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May 23, 2016

Get Spotify Premium for £2.50 per month with your mates

by John_A

Spotify has announced that it has extended its Family Plan to six users for the same price. That means the monthly charge of £15 can be split between six friends and family members, on one bill.

Until now Spotify only offered the plan to a few users, while Apple Music covered a full six. Spotify has clearly decided to catch up and price match the competition, to the advantage of the users.

A Spotify Family Plan will allow the six users each to have their own logins and accounts, meaning a full Spotify Premium experience each. That means you can all listen separately without any worry of overlap or interruptions plus no ads and the ability to save for offline listening. Plus, when you upgrade all your saved music and recommendations come with you.

The only difference is that the £15 bill will come from one account each month. 

So if you and your mates setup a direct debit to you while you’re paying, you each end up paying just £2.50 a month for the full Spotify experience of 30 million songs. Well worth the money and the effort of sorting out the split payment method, right?

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