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February 1, 2016

[TA Deals] The Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone is the drone everyone needs in their lives

by John_A


It goes without saying, drones have been a front-runner in the news lately, particularly when it comes to Amazon’s Drone delivery service or Google’s Project Wing. They’re a neat technology, and now you can have your very own drone, too! The Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone over on Talk Android Deals is a great first drone for those looking to break into a new hobby, and it’s cheap, too!

Here’s what you get with the Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone:

  • Flies when you throw it in the air
  • Built w/ 6-axis gyro technology & gyro calibration
  • Performs 360-degree flips
  • Flies in a pack thanks to its 8 frequency points
  • Indicates what channel it’s on w/ LED lights
  • Flies for approximately 4-8 minutes per charge
  • Navigates tight areas w/ super sensitive control

Normally the drone retails for $40, but for a limited time only, our readers can pick it up for $20 over on Talk Android Deals. That’s a whopping 50% discount!

The Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone is a lot of fun for those that want to get into flying them. Though it only lasts 8 minutes per charge, you’ll still have a lot of fun doing flips and tricks in the air with it. And if you like it, you can always upgrade to something that’ll last longer in the future.

What are you waiting for?

[Talk Android Deals]

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