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July 3, 2016


by John_A


And suddenly it was as if everything I knew from my childhood was wrong. Snickers doesn’t really satisfy, Pepsi wasn’t the real thing, and I’d been mispronouncing “nougat” all this time.

So it turns out I’ve been mispronouncing “nougat” all my life, eh? Noo-get. The blame lays squarely, of course, on Snickers. Well, that and the Southern bastardization of the English language.

In any case, we’ve finally got the nickname for Android N. Which might or might not be better than just calling it “Android N.”

O is too easy. If there’s not already a licensing deal in place for Oreo, well … Then we’ve got to have the yellow digestive hell knows as Peeps. But after that? Q?

And what happens a decade from now when we run out of letters? Actually, we never had A and B nicknames. So maybe Google rolls things over and stretches out a dozen years.

In any event … It’s a four-day holiday weekend. (Thanks, Canada Day!) Let’s not spend too much of it deep in thought.

A few other things that have been rolling around a bit …

  • Horrible story with an even worse headline.
  • Cool inside look at a job I’d never want.
  • When I’m awake and working at 5:30 a.m. — on a weekend, too — that’s pretty much the same thing, right?
  • How’d I miss that Seveneves is going to be made into a movie?
  • Or would a miniseries be better?
  • Shhhhhhhh. Nobody tell Texas that if it wants to secede it’ll have to figure out how to pay for things.
  • It’s so cute that they keep bringing that up though.
  • I’ll have a full review in a little bit, but the Bose QC35 headphones are legit.
  • Sorry, Chris. I’m just not hearing it.
  • I had higher hopes for Sony. Actually, I think we all did.
  • I’ve got a OnePlus 3 on the way, though. (And Daniel Bader has a second-opinion review coming up.)
  • Moto Z can’t be too far out now, either.
  • And I’ll have some more thoughts this week on Nexus stuff. But leaked specs don’t excite me at all. Smartphones have smartphone specs.

That’s it for this week. Things are going to start heating up very, very soon. See y’all Tuesday!

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