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June 16, 2016

Why you need a water leak detector

by John_A

For many of us, our homes are our pride and joy. It doesn’t matter what size home you have, whether you own it or rent it, or if it’s super clean or super messy. It’s home and that means many of us will want to do everything we can to protect it to ensure no harm comes to it.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of factors that can hurt our homes from burglars, to fires, to water leaks and when they do, the after effects can be devastating, both physically and emotionally.

There are things we can do to try and prevent these factors though, whether that’s install a smoke detector, a smart security camera to alert us of irregular movements, or a water leak detector to notify us before a drip becomes serious, for example.

This feature focuses on the latter, because like a fire, a flood or burst pipe can cause tremendous damage that is difficult to come back from.

What are the benefits of a water leak detector?

A water leak detector like Honeywell’s Water Leak and Freeze detector will ensure you are aware of a leak or a frozen pipe before the leak becomes a flood, or the pipe bursts. As it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, it is able to notify you via your smartphone and the accompanying app wherever you are, meaning you have the power to do something about it before it gets out of hand. 

The Honeywell detector is battery-operated, with the battery lasting around two years and there is no need for a hub or base station for it to connect to your network either so everything is nice and simple.

Installing a water leak detector means the chances of you coming home to a water-filled apartment are significantly reduced. It may sound like an extravagant device to buy, but $80 is a lot less than the price of replacing your entire home’s contents, some of which won’t be replaceable at all if they carry sentimental value.

It’s also a lot less hassle to buy a water leak detector than to deal with the problem of not only the flood itself, but the drama of claiming through your insurance and figuring out who is to blame in the first place.

Floods are one of the biggest insurance claims and many start with a tiny leak so while you think it may never happen to you, could you cope if it did and your home was destroyed? We know we couldn’t.

How does a water leak detector work?

A water leak detector’s job is to detect a leak before that leak turns into a problem and in Honeywell’s case, notify you of the leak in the most convenient way possible by using the device many of us don’t let out of our sight – the smartphone.

The Honeywell Water Leak and Freeze detector also has a 100dB alarm though so if you’re home and your smartphone is elsewhere, you’ll still hear you’ve got a problem before it escalates. There is also the option to alert a neighbour or trusted service person if you’re not around.

You can place a water leak detector and cable sensor anywhere that a leak or freeze could occur, such as near water heaters, washing machines, basins, toilets and drains, for example. The bottom level of your home would be a good place to start, but there is nothing stopping you from installing one near the kitchen basin or in each bathroom too.

In the case of Honeywell, users can connect multiple detectors to the Lyric app in order to ensure the entire home is covered. If a leak is found, the device will buzz and LED lights will flash red, along with you receiving a notification on your smartphone. The same will happen if the temperature drops below the threshold you’ve set, helping to prevent pipes bursting.

Once you’ve been alerted of the problem, you can then do what you can to prevent it getting worse. There is the classic saying of what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but in the case of a water leak, it could very easily hurt you, and your home. Knowing is definitely best when it comes to leaks and frozen pipes and for this, your best option is a water leak detector.

Honeywell’s Water Leak and Freeze Detector is available now for $79.99 RRP from Honeywell. You can read all about how it works in detail in our separate feature. 

The Lyric Water Leak and Freeze Detector is an early warning system that notifies you on your smartphone when a leak is detected or the temperature drops below a temperature of your choice. By catching it early, you may be able to avoid expensive repairs and loss of treasured items. To find out more visit

This article was created in association with Honeywell.

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