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March 6, 2016

From the Editor’s Desk: What’s Next …

by John_A


Take a look at that picture. That represents the bulk of what makes up Mobile Nations. The piece — the people — who bring you Android Central. CrackBerry. iMore. Windows Central. It’s the folks you know — and a lot of whom work tirelessly behind the scenes, without the recognition they deserve.

It’s not everyone. We were missing a few folks this weekend as we all gathered on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta for some all-hands meetings. The topic: What’s next. Actually, we know what’s next. That’s the easy part. The hard part is going to be scaling things up (nothing is small in the world of Android) to do it.

What’s next is more. More of the news you hard-core folks demand. More reviews. More editorials. More of the resource content that those of you reading this probably don’t need, but is the sort of material that brings the next generation of Android users into the fold. (Remember that next time you want to complain that we’re publishing content beneath you. Of course we do that. But we’re not about serving just one small part of our readership.) More phones. More tablets. More automotive. More VR. (Does anyone think virtual reality isn’t the next big leap in mobile?)

One more thing was missing from that picture, of course. That’d be you folks reading this. We need to more to flip the direction of that camera. To get you more involved. To meet more of you. To get more of you working with us to spread the word of Android (and, yes, those other platforms). It’s that important. It’s that big.

And it all starts now. We’ve got some new faces for the company in that picture, but they’re folks you know. We’ll be adding more as time goes by. Maybe one of them will be you.

That’s it for this week. Big things are afoot. Thanks for taking the ride with us.


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