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May 25, 2016

Samsung Galaxy X roll-out OLED screen shown off, just 0.3mm thin

by John_A

Samsung is rumoured to unveil a new smartphone that can fold shut like a wallet thanks to a new super flexible OLED screen. Now the company has shown off that very display at the SID 2016 event in San Francisco.

While Samsung uses a flexible OLED in its edge handsets, the Galaxy X is rumoured to be bendable. The screen shown off here can be rolled up thanks to its 0.3mm thin build and 10R rolling radius. While the handset could work this way, like a scroll, it’s rumoured to fold up.

The display, despite its size and flexibility, is able to pump out a 1080p resolution on a 5.7-inch screen. This is without a touch control layer though so how that part will be added, and made flexible, is still unclear. Also any glass cover presumably won’t be bendable so that’s another hurdle to jump between now and release.

The race is on to release the first fully flexible smartphone with a decent display. LG is also working on these types of displays. The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be one of the first to bring foldable phones to the market and should appear next year at some point.

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