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September 18, 2016

Espro Press P5 review – CNET

by John_A

The Good The Espro Press P5 effectively strains unpleasant grit from the coffee it brews. The P5 can also create tasty cold brew coffee and even steep tea if you purchase an optional filter.

The Bad The Espro Press P5 costs twice as much as conventional French Press coffee makers. Despite its steep price, the Espro makes half the amount of coffee as similar appliances.

The Bottom Line French Press coffee fans who sometimes enjoy cold java will love the highly filtered drinks the Espro Press P5 slings but serious cold brew addicts should look elsewhere for their concentrated coffee fix.

Dark, rich, and intense, classic French press coffee is delicious. With more ground particles in solution than regular drip coffee though, this potent yet often gritty beverage isn’t for everyone. Equipped with a unique double filter, the $60 Espro Press P5 solves this problem by sifting out residual coffee grounds with satisfactory results. It’s quite a capable cold brew coffee maker as well, thanks to a dual strainer that’s just as adept at filtering chilled java as it is when handling piping hot joe.

Like any French Press, the Espro Press P5 is a cinch to use and consists of just a few parts. These are a glass pitcher, a metal cradle and attached plastic handle to hold it, plus a steel lid and plunger assembly.


The Espro Press P5 looks like a basic French Press but is more capable.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The P5’s genius though lies in its plunger design. Instead of the usual flat perforated plate that sits at the end of a metal rod, at the foot of the Espro Press’ plunger is a big basket filter.

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