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March 29, 2016

New HTC 10 performance teaser appears, revealing more juicy details

by John_A

HTC has been on a mission to tease us in the run-up to the launch of the HTC 10, its next flagship handset scheduled to be revealed on 12 April.

This new image appears to give us the most direct view of the handset yet, following the style of HTC’s previous “power of 10” tweets. But it also seems that this image has surfaced before HTC intended, as we’re yet to see it through official HTC channels. (Update: It’s now circulating on HTC’s social channels.)

The tweet shows the lower front of the HTC 10, focusing on the fingerprint scanner and capacitive buttons that flank it. This matches leaked “in the wild” shots we’ve previously seen. 

However, this image also pulls into focus the chamfer at the front of the handset that’s been less evident before.

There’s been plenty of talk of the chamfer on the rear, but this front finish looks great. It leaves little to the imagination, but we certainly like what we’re seeing.

Returning to those controls, let’s just make one thing clear here. This isn’t HTC following Samsung with a physical home button. Instead, it’s offering a multi-function fingerprint scanner, as we saw on the HTC One A9. 

This is not only a fingerprint scanner, but also works as a home button with a tap. We’re guessing that a long press with give you Android’s Now on Tap functions too. 

It is flanked by back and recent apps buttons, meaning the bottom of the display should be clear from navigation apps, so you get a little more screen space to play.

The words simply say Performance 10 and from what we’ve heard so far, the HTC will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM, so we’re expecting it to be fast. 

Launch date is rapidly approaching and there’s certainly a lot of anticipation for HTC’s latest phone. 

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