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December 2, 2015

Storehouse comes to the Android platform with latest release

by John_A


Storehouse is an app designed to help users share photos and videos by creating a web page to share a collage, album or tell a story. The idea is to make the presentation of images a little bit richer and have a little more context than the simple sharing available through most methods and platforms. The problem with the app up until now is that it was not available for Android users. Developer Storehouse Media changed that this week with the release of the Android version of the Storehouse app.

When creating a page, users can select photos and videos from their camera roll, which the app will then use to automatically generate the page. Storehouse gives users the ability to add up to 50 photos or videos. If a user happens to not be happy with the automatically generated layout, they can do things like resize content using handles on the items or drag and drop them to a new location. Storehouse also lets users add text to the page.

Once a page is ready to be shared, and they are kept private until a user is ready, Storehouse can provide a link that can be sent by SMS or Email. Storehouse also gives users the ability to embed their creations on blogs or share them through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Users can even setup shared spaces so friends can contribute content.

You can get Storehouse from the Play Store using the download link below.


Play Store Download Link

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