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August 23, 2016

Tesla will make some sort of product announcement soon

by John_A

You got to love how candid Elon Musk is when it comes to his companies.

The CEO of Tesla Motors has revealed via Twitter, which must be his favourite means of communication at this point, that Tesla will make a product announcement on 23 August. Musk said the announcement would come at 12 pm PT –  so, today, in like a couple hours.

We don’t know what the electric carmaker has in store, but due to recent controversies surrounding its Autopilot system, which was recently involved in a fatal car accident, many publications have assumed Tesla will roll out an Autopilot 2.0 upgrade with improved self-driving features.

Every Tesla car made since 2014 comes with Autopilot. With it, drivers get access to automated features such as braking and lane switching. An update in January even added the ability to perpendicularly self-park. But Tesla could also just be announcing a new 100kWh battery.

RDW, the Dutch authority that oversees vehicle registrations, recently approved a 100kWh battery for the Model S and Model X, according to Dutch blog Kenteken.TV. This battery would extend the range of the Model S from 270 miles (for the P90D) to as much as 380 miles.

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