

Samsung CF791

The CF791 is an astonishing piece of technology, and sits comfortably in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to price, performance, and pictur…

$949.99 from Amazon

$949.99 from Samsung

Who it’s for: Anyone looking upgrade their desktop experience

How much will it cost: $950 – $1000

Why we picked the Samsung CF791

Most ultra-wide monitors offer a spectacular viewing experience — that’s what they’re for. But Samsung has somehow managed to outdo the competition with the CF791, delivering a stellar viewing experience, a deep curve, and a display that is almost otherworldly.

Before you even turn it on, the Samsung CF791 cuts an elegant figure. A broad aluminum-colored disc supports a glossy white armature that seems to effortlessly hold the display aloft. And once you hit the power button the CF791 just springs to life.

Right out of the box, the colors and contrast are nearly pitch-perfect. Hitting a 940:1 contrast ratio without any calibration, and delivering nearly perfect color accuracy after calibration, the CF791 was full of surprises during our review. It consistently outperformed the competition and our expectations. Games look great, movies look great, and even day-to-day productivity is enhanced.

That said, it’s not a 4K monitor, so that might be a downside if you’re looking for the highest resolution you can possibly get. But the CF791 delivers impressive display quality on a 21:9 1440p display panel that somehow manages to prevent any and all light-leakage.

This monitor routinely sells for $950 online. That’s not cheap, but given the fact that this CF791 is easily the best-in-class ultra-wide monitor, it’s an investment that will easily outlast your desktop itself.

Our full review

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