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June 2, 2016

OnePlus 3 on sale early from 6 June, but there’s only 1000 up for grabs

by John_A

The OnePlus 3 launch event is fast approaching and it looks like there’s an early treat in store. OnePlus has revealed it will have 1000 pre-order units up for sale on 6 June.

While OnePlus has confirmed that it will no longer use the invite system for purchases, it looks like the company is still up to its old tricks. This time, to create excitement, it’s limiting the early purchase handsets to 1,000 units and not confirming the final price.

The OnePlus 3 phones on sale from 6 June, ahead of the 14 June launch and shipping date, will be priced at the equivalent of about £290 or $425. Rumours have suggested that the final price of the handset, at top 6GB RAM and 64GB storage spec, will be $455 which is about £310. The kicker is that even the early pre-orders won’t ship until 14 June, like all the others.

So why would anyone want to buy one of the first 1000 units? Either they have something special about them or the final units will be even more expensive.

Perhaps it’s neither and OnePlus simply knows there will be at least 1000 people excited enough to claim their OnePlus 3 early, while the company gets some nice promotional headlines in the process.

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