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December 1, 2015

AT&T and Samsung up the ante with a 64GB Galaxy S6 Active

by John_A

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might not be the most beautiful of devices in the world, but it certainly gives active users a lot more peace of mind then the all glass devices that Samsung has put out this last year. The Active line is one of the few remaining carrier exclusive devices on the market with AT&T holding the device line. I am not sure it would be all that popular on other networks, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt the slumping sales of Samsung to expand the water-resistant powerhouse. The downside of the S6 Active, at least in my eyes, was that Samsung and AT&T only offered it with one storage option, 32GB. While that is more than enough for most, those of us who utilize our devices actively in the middle of no where for photos, videos and movies, are left a bit short on space. It looks like a new storage option is making its way to the public though with a 64GB variant that has appeared on AT&T’s website.

Galaxy S6 Active 64GB

Price wise you are looking at $299 on a new 2-year contract, but those are dead really. On NEXT 24 expect $23.17 per month, NEXT 18 at $28.96 per month and NEXT 12 at $34.75 per month. Opting for the NEXT with down payment you will pay $209.00 up front and $17.36 per month. That all equates to a grand total of $694.99 for the 64GB version which is $100 more than its 32GB little brother. Additionally it appears that all three colors, White, Grey and Blue will be produced.

Source: AT&T Via AndroidAuthority

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