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February 6, 2016

Samsung A9100 shows up in GFXBench, but is it the Galaxy A9 Pro?

by John_A


This past month rumors started to surface that Samsung might be adding a new device to their A series of smartphones, a Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Sources spotted a Samsung device with model number A9100 and the suspicion was that Samsung may be planning to release an upgraded version of the Galaxy A9. A device with that same model number has surfaced on GFXBench, but we are no closer to knowing whether it is a Galaxy A9 Pro or some other model to be added to Samsung’s portfolio.

The big problem with trying to make the leap from the Galaxy A9 to this mystery device being the Galaxy A9 Pro is the display specifications listed on the GFXBench site. The Galaxy A9 has a 6-inch screen running at full HD resolution. The A9100 device is listed with only a 5.5-inch screen and full HD resolution. That would be a step back which leaves us wondering whether this device is destined to be some other model or whether a mistake was made in the GFXBench entry.

The other information available on GFXBench is consistent with this new device being a mildly upgraded version of the Galaxy A9, probably just enough to warrant the “Pro” moniker. The processor information appears to be consistent with the Snapdragon 652, the same as the Galaxy A9, so no bump there. However, the A9100 is listed with 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB of RAM which is the amount present in the Galaxy A9.

The other improvements appears to be with the rear-facing camera. The Galaxy A9 has a 13MP sensor while this new device is pushing on a 16MP resolution. For the front-facing camera, it looks like Samsung has packed in an 8MP unit.

For internal memory, the unit on GFXBench appears to have 32GB onboard. The other item noted in the GFXBench listing is the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system coming pre-installed.

source: GFXBench
via: GSMArena

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